Fly into Hilo
Kalani Oceanside Retreat - April 5 - 10
Hilo Hawai'ian Luxury Hotel - April 10 - 13
Waipio Valley Immersion - April 13 - 15

Is there a dream you hold in your heart, great or small?

Are you ready to learn a system of manifestation as fun as it is powerful?

A magical cocktail of joyful movement (hoop, dance and play), resistance dissolving techniques, and high frequency energy infusions.

Learn how to "get out of the way", so that soul-inspired dream can come true.

Join us for this Alchemical Journey into Whole Soul Power!

Limited spaces available.  For full pricing details go to the bottom of the page. 


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Come to the Big Island, Hawai'i, a place of unfathomable, glorious, pristine beauty.

Commune with masterful, joyous and engaged teachers: Georgia Jean and the Circle of Light, the "Mother of Modern Hoopdance" Anah "Hoopalicious" Reichenbach (Hoop Revolution) and Jonathan Cartagena, plus the magical energies of the Big Island itself.

Play, connect, laugh and celebrate with a community of Awakening Souls, just like you.

Learn the Tools of Mastery that bring you into Whole Soul Power. A space where the current of your True Self manifests exuberantly through you, unfettered by the constrictions, fears and limitations of the mind.

Have your body and being awakened to the core through joyous movement, hoop play (skills workshops and Hoop Alchemy), and deeply transformative, energy activating meditations.

With wholly opened mind, body, heart and soul immerse back into the natural wonders of the Big Island, it's mystical and magical frequencies elevating you to a new state of existence. Pure joy, pure abundance, pure love.

Experience Aloha.

Leave, a new person, integrated to the core, knowing the path of your soul, the beauty of your being, the power that is you.

Manifest like a ROCKSTAR!

This is a journey I have taken, and I am overjoyed to share it with you.

Phase 1 - April 5 - 10, 2015 Kala​ni Oceanside Retreat. 

In the lush, tropical forrest region of Puna, under the canopy of the Blue Moon Room, we will play, learn and experience tools of movement, meditation and transformation that will release resistance (blockages, negative belief structures and programming) on every level of our being. Mind, body, heart and soul!

Activites include:

Activating deep energetic meditations with The Circle of Light
Mastery Awakening (tools and techniques to transcend the illusion of the mind) with Georgia Jean
Hoop alchemy, dance and movement meditations with Anah Reichenbach, Georgia and Jonathan Cartagena.
Magical Alchemy Circle

See sample daily schedule at the bottom of the page.

You are welcome to participate in as many, or as few, activities as you wish. Create and balance the experience you want with the other pleasures and activities offered at Kalani includings pool, spa, sauna relaxation, hula and yoga classes.

The food at Kalani Oceanside Retreat is abundant and absolutely delicious, providing variety for all types of diets.

For full retreat goers this will be an all inclusive experience with all food, lodging, class materials and workshops provided.

It can be a stand alone experience OR you can maximize the energetic lift by joining us for the 2nd and 3rd Phase Big Island excursion and energy immersions below.

Phase 2 - April 10 - 13 - Hilo Hawaiian Hotel and Surrounds

After a final superb dinner at Kalani we will continue our adventures into the sublime beauty of the Big Island and move to the luxury Hilo Hawaiian Hotel on historical Banyon Tree Drive.

Opened up, from cell to soul, and drawing in the vista of pristine Hilo Bay, we'll prepare for our immersion into the pure beauty vibrations of the Big Island.

These frequencies will elevate your vibrational signature so you are truly in alignment with what lies within your soul. This is the sweet spot of manifestation.

Alignment in mind, body and soul.

Weather dependent we will visit the fire Goddess Pele, Big Island's active volcano, Rainbow Falls, Akaka Falls and other energetically vortexed spots, I have discovered in my extensive explorations of the Big Island, along the way.

This phase pricing will include lodging and extensive buffet breakfast.

Lunch and dinners will be left flexible for individual or group exploration of delightful Hilo, and other scenic points along our travels.

Moderate fitness levels are required as we will be walking and hiking through varying terrains to explore many natural beauty and wonders of the Big Island.


Mastery Awakening

Learn a self nurturing, integrative practice that builds true inner core strength through the release of resistance and inner conflict.

This practice brings you into authentic positivity, as opposed to suppressive positivity, the most powerful place to manifest from. Experience balance and well being in the mind and body, and truly live in flow.

These tools can be used along the full spectrum of mind/body/soul practice. From deepest levels of emotional, mental and physical healing, to overcoming internal and external obstacles, to focusing and architecting energy into the experience you want to create.

Learn how the "illusion" of life is a construct of the mind and how to get to the "no mind", the most powerful place of transformation and gateway to Soul Level Manifestation. Soul Level Manifestation operates beyond the limitations of the mind and is where the MAGIC happens.

Hoop Alchemy

Learn how the hula hoop can be used to reprogram the one of the hardest aspects of our consciousness to change, the Primitive Mind/Survival programming that is wired into the nervous system. Conscious tools like positive thinking, visualization and meditation are not enough to get this part of our programming in alignment with our conscious desires. And very often it is working completely against it.

Learn the difference between the Psychological Body/Mind and the Body/Mind as a Tool

The Psychological Body/Mind uses deeply unconscious internal resistance and suppression to block change. This creates imbalance, depletion of energy and is the true cause of most chronic physical conditions, anxiety, aging etc etc.

Using the Body/Mind as a Tool is where you are in a conscious relationship with your body and can harness its full physical energy towards inspired action, strengthening, and living powerfully and presently in each moment.

Learn how the energy of strong force "negative" Primitive Emotions, such as fear can be harnessed, as opposed to suppressed supplying rejuvenating, healing energy to the body, more creative power and greater energetic Presence.

Overcome deeply unconscious obstacles to change, growth, happiness and healing
Release of stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, healing of chronic physical conditions.
Overcome trauma, PTSD
Greater physical energy, charisma, relaxation and rejuvenation
Ability to focus on goals, and take authentically positive, inspired action
Live more fully in the present.
Releases resistance in the Body/Mind, opening it up to receive and integrate higher vibrational frequencies of The Circle of Light, the Big Island, and Your Expanded Soul Consciousness

Hoop Dance and Play

Learn or deepen your practice of hoop dance. This joyous form movement work marrys exercise, creativity and skills building, enlivens the inner child and is a total blast.

Burns 400 - 600 calories an hour
Builds core abdominal strength, improves posture and targets dangerous abdominal fat.
Enlivens the body/mind and burns new neural pathways that support balance, coordination, rhythm and flow
Keeps exercise interesting and engaging with an infinite supply tricks and skills to learn and master
Get down to some awesome music

Q & A and Deep Energetic Meditations with The Circle of Light

Sit in the high vibrational field of The Circle of Light channeled through Georgia. Ask questions and learn more about the true nature of reality, Law of Attraction and Soul Level Manifestation. Receive energetic attunements and upgrades for Soul Awakening

Gain a deeper understanding of "Who You Really Are"
Open up, and expand greater intuitive, multi-dimensional skills and abilities
Learn and experience planetary healing techniques that actually accelerate YOUR ability to heal and manifest powerfully
Expand your energetic Presence and live from Soul Consciousness rather than the Mind

The Big Island, Hawai'i

Absorb the wonderous and infinite beauty of the Big Island which is rich in Mana, the powerful energies of the island's volcanoes, tropical rainforrests, divine pristine waters, amazing plant, animal and sea life. The Big Island needs to be felt, as much as it needs to be seen.

The Big Island has 11 of the worlds 13 climate ranges. Its beauty is so astoundingly abundant in variety and texture you will be blown away and fall in love.

Be reminded that the world is truly a magnificent and abundant place
Have your personal vibrations raised to match this generous, rich and exciting beauty
Be grounded in the deep supportive energies of the earth even as your soul soars
"Become One" with a vision of beauty, majesty, power and expansion


Georgia Jean - Multidimensional Healer, Non-Stop Creative, Hoopdancer and Channel

A traveler, of both inner and outer worlds, Georgia's constant creative urge and deep desire to understand all things "consciousness" brought her to live in 7 different countries and explore deeply the landscapes of creativity, spirituality and energy.

A professional artist, actor and stand up comedian, she experienced a life changing event in 2004 when she spontaneously developed the ability to channel a higher consciousness called The Circle of Light. For the last 10 years, through this connection and working with many chronically challenged clients (mentally, emotionally, physically), Georgia has accumulated a massive amount of recorded material and groundbreaking techniques designed to "transcend the illusion of separation" that keeps humanity, individually and collectively, in a state of suffering, resistance and struggle.

Georgia's ability to verbally channel The Circle of Light, has enabled her to understand and explain a system of "architecting energy into experience" ie. how to master the matrix of creation.

Her ability to channel their ultra high frequencies means she can also hold space for elevated energy fields that radically uplift everyone that shares them.

In 2011 she discovered hula hooping as a powerful tool that works on one of the hardest aspects of our programming to over come, the survival consciousness that is wired into the nervous system. 

Additionally, she discovered, most of what ails us chronically (mentally, emotionally, physically and experientially), is directly related to the Primitive Mind zeitgeist (personal and planetary programming wired into our nervous systems) and when blockages are released on this level, quite miraculous shifts can begin to take place. She calls this Hoop Alchemy

For more principles of Hoop Alchemy please go here.

Georgia's joy is to share this work with people all over the world. Her unique gift is to translate "deep" spiritual concepts into a language and techniques that are accessible, practical, down to earth and humourous.

A journey to the Big Island in January 2014, to study hoop dance with Anah Reichenbach and Shakti Sunfire synergised her physical, creative and spiritual being to a profound new level of Whole Soul Consciousness.

This is the inspiration for Awaken Mastery - Integration, Manifestation, Movement, Magic.

For more about Georgia go here. 

Read testimonials on her work with The Circle of Light here.

Special Guest Instructor - Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious - Hoop Dance Innovator, Teacher and Inspirer

Anah has been credited as being the founder of the modern art of Hoop Dance, and is a pioneer in the Hooping movement.  Over the past 15 years, Anah has traveled the world teaching and performing both live and in commercials for the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Sobe, Nike, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Sting, Justin Timberlake, Fergie, The MTV Video Music Awards, Coke, America’s Got Talent and K-Swiss.  The Hoop Revolution® Curriculum that she developed has been the foundation of most other well-known Hoop Dance curriculums.  She is also the star of the feature length documentary “The Hooping Life.” Anah has been featured in many popular publications including The Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair and Dance Spirit magazine.

In addition to starting this underground dance and culture movement, Anah’s work with celebrities has helped to bring this movement to the mainstream.  Most recently, Anah starred in “HoopBody,” a series of hooping fitness DVDs produced by Gaiam® featuring well-known actress Marisa Tomei.  

It's not often that you get to meet someone who, through living fully in the joy of her spirit, inspired a worldwide movement that has positively impacted tens of thousands of people all over the world, with numbers increasing every day. This is the essence of soul embodiment. Not only are we blessed to have Anah's incredible talent and knowledge as a hoopdance teacher, we are also blessed to sit with her soul centered wisdom, radiant personality and hilarious sense of humor.

She is truly a joy, full of fun and probably one of the greatest dancers you will ever see. This lady can MOVE!!!

For more information about Anah please go here.

Website : www.HoopRevolution.com

Assistant Instructor - Jonathan Cartagena - Hoop Dancer and Performer

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jonathan has been dancing since he was 10 years old in numerous dance and performance groups. His movement background easily translated to the hoop and his fast-paced, fluid style and mesmerizing head hooping has garnered him quick recognition. In 2014 his dancing was highlighted in the Masquerade Sensorium promotional video and his "Fall Hooping in NYC" video was featured in Hooping.org who labeled him as "one to watch". As a graduate of the Circle Evolution Hoop Alchemy for Performance Program he dazzled New York city crowds with his powerful and emotive performance "Battle" in their final showcase, "Just Wanna Hoop." Jonathan is also a talented costume designer who pursues his creative passions with commitment, focus and bucket loads of humor.

For more on Jonathan visit here

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/cartagenajonathan

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Triple room, shared bathroom - $1610 
Double room, shared bathroom - $1660 
Double room, private bathroom - $1790 
Single room, shared bathroom - $1975 
Single room, private bathroom - $2175 

These prices are for accommodation in our fun, community Hale (lodge).

If you are looking for a more private or romantic experience upgrade to one of the Bungallow, Treehouse, Loft or Cottage rooms with private bath. ​For doubles you must book both spaces to secure the room choice. eg. couples, friends etc.

Bungalow double room, private bathroom - $2095
Bungalow single room, private bathroom - $2530
Treehouse or Loft double room, private bathroom - $2170
Treehouse or Loft single room, private bathroom - $2630
Cottage double room, private bathroom - $2345
Cottage single room, private bathroom - $3006

For all accommodation options at Kalani go here.



Kama'aina* Commuter for Kalani without meals - $365
Kama'aina* Commuter for Kalani with meals - $657

Full Retreat Commuter without meals - $590
Full Retreat Commuter with meals - $952

These prices do not include accommodation, transport 
*Hawai'i drivers license or state issued ID required


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