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Healing and coaching sessions are not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. They should be viewed as a complementary program, to be used at your discretion. The techniques, practices and information I have received intuitively, or have been trained in, are not scientifically proven, nor am I a licensed therapist. Your engagement in this program should be guided by your own judgment and intuition as to whether this is the right process for you.

I also do not make any guarantees that I am able to heal, remove or clear any specific illnesses, physical issues or other mental, emotional or physical problems you may have, or guarantee our work will result in any specific goals being achieved or attained. Very often the positive results of our work together will manifest in other areas of your life as well as, or instead of, the specific issue that is motivating you to work with me.

You are free at any time to discontinue working with me, and should use your own judgment and intuition whether we are a good match to work together. Your choice to work with and continue working with me should always be considered your decision and therefore your responsibility.

Information, insights or advice received during these sessions should also be considered as a second opinion. The ultimate responsibility for any choices or actions you take will always be yours, and I do not take responsibility for any actions, decisions or choices, or any consequences of such actions, decisions and choices, that you take following a session with me. I make no claims to be 100% accurate as many factors can influence a session, and outcomes, including your own free will.

Please note that for legal reasons readings should be considered for entertainment purposes only. Due to many factors that can influence a reading, including your free will to change your destiny, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information I pass on, nor do I claim to be 100% accurate. Recipients of readings must accept that the ultimate responsibility for any decisions, choices and actions they take following a reading lies with themselves and a reading is just one impression or interpretation of a situation. Readings should never be a substitute for legal, medical, psychiatric or other form of professional advice appropriate for your situation.


Sessions purchased as full-priced individual sessions, will be refunded in full with 24 hours notice prior to scheduled appointment.

Payment should always be considered for the reservation of my time and the use of my energy. There are no refunds on any sessions, regardless of results, outcomes, or accuracy.

There are no refunds of sessions cancelled within 24 hours of their scheduled time.

Non-refundable, special offer sessions are non-refundable once purchased.


The effectiveness of our work together is dependent on a commitment to the process. For this reason there are no refunds on sessions purchased in a package program.

Unused sessions may be used up to one year after purchase date.

Sessions are not transferrable for other services or to other people. If you are unsure whether to commit to a package program please take advantage of my free consultation, and the option to "stage in" program payments for the first time to ensure that we are a good match to work together.


There are no refunds on subscription based programs, or downloadable digital products.

All users of subscription based programs, are in complete control of canceling their subscriptions at any time through their account management page, accessible by logging in.

If you require assistance with cancelling any subscription based, or automatic payment program, please contact me through the program email address provided on registration, a minimum of 48 hours before any subscription or payment is to renew.

Any refunds are offered solely at my discretion.

Any product or service purchased through another 3rd party website, through a link on my site, is subject to the refund policies of that company and website, and neither I, nor Circle Evolution is liable or responsible for the quality and delivery of those products and services.

I reserve the right to change or alter my refund policy at any time, and any use or continued use of services provided by myself, or Circle Evolution, by use indicates an acceptance of this policy. Please check my refund and disclaimer policies frequently to ensure you are aware of any changes.



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