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In 2011 I stumbled upon the hula hoop as a joyful, playful, creative form of low impact exercise that I could do listening to my favourite tunes.

What I was to discover is that hula hooping actually has a profound effect on the programming of the body/mind and, in particular, on one of the hardest aspects to work with in the healing process, the nervous system.

Like many people who take up hula hooping I was immediately struck with how fantastic I felt after a session.

It was only when I took my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training that I realized hooping works on very similar principles. The tapping of the hoop on the body works in the same way that the tapping of acupunture or meridian points releases trauma and blocked energy out of the most unconscious aspect of ourselves, our bodies.

One my "specialities" working with The Circle of Light, has been to heal the kind of chronic mental, physical, emotional and life conditions that are seeded by the suppression of the intense emotions of the "Primitive Mind" (rage, terror, fear of abandonment, jealousy, deep grief, shame and guilt).

In my experience, frozen reservoirs of these emotions, locked unconsciously in our bodies, is the true source of much of our woes, personally and planetarily, internally and in our "Quantum Reality".

Physical illness (eg. back pain, arthritis, IBS, cancer), depression, anxiety, drama, conflict, relationship issues, money struggles etc etc. all of these "problems" are seeded by the Primitive Mind zeitgeist.


It should be noted that as part of our survival programming WE ALL have primitive emotions. These energies were a useful way to keep us safe back in the caveman days.

I call it our "Inner Ooga Booga," and there is no shame in having these feelings.

In fact there is MASSIVE amounts of energy locked in these emotions. Powerful energy which, when harnessed, can do great things.

But, as mentioned, the Primitive emotions are generally highly suppressed, with the unconscious mechanisms of the body/mind, keeping them out of our awareness.

Therefore, you may be more familiar with their "Tip of the Iceberg" manifestations. These are the watered down versions our civilized mind allow us to experience..

Below are the general correlations I have found:

Rage = Irritation, emotional or physical (inflammation), depression, powerlessness, road rage, frustration, passive aggressiveness, control issues (OCD, perfectionism), misery

Fear = Anxiety, nervousness, inability to move forward, procrastination, being shut down, stuck in a rut, powerlessness, hopelessness, restlessness

Fear of Abandonment = Neediness, anxiety, stuck in a rut, loneliness, relationship anxiety/problems/drama (fighting), hopelessness, feeling isolated, insecurity, separation anxiety, obsessiveness, abandonment

Jealousy = Competitiveness, one-upmanship, envy, "Why me?" feelings, undermining self or others.

Deep Grief = Sadness, depression, loneliness, defeatism, irritability, restlessness, misery

Shame = Embarrassment, perfectionism, fear of failure, frozen by fear of failure, stuck in a rut, control issues, body issues, aggressive competitiveness, low self esteen, negative self talk, addiction, self destructive behaviour, money issues, hyper sensitivity, sexual dysfunction, self hatred

Guilt = Codependency, lack of self care, embarrassment.

Having a physical issue, or life circumstance, that gives us any of those "Tip of the Iceberg" feelings is an indication of the Primitive Emotion reservoir that is seeding the condition beneath.


In the Middle Ages the goal of alchemy was to turn base metals into gold.

Hoop Alchemy is a conscious process of mind, body, energy integration.

Marrying the special properties of the hula hoop, with the inner work practices and tools evolved through working with The Circle of Light, we turn pain into joy, limitation into love, fear into creative power.

The hoop provides a safe, and more importantly, playful way to awaken AND process the frozen reservoirs of primitive energy suppressed in the body (base metal).

When the energy in these powerful emotions, (plus all the energy that it takes to keep them suppressed), is freed from those frozen states, massive amounts of healing, rejuvenative, energizing, creative and transformative energy is released back into our bodies, into our lives and into the world.

(Gold baby!)

Think of it as an ignition switch that activates the powerhouse lying dormant within you.

As the defensive control mechanisms of the body/mind are "short circuited" what is revealed is a whole new you.

A you that is no longer restricted by the contracted, fear based nature of the Primitive Mind.

A you that is empowered with access to ALL of your creative energy.

A you that manifests from the power of your awakened soul NOT the limitations of the egoic mind.


Increased energy levels, focus and organic motivation.

Decreased anxiety.

Healing of the body, mind and soul.

Manifestation on a whole new level.

Authentic, core level positivity, that brings true flow, alignment, synchronicity, inner peace and....


All while shaking your bootie to some of your favourite tunes, getting a total body workout, increasing coordination and keeping "the Kids" (your inner children) happy!

Happy Kids = Happy, fulfilled, creative adults!

Unhappy Kids = Naughty Kids = Trouble!

"I got introduced to the principles of Hoop Alchemy during a weekend at Return to Roots Gathering in PA. Georgia Jean’s work has moved me in so many ways since then. I remember sharing with Georgia how I wanted to become a hoop teacher but I was afraid because I felt I had a language barrier that kept me from pursuing what I truly loved to do. I have been practicing the Hoop Alchemy principles ever since and I am finally becoming more aware of my potential, I can see with more clarity how far I can go when I let go of my fear through these principles. You will leave this workshop with a sense of relief and with a spirit that can overcome anything that comes your way. Georgia’s presence is uplifting and entertaining."
Jonathon Cartagena - Hoop Alchemy


Everyone. I repeat everyone.

No matter your age, body shape or size, fitness level or ability to hoop, sessions can be modified to suit your current stage with a view for gentle evolution and progression.

Since Hoop Alchemy also incorporates many of the energy techniques we use, sessions will vary dependent on what is up for you.

Meditation practices, visualization and mindful body awareness are all aspects of this work in addition to the physical hooping.

As with yoga, Hoop Alchemy is based on principles of energy in the body, so you do not have to have any spiritual beliefs or interest to gain the benefits of the practice.

This is a non-denominational activity.

Hooping moves can be modified to all levels of skill, strength, flexibility and mobility.

Exercising does not have to be a hard, chore like experience.

That's totally OLD PARADIGM!

Hoop Alchemy is FUN and UPLIFTING!



After 10 years of doing intensive healing and spiritual awakening work with The Circle of Light, I firmly believe the way to unlock our soul's power is NOT through getting out of, or escaping our bodies, but through journeying deeply into them.

By bringing the light of our conscious awareness into our bodies we awaken the storehouse of power that lies deep within us.

This is the very energy we need personally, and the planet needs collectively, to shift the consciousness and bring us into a new paradigm of experience.

Many people contract and restrict their movement because the mind actually fears the awakened power of the soul. It wants to keep things "the same," in the "known zone," where it feels "safe".

Even when the "known zone" is boring, uncomfortable or even making us sick.

When we do not move, we become prisoners of the psychological body/mind, instead of masters of our physical creative experience.

Expanding our movement can challenge us, and bring up all kinds of mental resistance.

When we feel that resistance, it is up to us to take charge, to choose consciously to move, to dance, to grow, to expand.

To free ourselves.

Whether you choose to join me in Hoop Alchemy or not, I invite you to just move.

Sometimes there are growing pains: a sore muscle, a release of emotion that comes with the unlocking of energy, or an old belief that things can not change, its too late, blah blah blah.

That's okay. KEEP MOVING.

Because beyond those growing pains is a whole new you, and a whole new us.


Dance, surf, skate, hike, skip, hoop, jog, walk, leap, do yoga, ballet, acrobatics, hopscotch, wiggle your fingers and toes.

Whatever feels good to you!

Just keep moving!

And more and more and more of your soul's energy will focus in to support you in this.

The body is the physical temple of our soul.

Love it, feed it and move it. :)


Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages, in person or via skype.

Group Hoop Alchemy sessions are a great way to build team rapport and energize staff.

Please email georgia@circleevolution for more details



All images by Cadencia Photography


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