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 Watch this video to understand some core principles of RAAR.
Are you ready to Unlock Your True Potential?

Tired of life failing to meet the expectations of your dreams?
  Stuck in negative relationship, financial or health issues?

Facing a big challenge, goal or life change?
The Law of Attraction and other techniques NOT WORKING?

 Introducing RAAR
(Resistance Activation and Release)

A powerful system to achieve your goals.

What stands between you and a life of success, prosperity and happiness are the layers of resistance, in the form of negative beliefs, blocked emotion and unresolved "memory", that are wired biologically, energetically, mentally and emotionally into your system.

But the truth is those layers of resistance contain the very ENERGY, or POTENTIAL, that can create a whole new experience for you. A simple process of conversion can unlock this energy from its frozen "negative" states, back into free flowing, creative, authentically "positive" energy where it can manifest and attract the life and experiences you really want.

Therefore, no matter how blocked or resistant you are, your:
The more resistance you have simply means the more POTENTIAL you have ready to be awakened.

With RAAR, a simple but powerful technique we can rapidly unleash the true POTENTIAL that has been lying dormant within you, or worse attracting negativity into your life. 

While traditional therapy, positive thinking and affirmations focus on resetting the conscious mind they do very little to change the programming of the unconscious self (mind, energy, nervous system) which controls up to 88% of our actions, behavior and thinking (and therefore what we are creating and attracting into our life with that). It is here that the true source of resistance to what we want exists.

What's more, because it is unconscious (beyond the conscious mind), no amount of "thinking and talking" about what that resistance might be can actually identify and shift it effectively. That just keeps you stuck in "The Story" of it, exactly where the mind, resistant to change itself, wants you to be. 


With RAAR we skip "The Story". Instead, every moment of a session is dedicated to QUICKLY discovering and dissolving the resistance that is blocking success. We bypass the time wasting "thinking and talking", and instead teach you how to access the "no mind" state where true change can really happen.

WARNING - RAAR is a VERY SPECIFIC technique, designed to short circuit and bypass the deeply ingrained programs (tricks/defenses) of the mind which wants to keep you in the "known" even if the "known" makes you unhappy, lonely, failing, or even physically ill. For this reason RAAR can be very challenging to participants. 

RAAR is SO effective in dissolving the hold of the mind you may not be ready for it, especially if you want to stay stuck in the story, want to stay in the fear, distrust and resistance of the mind and don't want to experience authentic positive change.

The effect of RAAR is cumulative and so a minimum commitment of 2 sessions is recommended to fully appreciate its effectiveness and to entrain the mind to accept the process.

Our Paradigm Shift program offers a discounted package as well as other great benefits. Limited spots available.

RAAR is perfect for people who are ready to successfully target specifc areas of their life such as:

- Career goals

- Unlocking creativity

- Achievement in competitive fields such as sports and entertainment

- Leadership ability

- Positive relationship experiences

- Financial success

- Weight, fitness and health goals

It rapidly shifts:

- Self sabotaging behavior

- Limiting belief structures

- Low motivation and indecision

- Stress, anxiety and fear base thinking

- Physical pain and tension

Through the process you will:

- Gain more focus, clarity and certainty.

- Learn why positive thinking may be doing more harm than good.

- Discover why Pain, Patterns, Pounds, Problems and Pressure really = POTENTIAL. Start embracing rather than struggling with these things so you can finally let them go.

- Understand the number one cause of "negativity" in your life.

- Learn what really makes the Law of Attraction work.

- Learn to go "Beyond Mind" and live truly from the SOUL where the magic happens.

- Learn simple and practical techniques you can use any time, especially during a crisis or high pressure situation. Convert nerves and anxiety in power and energy instantly.

- Start experiencing more fortuitous coincidences, synergies and "luck."

- Discover your true source of power and learn to surrender to it.

- Let go of old hurts, pains and resentments.

- Start trusting in your decisions, motivations and focus.

- See your dreams, goals and desires manifest in the most remarkable ways.

Your mind can only perceive a very small amount of what is really going on. It restricts your experience to what it "knows", even when what it "knows" are painful patterns, problems and limitations.

With RAAR you will discover the other INFINITE AMOUNT of beautiful possibilites that actually await you. You will see the power of your true potential in action instead of the limited experience of the mind.

RAAR is not therapy, hynotherapy or traditional motivational coaching. It is a cutting edge technique that works rapidly to authentically dissolve negativity and resistance and to reharness your energy towards success and happiness. It is based in a deep understanding of body/mind connection, quantum projection, the human energy system and functioning of the nervous system, conscious, unconscious and primitive mind centers.

Where other techniques end RAAR begins

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If you are not ready for RAAR I will make recommendations that may be better suited for where you are at.


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