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Combining the GOAL ACCELERATING effectiveness of RAAR (Resistance Activation and Release) with the ongoing energetic support of the CIRCLE EVOLUTION CONFERENCE CALLS our PARADIGM SHIFT PROGRAM is here to get you achieving and enjoying all that you want. ASAP!

By intensively focusing on a specific area of your life you'll make profound and rapid shifts that get you on track with your goals fast.

Excellent for:

  • Career goals
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Achievement in competitive fields such as sports and entertainment
  • Leadership ability
  • Positive relationship experiences
  • Financial success
  • Weight, fitness and health goals

It rapidly shifts:

  • Self sabotaging behavior
  • Limiting belief structures
  • Low motivation and indecision
  • Stress, anxiety and fear base thinking
  • Physical pain and tension

Through the process you will:

  • Gain more focus, clarity and certainty.
  • Learn why positive thinking may be doing more harm than good.
  • Discover why Pain, Patterns, Pounds, Problems and Pressure really = POTENTIAL. Start embracing rather than struggling with these things so you can finally let them go.
  • Understand the number one cause of "negativity" in your life.
  • Learn what really makes the Law of Attraction work.
  • Learn to go "Beyond Mind" and live truly from the SOUL where the magic happens.
  • Learn simple and practical techniques you can use any time, especially during a crisis or high pressure situation. Convert nerves and anxiety in power and energy instantly.
  • Start experiencing more fortuitous coincidences, synergies and "luck."
  • Discover your true source of power and learn to surrender to it.
  • Let go of old hurts, pains and resentments.
  • Start trusting in your decisions, motivations and focus.
  • See your dreams, goals and desires manifest in the most remarkable ways.

This program includes:

4 one on one phone or skype sessions with Georgia and The Circle of Light a month
In person sessions can be arranged for an additional room fee.

Subscription to Monday Night Awakening conference call program.
Like a gym membership you can call in for as many or as few as you like. Although it is recommended you take advantage of this, by attending as many of these as possible, you will still be included energetically for those you don’t. In these sessions we will deal with a lot of the "big-themed" material that are part of the planetary templates. This leaves one-on-one sessions available for more specifc focused work.

Inclusion in the Circular Healing Program
What this means is that whenever I am working on a client with resonating issues you will also receive healing transmissions. This multiplies your healings exponentially.

Subscription to the Downloadable Recordings Library
Taken from our conference call program over the last 8 years, this is a veritable treasure trove of vibrationally laden recordings on every subject imaginable. Not only can you listen to them directly through your computer, you can also download and save as many as you like for later use, even when you are no longer subscribed. Make sure you take advantage of this valuable resource.

Downloadable copy of “The Circle of Light and the Philosopher – Another Magnificent Day – Keys for Unlocking the Soul’s Potential”
This will give you a lot of the “theory” behind the work we do.

Lifetime Access to our private Facebook Group
where I provide continued mentorship on the principles of healing we work with.


4 one on one sessions a month - $700 a month or $1800 for 3 months 

 I have a limited number of spots available for this program. If you are interested please

Apply for a free 45 minute consultation here


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