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Please note, you do not need a account to access the files.

Downloading files is only available on laptops and computers.

If you have difficulties playing or downloading recordings, or material in any of the Boot Camps please try these steps;

Laptops and Desktops

  • Try single clicking instead of double clicking file names (or vice verse)
  • Clear your history/cache (Computers)
  • Update your browser
  • Try a different browser (e.g. try Chrome if you are using Safari etc)

You might need to disable blocking 3rd Party Cookies

  • Microsoft Edge > Settings, Cookies and site permissions – turn off “Block third-party cookies”
  • Google Chrome > Settings, Privacy and security, Cookies and other site data, turn off “Block third-party cookies”
  • Safari > Setting or Preferences, Privacy, turn off “Prevent cross-site tracking”
  • Brave > Settings, Shields, Cookie blocking, set to “Disabled”

iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Smartphones 

  • On iPhone/iPad Safari disable the "prevent cross-site tracking". Open your settings > Scroll down and select Safari > Under Privacy and Security turn off "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" (this should fix it)
  • Restart your devices (iPads, Tablets, Smartphones)
  • If not download the Google App. Search for, then go to the desired page from there. (This is different from using Chrome as a browser)

I'm constantly working with the Box developers to resolve issues. With many different types of devices/browsers/updates its an ongoing task. If none of these steps work please:

  • Take screenshots and screen videos if possible of your issues (very important). We will ask you for them later to send to our developers
  • Fill in this form

Please give us as much information as your can about your issue so I can forward it to our developers. Please ONLY fill in this form if you have tried all of the above steps.
Type of device/s tried. Check as many as apply
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