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Hey Georgia!
I just wanted to write and share with you my experience so that it helps others understand the high level value that Woo Woo Wed is.

Woo Woo Wednesday is my favorite day of the week!  I know that I'm going to shift some major shit and reclaim so much of my authentically positive energy.  It's like a face lift for my energy and I'm hooked!

Thank you for being my go-to energy healer that continues to blow my mind over and over again.

Lainna Sutton, Tuscon, AZ - Woo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D GridBend the MatrixAwakening Masters ProgramAuthentic Positivity System Bootcamp

There has been an amazing change in my life, workwise as well as relationship wise. I am a true believer and supporter of the Circle of Light, thank you so much for making it available to me.

Louisa Potgieter, South Africa - Authentic Positivity System

Just want to thank you for the wonderful Bend the Matrix class!  Thank you for giving so much to all of us!  I love your classes --  delivering rarified truth while rolling in laughter half the time at the hilariousness of being human.  You're awesome.

R.M. WashingtonWoo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D GridBend the Matrix

Spending time with Georgia and the Circle of Light has been an absolute priority for me for some time now. Without exception I always feel that the conference calls and the Woo Woo Wednesdays sessions are speaking specifically to me.  I actually wonder if those of us listening  “hear” different things.  I feel deeply loved and supported by the Circle and have been able to speak of, share and express anything and everything with their immediate seeing and understanding.  What a gift of connection and communion this has been for me.  The tools that the Circle and Georgia share are practical and powerful.  They work.  Whether it’s to release old emotion and stories, to manifest or create  something new or  centre back into the heart out of an experience of suffering, specific guidance and relevant tools are available.

Georgia and the Circle are totally about self-empowerment and recognising our own sovereignty and divinity.  The breadth and depth of the teachings, information and meditations held in Georgia’s conference call library is extraordinary.  In addition, the help and support offered to humanity by the Circle of Light through Georgia is absolutely what we need right now.  There is no limit to the gratitude I feel for what I have received from Georgia and the Circle of Light.
Sarah Walters, Victoria, AustraliaWoo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D GridAwakening Masters Program

I have had the good fortune to have participated in a digital program and a Woo Woo Wednesday training.
Georgia has such a wonderful sense of humour which makes it such a joy to learn these incredibly important and useful tools.
There is so much information and wisdom within each lesson and the Circle of Light transmit such powerful energetic healing through the aether which builds with each listen.
I have learnt so much about myself and how to reclaim the power, which was hidden but always in me, using these wonderful tools. 

Love and peace to you Georgia and the Circle of Light.

Alexander, Brisbane Australia - Woo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D Grid, Bend the Matrix 

Thank you soooooo much! It was powerful! There is so much that I keep going back to again and again! 
L.S. Tuscon, AZ - Woo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D Grid

During my 1:1 sessions with the Circle of Light I was impressed how easy it was for them to keep peeling back the layers. Deeper and deeper. Just when I thought I had reached the core issue; they knew to keep going. When we were finally there it was crystal clear. The release of emotion was fierce and cathartic. If I tried to stop it, they knew it wasn't over and encouraged me to keep allowing it to flow. The processes used in those sessions worked and I now have a well-stocked tool kit that I can use in my everyday life. 

I listen to the recordings most days and without fail there is a message in there that is perfect for me. I can feel the depth of energy flowing through me and they put me in a deeply relaxed state. I feel I have received enormous healing from these recordings.

The Bootcamps I have enrolled in have taken me on a deep dive within myself. I see the world through new eyes and experience life from a higher perspective.

I am immensely grateful

Tracy Hedges. Sydney Australia - Authentic Positivity System Bootcamp, Woo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D Grid, Master Consciousness Integration Pack

In the summer of 2019, I started listening to Georgia Jean’s podcast, “Coming Out of the Cosmic Closet.” At first I was intrigued by the ‘origin story’ of her transformative adaptation to a new lifestyle that welcomed Extra-Dimensionals into conversations. I was also greatly impressed by her courageous vulnerability in sharing such powerful and practical information with others. NOT EASY!!!
I have since worked through “The Positivity Boot Camp,” the "5D Grid" class, as well as many recordings and private sessions; each, with profound energetics for solutions of many sorts. If one sincerely commits to this program, it is transformative. 
Under standard therapies, it takes massive courage and many sessions to untangle feelings and plow through underlying emotions. But the Circle of Light makes short business of emotional charges, bypassing any 3D mental gymnastics and moving effectively into integration. The equation can be simply applied to everyday life; a skillset of great value that is keeping me sane through all the intense challenges sweeping the earth plane these days.
The Circle of Light is one of Love, Acceptance, Integration and Quantum. Their tools are among the most beneficent, effective and comprehensive I have found in all my searching within New Age communities and media ~ shining a light on the path forward for humanity into a much brighter future!
Deep bows to the Circle of Light and Georgia,
Georgia Jean and the Circle of Light have changed my perspective and healed my heart in so many drastic ways! I feel more connected and empowered, and am beyond grateful for the profound wisdom and possibilities offered!
Erin C Montana - Woo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D Grid, Enter the Circle, Energy Infused Text Subscription

"Circle of Light meditations have given me giant leap in Soul consciousness and personal empowerment. Get ready for a paradigm shift!"
Ula K. New York City - Conference Call Subscriber

"Working with Georgia and the Circle of Light is a true blessing. I had been challenged with back pain for over a year before I began working with them. I had been to see a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, had several massages and did yoga every day. Although I would feel temporary relief from the other modalities, it was only when I began to work with Georgia and the Circle of Light that my back fully healed. I know that it is due to the deep work in consciousness along with the high vibrational frequency of the Circle that contributed to this healing experience. Over the 3 month period, I felt the pain subside and finally go along with a lot of emotional baggage and old beliefs that served me no longer. It was such a gift, that I decided to keep working with them just to stay in the energy. Their collective wisdom and loving is truly miraculous!"
S. Teiger, Los Angeles Chronic Physical Conditions Package

Georgia and I became good friends at The National Art School in Sydney 1990, and after graduating we hung out a lot, and worked together doing decorative finishes. In the early 90's she took off traveling and ended up in the U.S.A. Over the years, whenever Georgia’s came back to Australia to visit family, we get together for a beer and a catch up on whats been happening in our lives.

Then June 2016 my wonderful Mother died of leukaemia at the age of 76, and two months later my wonderful Dad died of emphysema and a broken heart. A week after Dad's funeral, I was told I had bladder cancer, and had to under go two months of chemo therapy before having my bladder and prostate removed.

Before I went in for my 9 hours of surgery, Georgia rang me and said she was going to use all her skills and knowledge to help get me through my recovery and back to full physical and emotional strength.

I said “Yeah, great, bring it on”, even though, when it comes to anything spiritual, or other worldly, I would tend to consider myself a bit of an agnostic, but a Spirit Guide is still not exactly the sort of thing I would normally seek out for myself. 

But after getting out of hospital Georgia and I would speak once a week, and I would spend an hour or so with Georgia's spirit guide, learning strategies to heal emotionally, and by channelling energy to help my body to heal.

After I'd been given the all clear of the cancer, I expected to feel over joyed, and ready to embrace my second chance at life with vigour and passion.

But the reality of having cancer is more like going into battle, and after a sustained assault on body and mind, I was left pretty fucked up. It was like a form of post traumatic stress I suppose.

Georgia has been the most amazing help and support to me. She has given me practical tools, techniques and taught me how to use them so I can continue working towards happiness harmony and success.

I've sold a sculpture and bought a house!

Georgia I can't tell you how much you've helped me get through all this mega fucken shit, I couldn't have done it without you.
Stephen Ralph, Sydney AustraliaChronic Physical Conditions Package

"I have been loving all the of the recordings so far. Thank you for providing me with the option to listen to the library, it is beyond useful.
I've been undergoing a lot of great transitions and I'm seeing the pay off in my career and finances (I found the perfect job for me right Here right Now!!)
I also love this option (to use only the recordings library) because I feel I am on my own process of unfolding. I feel there may come a time when I would love to spend more time in another program, however, there is so much love and understanding in all of these recordings. These recordings cover such an extensive amount of subject matter. There's even some subscript on many of the recordings to further describe the subject matter.
At this point I am able to see a pattern in which recordings I'm drawn to and when. Going through these recordings is truly a process of Self discovery."

I was involved in the Circle of Evolution transmissions for almost two and a half years, which also included a private session with Georgia Jean.  Through Georgia's channeling I evolved towards perceiving life from the perspective of my heart instead of my mind. Georgia and the Circle repeatedly reminded, encouraged and inspired me to access my heart through the many meditation sessions we shared. 

So powerful were these meditations for me during my first year, that I was hospitalized for 36 hours for an A-Fib episode 11 months into my collaboration with her.  This may sound like a negative experience.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I was and I am in excellent shape, with no previous or family history of heart problems. While the medical community succeeded in restoring my heart rate to its normal 60 beats a minute, they were dumfounded as to my hospitalization.  The followup visit to the cardiologist three weeks later resulted in a clean bill of a health and a pronouncement that nothing was physically wrong with me.  I was given medication in case of another episode, which 18 months later I have not had to use.  As an aside, I work two jobs one of which involves physically demanding construction work, often in the extreme heat and humidity of summer.

What was not seen energetically by the medical establishment, was that I was releasing a lifetime of pent up grief over various losses and experiences in my life.  My exposure to Georgia and the Circle helped me access and release this grief and to recalibrate my heart.  Most importantly, I have learned not only can I trust and rely upon my heart, I now know it is far stronger and more powerful than I ever believed my mind to be.  It is the seat of authenticity, compassion, creativity and magic.  I am grateful for the tools that Georgia has shared with me.  Whenever I feel a stressful situation coming up, or my mind wants to natter on something that is not in the present, I hear Georgia's voice reminding me to employ the infinity symbol 8 between my heart and my thymus.  Thank you Georgia.

Eric Russo, Cincinnati - Conference Call Subscriber

"Truly I am making a lot of progress, and I am finding myself immersed in a deeper sense of calm and joy than any other time in my life. So I am thrilled"
Michele Harris, Oahu - Self Exploration Mentorship Program - Full

I've known about the Law of Attraction for a while now, but I wasn't able to manifest what I want quickly. Taking the Authentic Positivity System course has really increased my manifestational power. I've wanted to start my own business for some time now, and I manifested several resources for doing so over the past 30 days. I noticed big shifts after doing all the love and acceptance exercises. I'm grateful for this course and I look forward to the other stages of awakening mastery.
Dela Anthonio, Centerville, VA - Authentic Positivity System Boot Camp

"When I felt like I hit the dead end in spiritual growth and struggled, I ran into this program on Facebook. Everyone has a different need and I know this is exactly what I need at this time of my spiritual journey. Universe always sends me the right person at the right time. I have been working with Georgia for a couple of months. She is a dwon to earth, warm hearted, more like a friend than a teacher, who is eager to help people like me. What I am learning here in a short period of time is just so profound. She helped me untangle a giant messy yarn of emotions and release them and leap. She is always there for me day and night for support. I am just so grateful for all this"
LeAnn Park, Los Angeles Authentic Positivity System Boot CampAwakening Masters ProgramConference Call Subscriber

First off: huge Thank You to the Circle of Light and Georgia Jean for facilitating/assisting the evolutionary growth of collective humanity as well as the planet. I am beyond grateful for the wisdom, understanding, guidance, and energetic support that is possible by all of Your(s) participation Here. 

I have been a fan of Circle Evolution since 2016. I found Circle Evolution after I had a drastic awakening experience in 2015; for a year I had been looking for answers to questions I couldn’t even imagine were possible. My very first conference call with the Circle, the Galactic Light Federation were channelled into the call. During this time in my life, I was experiencing multi-/other dimensional phenomena and now have come to realize I am finding my galactic identity/family/community. 

In my personal story, I have been able to overcome a number of financial/abundance hardships. While I am still in experience of monetary abundance deficit; my ‘survivor response’ mechanisms are mostly (if not completely) abated for the majority of my Now Experiences. This is where the recordings library has been a tremendous help in my personal story: I am able to release attachment to outdated abundance programs and am embracing the planetary wealth around me. While it has often ‘felt’ like I was impoverished, my heart has opened toward gratitude for the abundance I am already manifesting: abundant food and food access, clothing, shelter, clean water, electricity/heat, family/community support. 

I have increased my gratitude for my physical aptitude and wellbeing; Infinity Symbol 8 tool is an absolutely incredible tool for personal physical transformation. With 3(+) years of working with this tool, I’m noticing changes in my physical structure and the way I understand/work with my physical body. I’ve also been able to work with others energetically, getting direct feedback about physical ailments getting better and pain relieving. I’ve truly found my calling as an herbal alchemist; Being able to recall data on earth, water, and mineral elements from a previous lifetime on Earth. 

My mental acuity has increased dramatically and I find my mind to be sharper and be far more functional than I have ever been in my entire life. Much of this is the Love and Acceptance exercise: I have a new found compassion toward my mind and the way it works. Now that I’m not beating myself up all the time, my mind can function in ways I didn’t know were possible. My mind (suspended in the heart while I’m utilizing the tool) has been able to show me things about my physical body that I didn’t know I could understand. It has helped me tremendously with my energetic support of other people. It has also helped with my nervous system reprogramming. I can genuinely say that I feel I have a completely different brain and mind than when I joined Circle Evolution.

My relationships have been a doozy this lifetime. My recent one was physically/psychologically and mentally/emotionally abusive. My relationship before that was emotionally and financially abusive. My relationship before that was also emotionally and financially manipulative. While I have met some wonderful people who (I believe) have genuinely felt caring/loving toward me, I was either being taken advantage of (I’m unsure if humans really know how selfish they can be toward others), or were with people who had experienced horrendous trauma during childhood/adolescence. While this does not describe absolutely all of my relationships, I’ve noticed significant patterns in my relationship paradigms. Add to all of this my One Love Who Got Away, and… yea. I’m totally OK with being invested in relationship with my Self. I feel I’ve absorbed a LOT of energy dissolving outdated programs that draw me to toxic people and situations, and I am eternally grateful for those who have played their part in the greater evolution of my Soul consciousness. Infinity Symbol 8 literally helped me through some of the worst relationship times of my entire life. It has also balanced my empathetic tendencies; allowing me to hold space for healing of significant personal traumas while not personally absorbing every energetic density people have faced throughout their lifetimes here. 

The recordings library has also helped me resolve issues from a previous lifetime here. Unlike a few people I’ve met in this lifetime, I don’t have memories of many different lifetimes here. I have memories of (what could be considered) a singular storyline, but I lived multiple lifetimes through that singular identity. I hope this makes sense to someone somewhere. I remember (the last of) my (many) physical deaths as this character, and found answers in this lifetime to the “what happened to so and so” and “how did this or that situation resolve” questions of that previous storyline/character. It has also uniquely positioned me to understand human history through cycles of Solar time. 

I remember what it was like to Be during that lifetime(s), and I noticed that some of the things that came easy to me as that character, elude me as this character. Namely: wealth, romantic partnership, and solid family security. I am eternally grateful I retained my immaculate sense of style and fashion, my love of growing food (especially corn), my aptitude for self healing and regeneration, and this strange tendency to find energetic tools/protocols that are heart-centered. This understanding, I strongly believe, is able to unfold as knowingness because of the tools I’ve utilized and the energetic information downloaded from the recordings library. Especially for those looking to dissolve issues/trauma/patterns from previous lifetimes, the recordings library is definitely a safe crucible to explore and dissolve energies from previous lifetimes. 

I have so much to look forward to for 2020. I am excited at the potentialities unfolding through my Self and am even more excited to see where the planet is headed toward this year. I know I’m on the verge of some huge breakthroughs in my personal story, and I strongly feel there is incoming continuity/mergence that will help me resolve much trauma from this past lifetime(s) experience(s). I also feel theres so much useful frameworks for planetary regeneration held in this previous lifetime(s) experience(s) and, at this point in my life, I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to reincarnate here and update some of the originating planetary frameworks. I’m excited to see the state of the planet of humanity unfold this year and beyond. 
DM, Florida - Self Exploration Mentorship Program - BasicWoo Woo Wednesday - Moving On to the 5D Grid

"I have been suffering with an inflamed toe for six weeks now. Medicine had failed me - I'd tried anti-inflammatories and also a steroid injection to no avail. 

I signed up for The Authentic Positivity System Program and started the boot camp and familiarising myself with it all last night, culminating in falling asleep to the soothing tones of Georgia Jean in her video! :D 

I woke up this morning to my toe better than it has been in six weeks! Not completely 100%, maybe 90%.... But still! I am amazed and thrilled. 

I have been/am trying to make strides forward in my life and career, with some things still holding me back... I believe that the program is helping me align the conflicts within me that are causing the heat and pain energy, and blockages. I'm keeping at it. Thanks GJ and Circle Evolution."
Cate B., Melbourne Australia Authentic Positivity System Boot Camp

"I met Georgia and The Circle of Light three year ago. During the first few weekly conference calls, I received a miraculous healing and regained complete mobility with my frozen shoulder. I later enrolled in private sessions with Georgia and the Circle of Light and that's when my life really began to heal and change. I now live my life with an open heart and overflowing vitality, joy and love that I share with others! Georgia and the Circle are a profound healing experience one needs to have: mind, body and soul!" 
Anna Maria, New York - Awakening Masters Program

"I have had an incredibly rewarding experience in my Circle Evolution private sessions, facilitated by Georgia Jean. I was motivated by a need to address certain mundane problems arising in my personal, family and work life. The outcome was astounding and completely unexpected. Not only did I gain a much better insight into those mundane problems, but my spiritual powers were greatly enhanced. I gained a greater feeling of connection with the universe and an enhanced ability to see the truth in people and human situations. I am greatly appreciative and plan on continuing."
Terry, Pasadena, California - Paradigm Shift Program

"I've been participating in Georgia's conference calls for over a year, and I could feel the difference immediately. My stress levels dropped, as did the nagging negative inner dialogue that I've struggled with my entire life. In turn, my creativity and motivation skyrocketed - I'm a writer, which meant my productivity went up, as did the number of commissions for which I am hired each month. The feeling of being able to manifest happiness, health and prosperity is palpable"
Sean Abley, Playwright, Los Angeles - Conference Call Subscriber

"Georgia, you recently announced you're putting together a Hawaii Retreat - I am so glad this is in the works!

It's been about 6 years now of calling in twice a week to receive the benefits of your Channeling, as well as being part of your Psychic Development Group and now the Awakening Master Program. I realize I've been incredibly fortunate to have been guided to your program and express my gratitude every day.
I have other teachers and healers who I have known for years who have offered retreats and/or intensives: James Van Praagh, Hollister Rand, Howard Wills, Ron Roth and Paul Funfsinn of Celebrate Life, Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church, Rev. Tracy Parker's Touch Healing, the So. Cal. Psychic Institute, Master Mantak Chia, and Gurumayi Chilvanasananda. The work over many years with these teachers, has brought me to you and The Circle of Light.
The level of the work you offer is absolutely amazing!
You and the Circle have worked with us in getting to know our own energy within and without and our connection with the energy of Spirit through the Circle of Light. You've worked with us through meditative journeys and processes that take us deeper and deeper within to feel. We become aware of and feel the patterns of energy that we have created, as we then let go into even deeper levels and experience that energy moving, setting us free from our patterns and their manifestations in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Every time we work, we are left filled with so much Light and Love, and peace.
Your work has touched me and moved me in new and profound ways. I am finally moving more quickly with greater awareness and clarity. The beauty is that we learn to apply this work ourselves as situations and relationships present themselves - in other words, we have a way to really "deal" with our lives.
I've said it before, but I want to say it again: Thank you so much Georgia, for Everything!
I know your Retreat will be amazing. Hawaii, you and The Circle of Light - feeling the Light and the Love already!"
Elyse Smerling, Los Angeles Awakening Masters Program

"I've been working with Georgia and the Circle of Light for about two years now, and I've been a part of the Monday/Wednesday Night Conference Calls in the past. After moving across the country, however, due to time zone differences, I can no longer consistently attend the conference calls. I commute to work every day, and it's frustrating losing cellphone signal all the time in the middle of the calls. The Self Exploration Mentorship Program has really solved this problem for me because now I can listen to downloaded recordings at any time, and they are just as energetically potent as the conference calls. Navigating through the entire library of hundreds of recordings is very daunting since there are just so many, but by corresponding with Georgia every month via email, I am able to get a personalized list of recordings that address the issues that are most relevant to me every month. I love the "Fundamental Recordings" emails I get as part of the program as well, because each email usually has a different theme to explore, and it reminds me to stay on track. If you can commit 2 hours a week to improving the rest of your life and can't make the regular conference calls, this is the best option."
Brittany Ko, Bay Area CASelf Exploration Mentorship Program

"I've had chronic digestive problems for most of my life and after having a highly stressful year it flared up more often than usual. My sessions with Georgia have helped my stress level become more managable and since beginning 4 months ago I haven't had a problem.
It's not always easy as she helps bring to the surface the emotional blocks that contribute to my chronic issues, but its worth it and I look forward to my private sessions each week and the jolt of positive energy it gives me.
I would recommend the chronic physical condition program to anyone struggling with a physical ailment that is getting in the way of your daily life. Don't just treat your symptoms, deal with the cause.
Connect your energy to The Circle of Light."
K. O'Byrne, Vancouver - Chronic Physical Conditions Package

"When I first found Georgia and the Circle of Light, I, too, had many questions and doubts--what is energy work, who are the Circle of Light, this "magic" stuff can't be real, nothing ever gets better, I don't have the time/money etc. But, I am so glad that I tried a session with them, because the benefits I have gained are truly priceless. I'm more relaxed, happier, and through working one-on-one with Georgia and the Circle, I finally found a job closer to home that now gives me more leisure time, more opportunities for growth, and more ownership of the product. 
In the very beginning, I only sought out Georgia's services during low points when the situations were just too overwhelming (death in the family, heartbreak, unemployment). But now, after making the commitment to work consistently long-term with Georgia and the Circle, I am able to see my old rooted beliefs and daily habits that ultimately cause my own unhappiness, and by using the tools that Georgia provides, I am able to move past these to create a happier, healthier lifestyle. The Circle of Light takes the time to answer all questions, and they are very helpful in illuminating the best path to take during major changes in life (in career, relationships, etc). They educate and explain what is happening on a deeper level, but even if you don't understand everything the first time through, the results are very evident and sometimes can be immediate.
Invest the time and effort into learning about yourself. Work with Georgia and the Circle of Light to accelerate this process, and once you break down those psychological barriers, you will experience so much more freedom and joy. "

"I got introduced to the principles of Hoop Alchemy during a weekend at Return to Roots Gathering in PA. Georgia Jean’s work has moved me in so many ways since then. I remember sharing with Georgia how I wanted to become a hoop teacher but I was afraid because I felt I had a language barrier that kept me from pursuing what I truly loved to do. I have been practicing the Hoop Alchemy principles ever since and I am finally becoming more aware of my potential, I can see with more clarity how far I can go when I let go of my fear through these principles. You will leave this workshop with a sense of relief and with a spirit that can overcome anything that comes your way. Georgia’s presence is uplifting and entertaining."
Jonathon Cartagena - Hoop Alchemy

"Hi Georgia, I am not sure if you remember me. My husband and I did some energy work with you last year. I was trying to get pregnant at the time and now we have a four-month old baby. I really think you helped us get there!"
Clarice, New York - RAAR 

"Holy...Recent RAARing is working! Getting non-stop job offers the last 2 weeks"
Summer, Los Angeles - Paradigm Shift Program

"I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for your time. I feel peaceful after hearing her messages. You are so gifted, thank you for sharing you gift. It is such a blessing. I passed along messages from our session to my family and they were in tears of joy and equally as amazed. It has strengthened me spiritually too. Thank you for sharing your loving gift. " 
Michelle J, New York - Mediumship

"Hello, Georgia, your wonderful hour long session a few nights ago was extremely powerful....... after hanging up that evening, i just kept saying "wow" in a quiet voice as i let the powerful insights and healing settle into me...actually i am taking deep breaths right now as i think about it.."

Carol B, St Louis - One on One with The Circle of Light

Elyse S. Los Angeles - Conference Call Subscriber

"Subscribing to the conference calls and tuning in to THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT's energy several times a week has been absolutely wonderful. I just wanted to thank you for your work!  It's powerful."
Lea, New York - Conference Call Subscriber

"I have participated regularly on the conference calls for many years now and the work we do with the Circle of Lights has been amazing! I have been guided and supported to shed the past, to accept and love every part of me and to uncover MYSELF, to build up from Spirit and to live a life that is present and continuously expanding. The energy at times has been so powerful that I had to remain in meditation for hours and sometimes just stay in and go to sleep. The next morning I had noticed a tremendous change on my energy body. I am so glad I stuck with it and had this sessions go hand in hand the other spiritual work am doing. I am so grateful! And will continue" 
Bettina Netri, Los Angeles - Conference Call Subscriber (Master Group)

I have experienced the healing of Georgia and The Circle of Light face to face, telephonically, and in personal meditation.  Working with her spirit guides and being able to contact my guides through Georgia has allowed me to process and release subconscious thought, emotions and negative energies which I had, up until then, been unable to release in my journey of healing and growth. Georgia'a work has also allowed me to expand my healing practice to include working with the Ascended Master St. Germaine and the healing properties of crystals.  I regard Georgia and The Circle of Light as providing the highest level of spiritual healing and guidance that is available.  I am eternally grateful for their efforts and their continued support through their Energy Network."
Scott Belkin, Gourmet Bodywork, Beverly HillsOne on One with The Circle of Light

"Georgia and her guides are wonderful. Their energy is extremely healing, even right through the phone!  They are sincere, empathic, and patient yet very clear and direct . They gave me some direction that profoundly and positively changed my life.   Her healing hands and chakra clearings have worked miracles on injuries and blockages I incurred over the years and am very grateful to know that the Circle of Light is here helping us with their wisdom and love."
Lauren, Los Angeles One on One with The Circle of Light

"Georgia's channeling helped me enormously during a very turbulent period of my life. The insights and messages I gained clarified many issues and helped me feel stronger, all of which enabled me to make better and more informed decisions. This was all communicated to me in a very loving, compassionate way which also helped. There just wasn't one bad thing about it!"
Claudia, Melbourne AustraliaOne on One with The Circle of Light

" (and Them) have helped me SOOOOO much in my daily life. SO much. I have learned so much and am now more confident, relaxed, and positively in control of my life -- all thanks to the work I've done with you."
Summer, Los AngelesOne on One with The Circle of Light

"I've been seeing Georgia and the guides for quite awhile.  I've had energy work done in the past, but, when I started working with Georgia I really started to heal. As I write this so many emotions come to the surface, because I suffer from a mental illness and I am so grateful to be able to be doing so well now. Georgia's been blessed with a beautiful gift to help heal. She and her guides have helped me let go of things that were getting in the way of my healing.  My life is so much different now, its full of joy, its full of happiness, its full of peace. Thank you for everything Georgia Jean."
Lisa, Los AngelesOne on One with The Circle of Light

"Georgia's gift is so bright and subtle, there is no doubt she is connecting you with profound healing entities. After several sessions, group and private, I feel lucky to have found such a truly gifted channel and healer."
Eleanor Lynn Whitledge, Los AngelesOne on One with The Circle of Light

"Georgia is a gifted and sensitive channeler who has helped me become more aware of myself and of the spirits around me. She helps to open a portal of communication for one to their spirit guides, which leads to great personal healing and transformation. She is the true essence of a channel."
Erin Kirk, Los Angeles One on One with The Circle of Light

"I have consulted Georgia and her guides on numerous occasions. Each time I have received a gift from them in the form of healing, understanding and acceptance, or assistance. Questions asked have been answered in great depth with future vision revealed. Knowledge imparted has always been given in an empathetic but truthful way. In hushed tones a wider outlook has been exposed to me and this revelation has enabled me to understand my place in time more clearly.

I recommend working with Georgia and her guides to anyone who is currently seeking advice, answers and assurance relating to all matters of personal importance. Those pursuing a greater understanding of why they are here and what learning needs to occur for them to participate more fully in their life will find blessings abundant."
Danielle Loiseau, Perth AustraliaOne on One with The Circle of Light

"I have been to many psychics and consequently became quite skeptical - lottery numbers, men, career paths etc, none of it came true. What I like about Georgia's approach is that all the things you want or need are within your own power to manifest, she along with the spirit guides show you how to do this."
Kate Shaw, Melbourne, Australia One on One with The Circle of Light�

"What a profound healing!!  The openings, insights and healings were so extraordinary , one after the other after the other.   THANK YOU!!!"
Ann, Monterey, CA - Energy Network Participant



Receive my free report which reveals the Number 1 reason why your bad ass, spiritually evolved self is STILL stuck on that INFURIATING, FRUSTRATING problem.


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Receive my free report which reveals the Number 1 reason why your bad ass, spiritually evolved self is STILL stuck on that INFURIATING, FRUSTRATING problem.


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*We will never sell or share your information.