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"Truly I am making a lot of progress, and I am finding myself immersed in a deeper sense of calm and joy than any other time in my life. So I am thrilled"
Michele Harris, Oahu

Be mentored through a personalized self development program using the ever growing collection of Teachings, Meditations and Breathing Exercises by The Circle Of Light, held in our exceptional downloadable recordings library

After an initial personal consultation with Georgia, you'll receive monthly, hand picked, prescriptive recommendations, based on your specific issues and needs at this time, as well as general recommendations to deepen your understanding of how the creative experience of life really works.

Plus you'll be included energetically every time these recordings are made during our live conference calls.

This mentorship provides gentle prompting and accountability, reminding you to take care of you, AND launching a starting point for deeper exploration and accrual of wisdom.

These recordings are simultaneously teachings, healings and transformational processes, infused with the high frequency energy of the Circle of Light.

Playing them teaches you how to come into alignment with what you want, and raises your energy to match.

See your ability to manifest accelerate rapidly.
Let go of beliefs and conditioning that no longer serves you.
Rearchitect your life experience to one you truly love and enjoy.

This targeted personal mentorship, combined with the teachings and high frequencies embedded in these recordings, is a fantastic way for you to connect with the Circle of Light whenever and wherever you are, at your own pace, according to your own schedule.

Listen to the recordings immediately, or build a permanent personal library, tailored to you.

This ongoing monthly program includes -

One personal 45 minute consultation with Georgia - We'll have the chance to discuss indepth your overall goals. I'll get a stronger feel for the material that will really resonate with you, and answer questions for how to use the recordings and the program.

One month of Live Conference Calls - Join the Monday Night Awakening and Wedesday Night Master Group conference calls for one month during your participation in this program. Be at the cutting edge vortex where these recordings are made and experience the energy of the Circle of Light live.

8 Energetic Transmissions a Month - You'll be included in the powerful healing vortex that is opened up each time we hold our conference calls without doing a thing. Listen to the recordings simultaneously, to feel it more deeply, or go about you daily activities knowing that you are continuously receiving the energetic support and new frequency alignments from The Circle of Light.

Hand selected, prescriptive recordings - recommendations based on my 10 year experience working with the Circle of Light, and knowledge of the contents of our dowloadable recordings library.

A comprehensive self assessment will guide me to the perfect recordings that will clear deep seated blockages, align you with your goals, heal trauma, and establish a core energetic frequency that keeps your life in a continuously uplifted state. This is the sweet spot of manifestation.

We'll exchange personally via email, up to once a month, developing a relationship that will deepen and evolve as your personal needs and desires change.

You'll be delighted at how specific these recommended recordings will be, and how much insight you'll receive at every stage of your personal journey.

Foundational recordings - delivered approximately every 2 weeks, these recommendations will establish your fundamental understanding of how energy really works, and will short circuit the ego-minds attempts to keep you in a contracted, limited life experience.

You'll understand vital aspects of "energetic architecture" including Law of Attraction, the role of resistance, expansive vs contractive thinking, integrated authentic positivity vs suppressive positivity, and much more.

Covering all essential areas, relationships, money, health and well being, anti-aging, emotional healing and spiritual activation, these recordings will build upon themselves and give you launching points for your own exploration of our extensive library.

As you progress through the months you'll be introduced to more advanced concepts where true mastery over the creative experience is attained, such as multi-dimensionality and "All consciousness" manifestation.

Welcome to our deepest, most groundbreaking reservoirs of soul liberating wisdom.

Discounted One-On-One sessions with The Circle of Light - receive $50 off individual session prices so you can have a beautiful personal experience with the healing energy and wisdom of the consciousness that has created these recordings.



Cancel this mentorship program at any time through your account page. You're 100% in charge, with no time frame commitment required. Enjoy the convenience of this progam regardless of your location in the world or timezone.

Connect to other members and exchange recommendations, through our private Circle Evolution, Circle of Light facebook page.



  • PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE - Energetic Alignments and Healings
  • LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS - Create and Attract Loving Relationships, Heal the Past. Awaken to Self Love
  • BODY WELL BEING AND ANTI-AGING - Healing attunements for specific parts of the body, overall rejuvenation and expansion of physical capacities.
  • SPIRITUAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Energetic Alignments and Healings . A lot of "Big Themed" material is addressed here such as GUILT and SELF-PUNISHMENT, JUDGEMENT, NEEDS versus DESIRE.
  • SEXUALITY - Move into Alignment with Every Aspect of Your Own Unique Sexual Expression
  • SHORT PROGRAMS - Fascinating Teachings, Meditations and Alignments for a quick JUICE BOOST


The material in this library is priceless and invaluable, but I'm offering this special introductory rate: 

One time set up fee of only $99 which includes - 

Initial 45 minute, get to know you, one-on-one consultation via telephone or skype with Georgia.
First 30 days of access to the downloadable recordings library
Guidance through completing the self-assessment, and instruction on how to best utilize the recordings library.
8 energetic healing transmissions

Inclusion in our private Circle Evolution, Circle of Light Facebook Page.
First set of personalize Prescriptive recommendations
Foundational teachings and Hot recording updates.

Then only $49 a month after that for -

Continued access to our downloadable recordings library, with new material added monthly.
8 energetic healing transmissions a month.

Prescriptive recommendations and support via email on completion of a new self assessment (up to once a month)
Foundational teachings and Hot recording updates

Register now and receive the following bonus gifts -

One month free Monday Night Awakening AND Wednesday Night conference call live participation. Be part of the magic of creating these recordings. Use it now or when you need extra energetic support.

Downloadable copy of our number one Best Selling Book "The Circle of Light and the Philosopher - Another Magnificent Day - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential"

The Tools - A collection of some of the most advanced energetic, empowerment tools developed exclusively by Circle Evolution. These are the Tools that are used in our one-on-one sessions, which have successfully helped my clients heal chronic physical conditions, attain cherished goals, and come into alignment with their spiritual gifts and abilities. (Read our testimonials here)

Your ability to experience true inner peace, and manifest powerfully will be forever enhanced by these tools. You won't find them anywhere else.

And if you are drawn to this program but want to learn more, please call me directly on (323) 243 6323 or email me georgia@circleevolution.com

I can only support 30 people with this detailed and caring service.

Please register now to secure your place.

"I've been working with Georgia and the Circle of Light for about two years now, and I've been a part of the Monday/Wednesday Night Conference Calls in the past. After moving across the country, however, due to time zone differences, I can no longer consistently attend the conference calls. I commute to work every day, and it's frustrating losing cellphone signal all the time in the middle of the calls. The Self Exploration Mentorship Program has really solved this problem for me because now I can listen to downloaded recordings at any time, and they are just as energetically potent as the conference calls. Navigating through the entire library of hundreds of recordings is very daunting since there are just so many, but by corresponding with Georgia every month via email, I am able to get a personalized list of recordings that address the issues that are most relevant to me every month.
I love the "Fundamental Recordings" emails I get as part of the program as well, because each email usually has a different theme to explore, and it reminds me to stay on track. If you can commit 2 hours a week to improving the rest of your life and can't make the regular conference calls, this is the best option."
Brittany Ko, Bay Area CA 

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The #1 Bestselling Book by


Learn the core principles behind the techniques used by Georgia and The Circle of Light, and the tools that accelerate powerful, positive manifestation in all areas of your life.


Be guided to explore our extensive library of downloadable recordings by The Circle of Light. Each energy infused recording acts as vibrational medicine, expanding your wisdom base, elevating your conciousness and your life.

Explore our Basic Program and receive foundational recordings recommendations, or try our Full Program and receive hand picked, personalized recommendations from Georgia, based on your specific issues and needs at the time.

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