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ACTIVATION GATEWAY - $12.99 a month


Welcome to the Circle of Light Activation Gateway!
You’re almost there!

If you’ve listened to the FREE recordings and/or attended any of the Monday Night Awakening conference calls, then you know how special this library is!

Because this treasure trove of infinite intelligence emerged over a 17-year-period, it has become our living archive of all the Circle of Light’s teachings, activations and downloads – accessible to the Circle of Evolution community 24/7.

Listening to a Circle of Light transmission is liking piercing a veil through consciousness, where both wisdom and frequencies, that are usually unavailable to us, become accessible due to their multi-dimensional nature. PLEASE NOTE: The words are only about 20% of what is woven into these special recordings.

Like so many members in our community, you will find even the oldest sessions with the Circle of Light to be synchronistically on time and energetically charged -- as if they were waiting for your to arrive! What you will be guided to listen to will always be perfect in the Now Moment because they are created in a timeless space beyond linear mind.

Once you SUBSCRIBE, you can click on any topic below and gain instant access to this extraordinary collection of more than 500 hours of
Circle Light Activations

  • ANTI-AGING - Revolutionary information and healings to slow and reverse the aging process
  • BODY WELL BEING AND REJUVENATION - Heal, strengthen and awaken the full potential of your physical body
  • PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE - Powerful techniques, teachings and energetic alignments for attracting prosperity
  • LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS - Create and attract loving relationships, heal the past. Awaken to Self Love
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Great teachings and healings to transform your personal paradigm
  • SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION - Advanced teachings and alignments for your multi-dimensional and energetic advancement
  • SEXUALITY - Move into alignment with every aspect of your own unique sexual expression
  • SHORT PROGRAMS - Teachings, Meditations and Alignments for a quick JUICE BOOST

As a sample, check out the LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS topic and see how easy it would be as a subscriber -- just one-click for instant streaming or downloading!

As a Special Bonus,
your monthly subscription comes with a

To help you navigate through this vast Activation Gateway and deepen your understanding of how creative experience of life really works, I personally select a monthly theme and supporting recorded Circle of Light sessions. Foundational recordings are chosen to establish your fundamental understanding of how energy works and to short circuit your ego-mind's attemps to keep you in a contracted, limited life experience.  You will be mentored to gain greater understanding of vital aspects of energetic architecture, including Law of Attraction, the role of resistence. expansive versus contractive thinking, integrated authentic positivity versus surpressive prositivity, and much more.

Through these regular gentle promptings you will be reminded to take care of yourself to allow real shifts to occur in your life. They will also provide a starting point for the accrual of the wisdom that fuels your Whole Soul Power.

Together, infused with the high frequency energy of the Circle of Light, the Activation Gateway and Mentorship Program deliver teachings, healings, and transformational processes.

"Truly I am making a lot of progress, and I am finding myself immersed in a deeper sense of calm and joy than any other time in my life. So I am thrilled"
Michele Harris, Oahu

See your ability to manifest accelerate rapidly. Let go of beliefs and conditioning that no longer serves you. Re-architect your life experience to one you truly love and enjoy. 

The high frequencies embedded in these recordings, are a fantastic way for you to connect with the Circle of Light whenever and wherever you are, at your own pace, according to your own schedule.

"I've been working with Georgia and the Circle of Light for about two years now, and I've been a part of the Monday/Wednesday Night Conference Calls in the past. After moving across the country, however, due to time zone differences, I can no longer consistently attend the conference calls. I commute to work every day and it Is frustrating losing cellphone signal all the time in the middle of the calls. The Mentorship Program has really solved this problem for me because now I can listen to downloaded recordings at any time, and they are just as energetically potent as the conference calls. 

I love the "Fundamental Recordings" emails I get as part of the program as well, because each email usually has a different theme to explore, and it reminds me to stay on track. If you can commit 2 hours a week to improving the rest of your life and can't make the regular conference calls, this is the best option."
Brittany Ko, Bay Area CA 


  • 24/7 Access to the Immense Circle of Light Activation Gateway
  • Remote inclusion in the powerful healing vortex that opens each time we hold a conference call – 4 times a month!
  • Mentorship with fundamental foundation recordings and teachings curated monthly

The material in this library is priceless and invaluable to our subscribers.

"I have been loving all the recordings so far. Thank you for providing me with the option to listen to the library, it is beyond useful.

I've been undergoing a lot of great transitions and I'm seeing the pay off in my career and finances (I found the perfect job for me right Here right Now!!)

I also love this option (to use only the recordings library) because I feel I am on my own process of unfolding. I feel there may come a time when I would love to spend more time in another program, however, there is so much love and understanding in all of these recordings. These recordings cover such an extensive amount of subject matter. There's even some subscript on many of the recordings to further describe the subject matter.

At this point I am able to see a pattern in which recordings I'm drawn to and when. Going through these recordings is truly a process of self-discovery."
DM, Florida 

Plus MP3 format downloads into your computer for saving AND easy one-click streaming or downloading.

Cancel your subscription and mentorship program at any time through your Account Page. You' are 100% in charge, with no time frame commitment required. Enjoy the convenience of this program regardless of your location in the world or time zone.

Welcome to our deepest, most groundbreaking reservoir of soul liberating wisdom


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