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"I cant even begin to tell you how thankful I am for your time. I feel a peaceful after hearing her messages. You are so gifted, thank you for sharing you gift. It such a blessing. I passed along messages from our session to my family and they were in tears of joy and amazed. It has strengthened me spiritually too. Thank you for sharing your loving gift."
Michelle J. - Mediumship client
Let me connect you with your crossed over loved ones.

Receiving and passing on messages from "The Other Side" is one of my favorite things to do. It is a special experience for everyone involved.

I believe there is a special "chemistry" between myself, the person I am reading for and the crossed over relatives that make this connection possible. In that sense, you are as much of the facilitator as I, so your openness to the process is a very important key to strengthening the connection. We are a team making this happen together.

For this reason I like at least 24 hours notice to book a mediumship session so that you have time to strengthen your intention and open the connection. It also gives myself and your loved ones time to prepare for the connection we are going to make. I operate like a radio picking up frequencies and this gives us time to "get on the same wavelength". I do part of this work before I go to sleep at night.
When you call or email please tell me that you are specifically calling for a Mediumship session. PLEASE DO NOT give me a lot of information about who you are trying to reach as these details may be the very things I receive to give you as validation eg. how they passed, what they looked like etc. During the session I will ask for information if I need something more to help me to "hone in" on them. Usually it will just be their name.

When you book the session please, either silently or aloud, speak to your crossed over loved ones. Tell them that you have booked this session with me and that you would like to hear from them through me. This gives them your free-will permission to communicate to you through the "veil". It will also activate the process of us all opening our connection and tuning into each others frequencies.

If there are particular areas of your life you are seeking guidance on tell them what you want to know. This will strengthen the intention for the session. I believe it is very powerful to write this down on a piece of paper, especially before you go to sleep. You can also ask to visit your crossed over loved ones while sleeping and to start "receiving your answers". Then when you have the session you will already be vibrating with the information you need. I will then be able to "tune in" more easily, either to your loved ones, and/or through the cards.

If we are doing a phone session, please honor it by being in a quiet relaxing space. 10 -15 minutes before the session please sit quietly, again communicating to your crossed over loved ones that you wish to make the connection through me. If you are coming for an in-person session please arrive a little early so you have that time to settle before our session starts.

You are free to record the session or takes notes. In fact this is recommended as you may forget details of the session. Particularly any validations that do not make immediate sense to you or may be references to upcoming events or people you may meet.

The more you honor this as a team process, the more you will get out of the experience.

Every mediumship session is different and every medium is too.  One medium may pick up and interpret the signals in a different way from another, much like how no two painters are the same. It is important to be open to how the individual medium works and to not expect a session to be like one you have had before.

In that "special chemistry" of communication different spirits will also communicate in different ways. Sometimes I receive words, like names and places, sometimes I receive images such as a favorite piece of jewelry, sometimes it is a feeling, very often the spirits personality will be expressed to me in this way. 

Validation is an important part of mediumship. I have found that a spirit will continually "pump" something at me until we properly acknowledge what it is and it may take a little "psychic detective work" for us to figure out what it is.

For example, in one of my favorite sessions a name was being constantly pumped at me and I was receiving a lot of imagery in a very romantic, old black and white movie, kind of a way. The name had no meaning for my client and it was only after a while that we realized it was the name of an actor in an old black and white movie that my client had been watching right as she called me. But what was most lovely was that watching black and white movies together was something she and her crossed over loved one used to do together. So this was spirits way of saying, "I'm sitting right here next to you, enjoying the show, just like we always used to."

The best part of the story was that old movie was "The Ghost and Mrs Muir." Spirits often have a great sense of humor and somehow this one must have known that being a lover of old movies myself, I knew the film and was able to put the connection together. I always get goose pimples, or as I call them "truth pimples" when we hit the jackpot and figure out the connection. Just love that feeling!

This is why it is very important to not enter a mediumship session in a state of judgement and skepticism as it closes down the mind in such a way that you will not make the connections. You may also receive validations that you may need to talk to other relatives, or friends to know what the meaning is, so even if a message does not mean anything to you at the time please write it down and ask around.

Please acknowledge when a validation does make sense. This let's me know that I have made a good connection so we can relax into the session even more.

There may also be a specific validation that you have asked for. To be honest this may or may not work and so should not be a bench mark for whether the connection was real. It is possible the spirit is sending that validation to me but as a radio I am not able to pick up or interpret that particular vibration.

Since this ability opened up for me while doing Tarot Readings I may begin the session as would a Tarot Reading and at times I may consult the cards for further clarification on what I am receiving. We will also do a short heart centering exercise together as this is the best space to connect and hear spirit from.

If there is someone you specifically want to reach and I am not picking them up I will ask you their name so I can "tune in" on them. In some cases a spirit may not be ready to communicate through a medium, often because they are still in a process of healing or recovery on the other side. Usually in these cases another loved one may come through instead to bring you news of them. Please be open to whoever comes through, as they may be the best skilled or equipped to communicate in this way, and are acting as the "representative" for all your loved ones on the other side.

Additionally, your crossed over loved ones may use this as an opportunity to bring through a "bigger" healing energy, so please receive this healing energy download. It is a gift from your loved ones and from their perspective, what they feel will be most useful to you in your life. I do not have any control over who shows up for you and can only be the conduit for what I am receiving for you.

Mediumship is not fortune-telling. Although your crossed over loved ones may be working to assist you from the other side, helping to coordinate special meetings and opportunities, they realize you are in a free will experience. For example, they may being trying to bring you together with someone special (grandmothers seem particularly fond of the match-making process LOL). This should be seen as an opportunity rather than destiny. It is always up to you to make the choice to persue or line up with your best outcomes. Any such "future predictions" should be seen as trends of energy or opportunities to be recognized when they come about. Your guides may have advice about how you can best capitalize on such experiences.

Along with the validations there may simply be messages of love and support. They really want you to know and acknowledge that they are there for you and that you can ask for their help any time, with or without a medium providing the link.
It's possible that I may not be able to connect to your crossed over loved ones for various reasons. Often when someone has just passed they experience a period of healing themselves before they are ready to come through in this way.

I have also noticed that spirits themselves "get busy" with other things they are working on from the other side and so can come through stronger sometimes than other times. A spirit may also see that it is not in your higher interest to to come through, particularly if you are coming on a regular basis. Instead they may feel a healing energy is the best thing for you and open the space for that to come forward.

Sometimes the "chemistry" is just off between myself, the spirits and the client.

If I can not make a genuine connection with any of your crossed over loved ones at the time of your appointment I will reschedule for another time. I can generally always make the connection on the second session. If not you will have the option to convert the session to a channeled session with THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT, who may be able to give you some deeper insight into your loved one, an Intuitive Tarot session OR I will give you a full refund and we will end the session (first time visit only).

Please note this does not count if I make a connection to one of your loved ones who may be acting as a messenger or intermissary for someone you are specifically trying to reach, it is only if I can not make a validated connection to that side at all for you.

When I do mediumship work I get a very specific feeling on the left side of my face and it will be clear to me if I can't make the connection. I will be honest with you as it is always my intention to work with the highest levels of integrity.

Please do not lose hope. I have had cases where I have only made the connection on the second or third visit. This may happen for you, or there may certainly be another skilled medium who can make that connection for you.

Do not see this as a sign that your loved one is not there for you and supporting you. They are!

$125 for 30 minutes (via phone)
$225 for 1 hour (via phone)



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