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Awakening Masters are Master consciousnesses, very much in human form, that agreed to be part of the Shift in Humanity's and also Universal Consciousness.

Through many lifetimes they have attained high levels of spiritual mastery. They have been tempered throughout all dimensions and planetary realms to grow in strength, wisdom and understanding.

They agreed to take on "packages" of "density" they would process on behalf of the planet. Unlocking greater and greater amounts of high vibrational energy along the way, in order to purify the planetary energy templates so new ones could be rewritten.

For many Awakening Masters this work began at birth, for others it has been activated at certain junctures in their lives.

This journey can be extremely challenging as Awakening Master's lives are often plagued with a high degree of difficulty.

Additionally, for most of their lives, Awakening Masters have been in the "Veil of Forgetfulness", unaware that they undertook this path. Often they only have that pull towards spirituality guiding their way, even when that has also appeared to "fail" during their darkest times.

You can read some of the Signs and "Symptoms" of being and Awakening Master here

Very often "standard" healing practices are not effective for Awakening Masters. While they may be effective for healing personal issues, they do not transmute the densest energy held in the planetary templates Master Consciousnesses are working with.

This can lead to a great deal of frustration and pain with the process until the right tools for dissolving energy on this level are discovered.

It is my honour to support the journeys of Awakening Masters which can have many challenging phases. I have found this to be most effective in regular sessions over short periods of time.

The beautiful news is that when the correct tools are used for Mastery Awakening the unleashing of tremendous amounts of personal energy occurs. Many of the most challenging problems including chronic physical conditions, money and love issues are lifted.

And their beautiful gifts of healing to the planet (in whatever form feels right to them) are revealed.

Working with my Awakening Masters are some of the most amazing sessions I experience, as their powerful soul consciousness brings forward "exciting guest energies", and more profound wisdom and understanding, of how the Matrix of Reality" really works.

This monthly program includes:

4 one on one phone or skype sessions with Georgia and The Circle of Light 
In person sessions can be arranged for an additional room fee.

Subscription to Monday Night Awakening conference call program.
Like a gym membership you can call in for as many or as few as you like. Although it is recommended you take advantage of this, by attending as many of these as possible, you will still be included energetically for those you don’t. In these sessions we will deal with a lot of the "big-themed" material that are part of the planetary templates. This leaves one-on-one sessions available for more specifc focused work.

Inclusion in the Circular Healing Program
What this means is that whenever I am working on a client with resonating issues you will also receive healing transmissions. This multiplies your healings exponentially.

Subscription to the Downloadable Recordings Library
Taken from our conference call program over the last 8 years, this is a veritable treasure trove of vibrationally laden recordings on every subject imaginable. Not only can you listen to them directly through your computer, you can also download and save as many as you like for later use, even when you are no longer subscribed. Make sure you take advantage of this valuable resource.

Downloadable copy of “The Circle of Light and the Philosopher – Another Magnificent Day – Keys for Unlocking the Soul’s Potential”
This will give you a lot of the “theory” behind the work we do.

$700 a month or $1800 for 3 months


"I met Georgia and The Circle of Light three year ago. During the first few weekly conference calls, I received a miraculous healing and regained complete mobility with my frozen shoulder. I later enrolled in private sessions with Georgia and the Circle of Light and that's when my life really began to heal and change. I now live my life with an open heart and overflowing vitality, joy and love that I share with others! Georgia and the Circle are a profound healing experience one needs to have: mind, body and soul!" 

Anna Maria, New York - Awakening Masters Program

"Georgia, you recently announced you're putting together a Hawaii Retreat - I am so glad this is in the works!

It's been about 6 years now of calling in twice a week to receive the benefits of your Channeling, as well as being part of your Psychic Development Group and now the Awakening Master Program. I realize I've been incredibly fortunate to have been guided to your program and express my gratitude every day.

I have other teachers and healers who I have known for years who have offered retreats and/or intensives: James Van Praagh, Hollister Rand, Howard Wills, Ron Roth and Paul Funfsinn of Celebrate Life, Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church, Rev. Tracy Parker's Touch Healing, the So. Cal. Psychic Institute, Master Mantak Chia, and Gurumayi Chilvanasananda. The work over many years with these teachers, has brought me to you and The Circle of Light. 

The level of the work you offer is absolutely amazing!

You and the Circle have worked with us in getting to know our own energy within and without and our connection with the energy of Spirit through the Circle of Light. You've worked with us through meditative journeys and processes that take us deeper and deeper within to feel. We become aware of and feel the patterns of energy that we have created, as we then let go into even deeper levels and experience that energy moving, setting us free from our patterns and their manifestations in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Every time we work, we are left filled with so much Light and Love, and peace.

Your work has touched me and moved me in new and profound ways. I am finally moving more quickly with greater awareness and clarity. The beauty is that we learn to apply this work ourselves as situations and relationships present themselves - in other words, we have a way to really "deal" with our lives.

I've said it before, but I want to say it again: Thank you so much Georgia, for Everything!

I know your Retreat will be amazing. Hawaii, you and The Circle of Light - feeling the Light and the Love already!"

Elyse Smerling, Los Angeles - Awakening Masters Program

 I have a limited number of spots available for this program. If you are interested please

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