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Wednesday, October 09 2013

In my last blog I talked about how we are doing an enormous "energetic recycling job" in order to shift the Paradigm of experience on the planet.

And that a huge part of this task has fallen to the Awakening Masters.

If you missed that message you can read it here.

For many years I was uncertain what the purpose for my work with The Circle of Light was.

My clients seemed to come to me from all walks of life, all ages, all pathways, with all kinds of conditions, issues and stories. It was very hard to define a "niche".

It was only over time that I realized many of them had chronic or severe issues, life circumstances, or emotional and physical conditions that had pushed them further than most down the path of spiritual discovery.

By the time most people found me they had often already reached "the end of the line."

Only since we passed through the major triple Gateway did I really begin to understand that the work with The Circle of Light extended far beyond helping people find happiness, health, love and prosperity.

Law of Attraction 101 it ain't.

I now fully understand we are here to support the journey of the Awakening Masters.

So what are Awakening Masters?

In short they are Master consciousnesses, very much in human form, that agreed to be part of the Shift in Humanity's and also Universal Consciousness.

Through many lifetimes they have attained high levels of spiritual mastery, not just on earth.

They have been tempered throughout all dimensions and planetary realms to grow in strength, wisdom and understanding.

They agreed to take on "packages" of "density" they would process, unlocking greater and greater amounts of high vibrational energy along the way.

They agreed to purify the planetary energy templates so new ones could be rewritten.

For many Awakening Masters this work began at birth, for others it has been activated at certain junctures in their lives.

This journey can be extremely challenging.

Especially since, for most of their lives, Awakening Masters have been in the "Veil of Forgetfulness", unaware that they undertook this path. Often they only have that pull towards spirituality guiding their way, even when even that has appeared to "fail" during their darkest times.

Only now, with the new energy technologies that work on a Planetary or "God Consciousness" level rather than just a Personal One (eg. my love life, my career, my prosperity) can true relief and transformation come to those that carry the "Master Templates"

Here are some of the signs and "symptoms" I have found for Awakening Masters

Multi-talented. You came into this lifetime with gifts honed over many lifetimes, sometimes in many different areas. This can create confusion around your pathway and where to focus.

. From an early age you sought spirituality as a “solution” to the struggles you encountered in your life, or it was awakened at certain powerful turning points in life. Your commitment to your spiritual path can be frustrated by a “lack of physical results”

Challenged Childhood. From the beginning you experienced difficult circumstances. Broken homes, unhealthy, unstable, missing parents, mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, abandonment and isolation, poverty, learning or behavioral “disorders”. You may have felt different or weird from other children.

Chronic Physical Conditions. You have struggled with an ongoing physical condition that no amount of Western, Eastern or alternative healing practices seems to fully resolve.

Challenged Relationships. You have experienced a lot of pain and disappointment in your relationship life. “Soulmate” connections have resulted in spiritual growth but not loving relationships. You long for deep and “true love” on all levels.

Financial Issues. Regardless of your potential or how hard you work, you fail to experience or attain the abundance or success you hope for.

Visionary Thinking. Your vision of your own life, and the possibilities for the world are large, idealistic, compassionate, humanitarian.

Spiritual Gifts and Experiences. You have or wish to have spiritual experiences, psychic, or healing abilities. Or you’ve had them and deeply resist and fear them.

Intense Emotions. You feel things very deeply. You have been accused of being over-sensitive. You’ve struggled with primitive emotions like rage, fear, jealousy, shame, fear of abandonment. You’ve developed addictions or anxiety to control them.

Struggle and Disappointment. You have felt thwarted, cursed, doomed, set-up by others, yourself and God.

Driven From Within. Despite all of the challenges you have faced, you feel compelled to continue the search for answers, solutions, healing, success, achievement, enlightenment etc.

Many people experience one or more of the things on this list, but if 80% or more of this list resonates with you, chances are you are an Awakening Master. In addition to resolving your own personal issues, you made a commitment to planetary and universal healing.

So what's the Good News about being an Awakening Master because this sounds like hell?

In accepting, instead of resisting this commitment, and by working with tools that are effective on this level, many of the personal pains and frustrations are dissolved along the way.

Understanding how to come into Authentic Positivity, rather than Suppressive Positivity, a downfall I see in many "spiritual people", is essential to dissolving the deep layers of highly unconscious, planetary template "resistance", that creates many of the "symptoms" listed here.

The release of resistance on this level brings about tremendous ability to manifest in truly Masterful ways. 

In my next blog I will be going into some of the joys of Unlocking Your Master Self....Yes here is where all the good stuff comes.

You can read it right here...

Peace and Joy,


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  • THE MASTER CONSCIOUSNESS - Attuned more fully to your power as an All Consciousness Creator and tapping into the intelligence behind all creation so you can influence reality from both a personal to collective level.

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