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Thursday, October 24 2013

Hi there,

I've been getting such fantastic feedback about this special series on Awakening Masters and our free conference calls. I hope you are enjoying them too.

It seems like we are really hitting the spot for people who have been struggling with the kind of signs and "symptoms" many Awakening Masters have. 

Now, onto, what I have discovered to be, some of the most interesting and challenging phases of Mastery unfolding.

And the rewards for passing through them!

I won't assume that this is a comprehensive list, for who knows what still awaits us, but this is what I have come to understand so far.

The order can also vary from individual to individual, and stages may be experienced simultaneously, or you may fluctuate back and forth between stages. 


The Basics - At this point you've already been introduced to some of the fundamentals of spiritual thinking and practice, past lives, meditation, yoga, energy, chakras, auras, crystals, astrology etc etc.

While this may have challenged your religious upbringing, or traditional belief system, it may not have posed too much of a threat to your very understanding of yourself.

Or of existence itself.

Perhaps it is more interesting, novel and fun to think about, brought a relief to some stress or "just makes sense" in some way.

Understanding Law of Attraction - While this can be a really exciting discovery, it also means taking full responsibility for all manifestation in your life, not just when it suits a sense of attainment, during the "good" times, and maintaining a "victim" position during the "bad."

It can also lead to tremendous amounts of frustration and disappointment when it "doesn't work."

This is largely due to the misunderstanding that it's just about "positive thinking".

This popular oversimplification does not account for your manifestation being the "sum total" of your entire energetic signature.

Understanding the difference between "Suppressive Positivity" and "Authentic Postiivity" is the vital piece that will see Law of Attraction "work" or "fail" for you.

However, when core belief structures support your "positive" thinking, manifestation can rapidly increase in those areas.

Journeying Into Unconscious Beliefs and Emotional Reservoirs - Having accepted that the Law of Attraction is a fundamental precept of existence, and having "failed" to successfully manifest desired goals, an exploration of unconscious beliefs and emotions begins.

This can initiate a healing of childhood issues and other life trauma.

Since much of this unconscious material may also be connected to past and future lives, and go against your current conscious "positive" or "spiritual" beliefs, it can be buried deep in the psyche.

Accessing it through mind/body meditation and healing, hypnosis or reclaiming "projections" from "triggering", mirroring people or experiences begins.

Going into non-judgment on all aspects of consciousness, "good" and "bad", "masculine" and "feminine", "light" and "dark", allows integration of many aspects of self.

This releases greater amounts of authentically "positive" energy into the system. It begins to dissolve inner and outer resistance and conflict.

Disenfranchised aspects of self "come home" and are healed. They reveal more and more of their creative gifts and special qualities to you.

The journey of true "Self Love" begins in earnest.

Clearing of the Primitive Mind Energies - Now here is when the fun really starts!!

So, you've spent years working on your conscious and unconscious material, spiritually evolving, learning to love yourself unconditionally, and becoming more peaceful, when suddenly life seems to turn into hell in a handbasket.

This can be a tremendously difficult phase, triggered by extremely challenging external conditions that mentally you just can't accept you would have chosen to create.

Especially not at this point in your spiritual development. Shouldn't life be getting easier after all?

In fact many of these circumstances can feel, or may be, life threatening. They will certainly challenge your sense of safety in life.

Examples of this might be major illness, ending of significant relationships or other major heartbreak, loss of jobs/income, law suits, losing a home or a loved one, or a confluence of several of these factors and more.

The resulting experience is an extreme triggering of the nervous system and activation of the "painful" survival energies and emotions, rage, terror, deep grief, fear of abandonment, jealousy and shame.

Yes, it's fun times!

This is where an awareness of the larger planetary aspects of your "purpose" may become apparent.

For, in this phase, you are no longer just clearing your personal and past/future life material, you are now working on the major planetary template of the Primitive Mind.

This is the programming that we have been collectively clearing in order to move into the New Paradigm of experience. 

Our conference call on Monday outlined this beautifully. I highly recommend listening to it to truly understand what's going on.

What's most challenging about this phase is that the programming is locked in the nervous system, the most unconscious part of our being.

So, at this stage, any healing technique that does not work directly with the nervous system will be of little use.

You may literally feel "out of control" as you struggle to resist the emergence of the painful Primitive emotions.

What "Spiritual" person wants to be a RAGE MACHINE!?

Your nervous system will be running the show. Fight or flight, stress, anxiety, depression, mental obsessiveness, extreme emotional pain and outbursts can be the norm.

The good news is that there are very effective tools that work at this level.

Transcending the Primitive Mind releases a major amount of creative energy into the system.

Just think of all that energy, engaged in those powerful Primitive emotions, and all the energy suppressing them, now transmuted back into pure creative energy.

You also become free of "pack fear", realizing that your personal experience is not dependent on "the pack", your family, society, the economy etc etc.

You really are free to create exactly the life you want.

Prosperity blocks, addictions, abandonment issues, physical issues and anxiety are some of the things that may be released at this point.

Awakening into Greater Multi-dimensional Consciousness - As you continue to transcend the "Veils of Illusion" through these phases, you have been developing more and more understanding of yourself as a multi-dimensional being.

You now know that your "vibrational signature" is not just a result of your current personal life experience, but the sum of your past, future and parallel life selves, as well as genetic, hereditary and planetary templates.

You also begin to understand that your consciousness is not just limited to your human life experiences, but includes many other planetary and other dimensional realms.

You have an energetic "ethnicity" in that sense.

This, in and of itself, can be extremely threatening to the linear mind consciousness. It may kick up lots of resistance as, through your path of discovery, you are now threatening its very sense of what human existence is.

As you accept your multi-dimensionality you may begin to have more and more experiences that challenge your linear reality eg. direct communication with guides, telepathic communication, visions etc etc.

Simultaneously, you may feel crazy, "out of your mind", as physical reality, and your multi-dimensional reality, do not seem to line up.

On the upswing, when you receive the right energetic attunements and alignments to support this awakening, you begin to assimilate more and more of your multi-dimensional potentiality.

This includes being able to "download" chosen "programs" from your expanded consciousness that already vibrate at the level of the experiences you want to create.

You can also integrate the consciousness of your "advanced" and "evolved" selves. 

Think of this as YOU Version 2.0. A major upgrade.

You start to move into direct connection and "knowingness" with your multi-dimensional consciousness. This has a much bigger, expanded picture than the linear mind.

Over time, your multi-dimensional "gifts" like telepathy and remote viewing, begin to prove themselves more and more reliable in the "real" world.

This is where the Magical manifestation of synergy, coincidence and Divine timing become the norm rather than the exception.

The expansion of the light body, as the creative source of your life, begins to anticipate your every need, and align things with delightful and delicious fun.

All you have to do is truly listen to your "beingness", rather than your mind, and everything just starts falling into place.

Moving into God Consciousness - We use the term "God" because it is short to write and in this sense means the creator of Everything. You could also use "Source, Universal or All That Is".

At this point, through the transcending of some major "Existential Veils" including, what we term, the "Existential Pain Veils," you come into a visceral understanding, through the expansion of your consciousness, that you are not only the creator of your own personal life, but you are, in fact, the creator of Everything.

You begin to understand that, while your personal travails are personal, they are also archetypal of the experience of, not only humanity, but of all universal consciousness.

Once again, this can be extremely threatening to the linear mind.

If you thought you were "out of your mind" in some of the earlier phases, this can literally "blow your mind".

The mind will kick up major survival mechanisms to steer you away from transcending the most major illusion of them all, separation from "God/All."

All along the way you have been recycling the energy of planetary templates and this is the biggest recycling job of them all.

The quantity of energy you will be processing at this stage can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are resisting it.

The is the processing of the energy of "Everything that has ever happened, throughout the history of humanity, and beyond," including "all the emotion of everything that has ever happened", and then some.

Hence the "Existential Pain Veils".

Once again, although this can be exceptionally challenging, with the right tools it becomes much, much easier.

You will not come to this phase without a great deal of spiritual understanding, compassion, humility and Mastery attained throughout all the previous phases.

You will also have access to, or understanding of the correct tools to use at this point, or a guide or teacher to lead you through it.

The AWESOME part of this phase is that, on truly accepting "responsibility" for all creation on a God Consciousness level, transcending all the Veils of Illusion on this level, and recycling energy on this level, you will begin to manifest on a God Consciousness level, without fear, without attachment, without limitation.

Although you will still experience yourself as a human being, you will simultaneously realize that all creative possibility is now available for you.

You will have many tools to dissolve any residual limiting resistance.

You will completely trust in this process as "the way to go", until even that is no longer needed.

At a certain "tipping point", your light body's "Super Consciousness" will take over the "job" of processing resistance, and you just get to live in the flow of your Divine Creative Beingness.

You will experience true psychological freedom from all limitation.

The most densest levels of resistance you may have struggled with your whole life, will fall away.

After all, when creating on a God Consciousness level, your personal needs are naturally taken care of.

You will understand that everything "negative" that has ever happened to you, was simply a guide post to bring you to this state of awareness, this state of beingness. 

You will live in Grace.


Do you recognize where you are on this Pathway?

If you carry the Master template, regardless of whether you consciously chose to be on this demanding pathway, you may have found yourself there anyway.

I hope it is clear from this message, that at EVERY step of the way, there are tools to release the resistance, often felt as pain, for that level.

In my next blog I will out line some of the programs I have developed to help people at WHATEVER level they are at including some free stuff to help you with where you are right now.

I personally know how challenging this journey can be, and that is why I always seek to find ways to support and guide people who are truly dedicated to finding their way along this path.

Apply here for a free 45 minute consultation so The Circle of Light and I can support you on this journey.

The first step starts with you.

Peace and Blessings,

PS. Please pass this on to anyone you think may benefit from it. This may be the information someone you care about needs right now.

PPS. If someone has forwarded you this blog and you would like to receive my messages directly please join my mailing list here. There is no cost to receive this information and many benefits in connecting.



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