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Sunday, October 27 2013

From the feedback I've been receiving, this series on Awakening Masters (it starts here) has been stirring up quite a response. Excitement, curiosity and even a little fear.

Don't worry if you have been feeling some of that. 

Fear is just energy.

One of the wonderful aspects of working with The Circle of Light is learning how to transmute the energy of fear into powerful creative energy. The kind of energy that resonates in a way that draws all that you want into your life AND heals and rejuvenates your body.

What we call "authentic positivity" rather than "suppressive positivity".

Suppressive positivity is where you ignore your "negative" emotions, pushing them down and slapping a "Happy Face" bandaid over the top. That can often do more harm than good.

Those unconscious emotions continue to attract and manifest "negativity" into your life, and create anxiety and illness, no matter how many affirmations you say.

It's why "bad" things happen to "good" people.

Authentic positivity is where you allow all emotion (energy in motion) to emerge from its hidden places and be integrated through non-resistance.

When done as a conscious process of unfolding, it gives your system (mind/body/soul) a structure to work with. 

It doesn't have to "act out", ie. create havoc in your life to draw attention to your unconscious material.

Classic "act outs" include pain, disease, drama, catastrophes, poverty, bad relationships, and many of the "symptoms" of the Awakening Masters I described in my earlier message.

From working with my clients for the last 9 years, I can honestly say working this way produces profound results in all areas of life.

If you read our testimonials you can see that people from all walks of life, with all manner of issues have profoundly benefited from working with The Circle of Light.

Whether you have identified yourself as an Awakening Master, or you are just ready to experience a life of greater joy, prosperity, love and success, we have designed the following programs to support you through your unfolding.

5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting From Your Limitless Core Power

This digital video, audio and written program will teach you the important difference between "Authentic Positivity" and "Suppressive Positivity", and why using your mind to manifest goals could be causing you a lot of pain, suffering and frustration. Find out why it's essential to get your whole body on board with your creative intentions in order to achieve success, happiness and wellbeing. The "Power" Tools shared in this program rapidly dissolve and "recyle" the energy of the dense Planetary Templates Awakening Masters carry so their role as Planetary Healer can be fulfilled while radically improving the quality of their physical 3D reality.

Please register here


In order to maintain the high vibration of these conference calls I only take in new people about 4 times a year.
For more information about these calls please go here
This program will be open to newcomers between now and November 10th

Please register here


Be mentored through a personalized self development program using the ever growing collection of Teachings, Meditations and Breathing Exercises by The Circle Of Light, held in our exceptional downloadable recordings library. After an initial personal consultation with Georgia, you'll receive monthly, hand picked, prescriptive recommendations, based on your specific issues and needs at this time, as well as general recommendations to deepen your understanding of how the creative experience of life really works. Plus you'll be included energetically every time these recordings are made during our live conference calls.

Please register here


This is a highly intensive and wonderfully effective program. It includes personal one-on-one sessions with The Circle of Light, and the Monday Night Awakening conference calls.

Plus access to our downloadable recordings library. I ask for a strong intention to commit for 3 months, as it is generally this point where we see major shifts occurring. I have very limited spots so please be ready to honor this work and yourself through a real commitment to your unfolding. 

For more information please go here

Regardless of your circumstances, if you are drawn to this work in anyway please apply for a complimentary 45minute session.

Please apply here

Just one small step together can open a whole new pathway.

And the discovery of the TRUE AWESOME BEAUTIFUL YOU!!

Peace and Blessings,

PS. Please feel free to forward this message to anyone you feel may benefit. This may be the information someone you care about needs right now.

PPS. My free report The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting from Your Limitless Core Power has more information on how to move from "suppressive positivity" to "authentic positivity" and start creating the life you want.

You can get it by clicking here.

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