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As you can imagine I read extensively on many different subjects so I thought I would create this page to help people find great material. HAPPY READING.

If you have a book you would like me to review for this section please send an email to


SETH channeled by JANE ROBERTS is like the crusty professor of channeled material. This is very dense material, basically the physics of metaphysics. It isn't a simple read but the books have the effect of working on you energetically as you read them. I should know as the event that opened my ability to channel occured while I was reading my first Seth book and I believe Seth was part of the "Welcoming Party" that I first began channeling.

If you are interested in getting a grasp on the true multi-dimensional nature of the universe then I recommend reading Seth. It is truly mind-bending material.


ABRAHAM-HICKS is a wonderful resource for truly understanding THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Although I haven't personally read these books I have attended 2 of their workshops and listened to many hours of their recordings.

ABRAHAM is a non-physical collective much like THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT. For 18 years plus Esther and Jerry Hicks have been bringing this information forth in their seminars all over the country. Their focus is a very pure presentation of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION without too much deviation on the theme. I think they are a wonderful resource if you are truly wishing to understand understand THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and go far more indepth than the material presented on THE SECRET.


JOHN E. SARNO M.D. is a medical doctor who has been exploring the connection between unconscious emotional pain and physical disorders for over 32 years.

I haven't read all his books but I found THE DIVIDED MIND to be an excellent, medical substantiation of the relationship between the body and the mind. Anyone who suffers from a chronic physical condition such as back pain, fibromyalgia, colitis, rheumatoid arthitis would be well served to check out his material.


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