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Videos that make me go WOW!


The thing about hooping is that you can't just stop at one!!

But for beginners a larger 40" - 42", heavier hoop is going to be easier. Generally the beginner hoops are made with black irrigation piping and sparkly tape.

They are also really easy to make. Once I got the bug I just bought 100 feet of pipe and started making them myself dependent on what size I want to explore.

There are plenty of tutorials on youtube to teach you like this one.

How to Make a Hula Hoop -

As you get more competent you will probably graduate to the lighter polypro hoops which are lighter, faster and better for off body tricks.

However, I absolutely LOVE the hoops I got from Hoop Revolution which are a perfect balance between the 2, and they are also ECO-Friendly using 100% recycled plastic.

Something about the texture, vibe, weight and springiness of these is just perfect to me and I am currently using them for my Hoop Alchemy classes


Both my fabulous hoop mentors have made wonderful hoop workout videos that give you a core understanding of the basics and I recommend both of these

Shakti Sunfire Hoopdance Basic Fitness

And from

Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious


The beautiful thing about the hoop world is that it is truly a New Paradigm sharing community. There are so many wonderful teachers out there sharing their knowledge base or tricks and tools.

The creative possibility of hooping is endless with constant innovations in movement.

There are many different elements of trick and flow to explore such as on body, off body, isolations, breaks and paddles, spins, tosses, jumps, weaves, folds, escalators, body rolls and multiples, you are bound to find something that feels awesome to your body type, personality and energy flow.

Here are some really useful compilations of hoop tutorials from the beginner to the advances.

Hooptrix - awesome resource -

10 Great Tutorials -

Best Hooping Tutorials Online -

How to Make a Hula Hoop -

Also here are Youtube pages of some of my favourite teachers and hoop performers

Shakti Sunfire - My wonderful mentor and hoop retreat cocreator - (also find her on youtube)

Anah Reichenbach - Aka Hoopalicious - One of my wonderful mentors and considered the mother of modern hoop dance -

Bex Burton - Hoop, Pilates, Choreography and fun -

Caroleena - Really love how she breaks down tricks -

Brecken Rivara - Super inspiring creatively -

Deanne Love - Amazing resource for tutorials and everything hoop (Melbourne gir) -

Rachel Lust - Awesome speed and precision -


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