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Periodically I offer members of the Circle Evolution Energy Network the opportunity to experience a full one hour session with The Circle of Light for the discounted rate of $175. (Usually $225)

This gives newcomers to our comunity the opportunity to experience their wisdom, and healing energy directly, and makes this individual attention more accessible to our entire Energy Network.

Because of the amount of energy it takes to run The Circle of Light's high frequency energy, I can only do a very limited number of sessions a week (approximately 8 - 10 including our conference calls).

Therefore you'll have 48 hours, after receiving an email invitation, or finding an offer through an email link, to book and pay in full, for a discounted session.  

This payment link can ONLY be used immediately following receiving an email invitation to register at this price, and is not for use at any other time. 

Maximum 1 sessions per person only.



Scheduling for these discount sessions can only be done through this calendar. Please check for availability. Times shown are in your time zone.

I have experienced the healing of Georgia and The Circle of Light face to face, telephonically, and in personal meditation.  Working with her spirit guides and being able to contact my guides through Georgia has allowed me to process and release subconscious thought, emotions and negative energies which I had, up until then, been unable to release in my journey of healing and growth. Georgia'a work has also allowed me to expand my healing practice to include working with the Ascended Master St. Germaine and the healing properties of crystals.  I regard Georgia and The Circle of Light as providing the highest level of spiritual healing and guidance that is available.  I am eternally grateful for their efforts and their continued support through their Energy Network."

Scott Belkin, Gourmet Bodywork, Beverly Hills - One on One with The Circle of Light

"Georgia and her guides are wonderful. Their energy is extremely healing, even right through the phone!  They are sincere, empathic, and patient yet very clear and direct . They gave me some direction that profoundly and positively changed my life.   Her healing hands and chakra clearings have worked miracles on injuries and blockages I incurred over the years and am very grateful to know that the Circle of Light is here helping us with their wisdom and love."
Lauren, Los Angeles - One on One with The Circle of Light

"Georgia's channeling helped me enormously during a very turbulent period of my life. The insights and messages I gained clarified many issues and helped me feel stronger, all of which enabled me to make better and more informed decisions. This was all communicated to me in a very loving, compassionate way which also helped. There just wasn't one bad thing about it!"
Claudia, Melbourne Australia - One on One with The Circle of Light


" (and Them) have helped me SOOOOO much in my daily life. SO much. I have learned so much and am now more confident, relaxed, and positively in control of my life -- all thanks to the work I've done with you."
Summer, Los Angeles - One on One with The Circle of Light


"I've been seeing Georgia and the guides for quite awhile.  I've had energy work done in the past, but, when I started working with Georgia I really started to heal. As I write this so many emotions come to the surface, because I suffer from a mental illness and I am so grateful to be able to be doing so well now. Georgia's been blessed with a beautiful gift to help heal. She and her guides have helped me let go of things that were getting in the way of my healing.  My life is so much different now, its full of joy, its full of happiness, its full of peace. Thank you for everything Georgia Jean."
​Lisa, Los Angeles - One on One with The Circle of Light


"Georgia's gift is so bright and subtle, there is no doubt she is connecting you with profound healing entities. After several sessions, group and private, I feel lucky to have found such a truly gifted channel and healer."
Eleanor Lynn Whitledge, Los Angeles - One on One with The Circle of Light


"Georgia is a gifted and sensitive channeler who has helped me become more aware of myself and of the spirits around me. She helps to open a portal of communication for one to their spirit guides, which leads to great personal healing and transformation. She is the true essence of a channel."
Erin Kirk, Los Angeles - One on One with The Circle of Light


"I have consulted Georgia and her guides on numerous occasions. Each time I have received a gift from them in the form of healing, understanding and acceptance, or assistance. Questions asked have been answered in great depth with future vision revealed. Knowledge imparted has always been given in an empathetic but truthful way. In hushed tones a wider outlook has been exposed to me and this revelation has enabled me to understand my place in time more clearly.

I recommend working with Georgia and her guides to anyone who is currently seeking advice, answers and assurance relating to all matters of personal importance. Those pursuing a greater understanding of why they are here and what learning needs to occur for them to participate more fully in their life will find blessings abundant."
Danielle Loiseau, Perth Australia - One on One with The Circle of Light

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