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The Authentic Positivity System  – 5 steps to overcoming any obstacle, and start manifesting from your limitless core power.

Learn the big difference between “suppressive positivity” and “authentic positivity”, and why using your mind to manifest goals could be causing you a lot of pain, suffering and frustration. Find out why it’s essential to get your whole body on board with your creative intentions in order to achieve success, happiness and wellbeing.

This proven, simple system:

Usable at any time, including your most challenging moments, energetically rearchitects you to get into 100% alignment with your dreams, goals and desires.

Moves you quickly from “Suppressive Positivity” to “Authentic Positivity”, and avoids the pitfalls, and even dangerous consequences, of the former. Knowing the difference will help you understand why all that "positive thinking" has failed to get real results.

Rapidly unlocks your most stubborn blockages in health, love and money.

Authentically empowers you, even when life feels the worst, to take advantage of the situation, slingshotting you to greater heights of success, wellbeing and joy.

In this bootcamp you'll learn and experience the foundational tools we use at Circle Evolution that quickly transform your most limiting belief systems, and blockages, into pure creative energy. You'll understand how the matrix of your life is created, and learn valuable secrets to become a master of it once and for all.

With this progam I wanted to create something that will give you a true Circle Evolution experience, and a taste of all The Circle of Light and myself have to offer, including

- Personalized, one-on-one attention, and mentorship.

- Knowledge and understanding.

- Proven, effective Tools my clients have used to overcome everything from chronic physical conditions, to relationship blockages, and to attain increased creative and financial flow. (Read our testimonials here).They will also enhance your personal energetic gifts and abilities, if greater spiritual awakening is your goal.

- Energetic support, upliftment and wisdom from The Circle of Light's higher frequencies and broader perspective.

- Video, written and audio material accesible at any time, anywhere.

- Community and connection.

2 x 2 hour Video Boot Camp Classes including:

  • 10 guided exercises through our most effective Tools for Mastering the Matrix.

  • Clear, concise instruction or how, when and why you use these Tools.

  • Circle of Light energy infused meditation/teachings

  • Video indexes, so you can easily find the starting points for all exercises, which can be used over and over, whenever you have a challenge arising, or you need a boost of Authentically Positive energy.

Support Audio

8 of our most potent Circle of Light energy meditations that:

  • Deepen your understanding of the principles behind the Authentic Positivity System

  • Align you with your power to manifest greater wellness, prosperity and authentically positive relationships

  • Harness the energy of expanded consciousness supporting you in your creative experience

  • Attune your energy to a higher vibrational frequency for accelerated manifestation.

  • Show you how your personal healing contributes to the healing of the planet

Stream live, or download for later listening

Written Material

  • In-depth written descriptions and guided scripts for 5 of Circle Evolution’s most powerful Tools for transformation.

  • Circle Evolution glossary 

  • In-depth self-assessment so you can track your measurable progress using the system.

13 Week Guided Mentorship Course

Receive weekly encouragement and guidance to Master the Authentic Positivity System so it becomes a “living practice”. This contains

  • Guidance through all elements of the video, audio and written elements

  • Expanded explanations on important elements of the System

  • Gentle accountability and prompting to get the most out of the System

  • Bonus gifts announced

Support and Community Membership
Have your additional questions answered through our private facebook group. Share your concerns and success stories with other people using the Authentic Positivity System. My passion is to mentor people into a deeper understanding of how "everything works". With a little understanding, and application of the Tools this system can have magical results, in every area of your life. 

By giving you multiple ways to receive this System, it works with all learning preferences and locks deeply into your being so it becomes a natural way of living.

Even if you don't "get" everything, you'll be mastering it anyway.

I've known about the Law of Attraction for a while now, but I wasn't able to manifest what I want quickly. Taking the Authentic Positivity System course has really increased my manifestational power. I've wanted to start my own business for some time now, and I manifested several resources for doing so over the past 30 days. I noticed big shifts after doing all the love and acceptance exercises. I'm grateful for this course and I look forward to the other stages of awakening mastery.
Dela Anthonio, Centerville, VA Authentic Positivity System Boot Camp

Access Part 1 of the material for only $1
You'll have 14 days to explore the material. Then, only if you love it, you'll be charged $12 a month for 8 months.
Total only - $97


1 month of participation in the Monday Night Awakening conference calls with The Circle of Light. This is the portal through which so much of the energetic principles and Tools we use have come through. These leading edge experiences will raise your frequency, deepen your understanding, and take you to new levels of Awakened Consciousness. This is an energetic elevator ride to your highest YOU! (First 20 registrants only)


1 Energy Infused Text - Receive an energetic transmission based on a specific need via Text, WhatsApp, IM, Instagram IG or Skype - (First 10 registrants only)

Want to space your payments differently? 

Make onetwofour or eight payments to get all the benefits at a pace that work for you.  

Remember, it only costs $1 to secure your place, then 8 x $12 a month.

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