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  • ANTI-AGING - Revolutionary information and healings to slow and reverse the aging process
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  • PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE - Powerful techniques, teachings and energetic alignments for attracting prosperity
  • LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS - Create and attract loving relationships, heal the past. Awaken to Self Love
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Great teachings and healings to transform your personal paradigm
  • SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION - Advanced teachings and alignments for your multi-dimensional and energetic advancement
  • SEXUALITY - Move into alignment with every aspect of your own unique sexual expression
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These recordings can be either streamed or downloaded and saved for listening to later.

Please note that because these recordings are done a continuous basis, and not in a professional recording studio, volume levels may vary and exterior sounds can sometimes be heard. The use of headphones may enhance the quality of the sound.

Follow these simple guidelines to enhance your experience

  • The most important thing to understand about these recordings is JUST PLAYING THEM works, whether you are actively LISTENING TO THEM or not.
  • Invite the energy of THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT to work deep within your energetic structure. Every time you play a recording their energy comes through to support you.
  • RIGHT BEFORE BED IS A GREAT TIME TO DO THESE, as the ego mind is beginning to relax, leaving you more open to receive the information and vibrations in these recordings. These are also wonderful to listen to if you are having difficulty sleeping.
  • Allow any state of consciousness to happen naturally. If you find yourself falling asleep it's fine. Do not try to stay awake to hear the words. You can always listen again later. The special frequencies in these meditations may put you into an altered state so the CIRCLE OF LIGHT can work "beyond mind" with you. The words are only about 10% of what is happening during these experiences.
  • If you find your mind racing, or repetitive thoughts bubbling up do not try to fight it or force yourself to relax. Just acknowledge the mental resistance that is being activated by the higher frequencies in the recordings. Use the mantra "I love and accept the part of me that is resisting this experience" or "I love and accept the part of me that is making my mind race."
  • During some of these meditations there is the use of Vibrational Healing through toning. Feel free to join in the toning if that feels good, or just allow yourself to become immersed in the sound.
  • Be aware that at times there can be periods of silence. Just allow yourself to relax into the quiet. Often when there is silence there is very high frequency running so "listening" to this can be just as powerful as listening to the spoken words.
  • If you have problems with concentrating, or doing any of the visualizations, trust your intention to do the work is enough.
  • Feel free to experiment with holding different crystals as a way to focus and channel energy during these meditations.
  • Play these recordings in the "background", while you do other activities, or beneath music. Even if you are not actively listening you will be receiving the information and energy contained where it needs to go most, into the Unconscious Mind.
  • Listen to the recordings on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm - 10pm EST USA. This is when I hold the live conference calls where these are created. At these times the gateway for the Circle of Light's energy to flow through is open more fully. If you are energy sensitive you may feel a stronger current of energy flowing and the effect will be more profound.

While the special frequencies of The Circle of Light are deeply woven into these recordings, the most powerful way to connect to them is through our live conference calls held Mondays and Wednesdays 9pm EST.

If you find these recordings helpful you'll love the deeper connection of a live interaction with The Circle of Light. Please join us.

We'd love to get your feedback on these meditations so we can create a User comment section to help people pick and choose. Please email any feedback to including the name of the meditation and what section you found it in. FEEL FREE TO TELL US WHAT OTHER TOPICS INTEREST YOU.

If you love what you hear, join our MONDAY NIGHT AWAKENING where these recordings are created

Experience the full immersion in The Circle of Light's energy as the recordings are channeled directly from their consciousness.



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