Goal Achievement using RAAR - Manifest your goals in love, career, health and prosperity with this cutting edge technique
Hoop Alchemy - Awaken your soul through energizing and connecting to your body.
Intuitive Tarot Readings  - Receive messages from your guides and clear direction for your life
Mediumship - Let me connect to your crossed over loved ones.
Channeling - Connect to the evolved consciousness of the COL, receive guidance, healing energy, wisdom and love.
Energy Work - Target specific mental, emotional or physical issues and heal

Magical Alchemy Sessions - This is a specific manifestation technique for powering your creative intentions in all areas of your life. 

Specialty programs:

Enter the Circle - An introduction to the energetic support, healing and mentorship of the Circle of Light. Combines the Monday Night Awakening conference calls with an individual one-on-one session a month.

Chronic Physical Conditions - This is a high intensity healing program designed to give you multiple healing opportunites each week. It provides emotional and mental support and accelerates the release of chronic physical conditions such as arthritis, IBS, fibromyalgia, cancer, sexual/gynaecological issues, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies.

Paradigm Shift Program - Using the goal accelerating effectiveness of RAAR, intensively focus on one area of your life to kick start a change in the direction you want. Love, career, creativity, weight loss, entrepreneurialism. Get in alignment with your intentions and succeed.

Awakening Masters Program - An intensive program for those that carry the Mastery templates. Carrying these templates requires that personal, planetary and universal healing work must be done in order to dissolve the deepest layers of density that create struggle and suffering. This journey can often be extremely challening, but with the right tools becomes fabulously rewarding. 

Awaken Total Beauty Program - A focused program through which we will explore, discover and dissolve the unsupportive belief structures, attached "meaning" and emotional reserviors that feed "Wounded Beauty Consciousness." 

Master Maintainance Program - Ongoing energy upliftment and mentorship from The Circle of Light after the conclusion of one of our 3 month programs. Combines the Monday Night Awakening and Wednesday Night Master group conference calls with an individual one-on-one session a month.

Digital programs:

Authentic Positivity System Boot Camp - 5 steps to overcome any obstacle and start manifesting from your limitless core power. This perfect introduction to the core principles we work with at Circle Evolution contains video, audio and written material plus a bonus one month of conference calls and a one-on-one consultation.

Self Exploration Mentorship Program - Be guided through our extensive downloadable recordings library with fundamental and personalized recommendations tailored to your unique experience, goals and challenges.

Additional services:

Conference Call Program - Powerful guided energetic meditations and teachings that will heal, balance and transform you.

Free Healing Opportunities

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If you are interested in one of our specialty programs but are unsure of what would be the best match

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I understand that spiritual and personal awakening is always an unfolding where many teachers, healers and mentors may be guide posts along the way. After all, it is your soul that is in the driver's seat, and never another individual, organization or community.

No one should take away the fun and excitement of you finding the pieces to your own personal jigsaw puzzle by limiting or restricting you in where you look.

How can someone else possibly know more about you than your infinite self?

For this reason I maintain an open handed relationship with my clients. You are always free to go, and you are always welcome back.

At times, when I believe we might be reaching an important threshhold I can guide you through, I may ask for a deeper commitment by suggesting packages that can carry you safely through an arc, or cycle of unfolding.

Although single session "miracle" healings do occur, I have found, that working in monthly packages of periods ranging from 2 - 4 months, is where we find the most exceptional results. 

The work becomes truly joyous, Divine and effective.. 

I find myself more and more drawn to this way of working as it provides both the safety of commitment and the freedom of ongoing movement.

I will not pressure because, I have learnt, if you are not truly ready for the next step with me, the resistance to the work itself will be too strong and will not create a rewarding experience for either of us.

Timing is everything.

I frequently refer clients to other practitioners, modalities or experiences if I believe they will be more beneficial, or a positive extension of the work we are already doing together.

It is my intention to create a client base that is empowered rather than dependent,. So whether our journey together is a short stay or a long visit, you always leave with something you can continue to work with.

Please do not allow finances to become the minds excuse for not connecting with The Circle of Light in some way. Payment plans are always an option for people who have a deep interest in working with us one-on-one.

Our downloadable recordings also have an extensive range of material to open up Prosperity flows.

My own experiences with financial hardships make me compassionate, understanding and flexible with those who are ready to get out of this "lie of the mind." Together we can do it.

I look forward to working with you.

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Learn the core principles behind the techniques used by Georgia and The Circle of Light, and the tools that accelerate powerful, positive manifestation in all areas of your life.


Be guided to explore our extensive library of downloadable recordings by The Circle of Light. Each energy infused recording acts as vibrational medicine, expanding your wisdom base, elevating your conciousness and your life.

Explore our Basic Program and receive foundational recordings recommendations, or try our Full Program and receive hand picked, personalized recommendations from Georgia, based on your specific issues and needs at the time.

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