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Thursday, November 30 2023

Hello Dear Tender Heart,

How did you fair in the month of November?

When I did my Annual Reading for the Collective back at the beginning of the year, I definitely felt a clutching in my Heart when I saw the 3 of Swords come up for this month. 

If you are familiar with the Tarot you know this card is associated with heartbreak, disappointment and even trauma.

It's almost never an omen of good times.

But every card in the Tarot has hidden power.

Another way to look at the 3 of Swords is the activation of triggers.

And like them or hate them triggers are always an indicator that something is surfacing to be healed.

This month the world stage has been lit up by events in Israel/Gaza.

And even though it could be said that at any moment somewhere on the planet there are the perpetration of acts of deep horror these particular events are roaring into the awareness like a mass global triggering.

Wherever you stand (if anywhere) on the political spectrum the intimacy of real time video published through social media gives us a close up view of the brutality and sheer repulsive devastation of war.

Unlike the past War is no longer a set of dry "collateral damage" statistics delivered on the evening news, or in history books that glaze over the victim's humanity in numbered tables long after the events have taken place.

War is now available to view in real time.

Not just from the perspective of those who have volunteered to participate by joining the military, but the street level views of women, children and innocent civilians caught up in the violence.

And the trauma.

This is the deepest shadow of humanity emerging into our full  conscious awareness.

The madness of the survival mind swept up in the most complex of situations, steeped in a history most of us can never understand and probably has long been distorted by the writer's of it.

It is an absolute indicator of the futility of the Mind.

For here, as the stories continue to unfold, there are no absolute "good guys and bad guys", that we can easily side "for or against".

There will be no "winners and losers".

In all the distortions of how "this side or that side" play out the stories through the media, with all the opinion pieces, commentary and experts spinning this perspective and that, we will never get to an absolute "true/false".

And nowhere in sight is there an easy fix, solution or answer.

Because this is a story to break the Mind.

And to drive us more deeply into our Hearts.

Just like the 3 Swords piercing their way into the center of the Heartthese are the stories that break our "Good/Bad" Egos and drive us into submission.

As a human collective we need something from outside of ourselves to help.

Because there are no answers or fixes in the mechanism that creates all of this.

The same thing that watches it, stresses over it, fights over it, cries over it, suffers over it, even as it is the very thing that generates it.

The Mind itself.

Everything about this story speaks to the Existence Templates I've been sharing about this month.

These are the deepest imprints we receive at Birth, as we move from the freedom of the non-physical into the density of the human Existence.

We move from a totally supplied connection to Source, to a state of relative powerlessness and drastically limited dependency.

It's the birth of our survival consciousness.

The very same thing that makes humanity fight and kill over territory even as it consumes more of our precious resources and destroys everything in its path.

All in the name of "God"!

The ultimate "Spiritual Ego" gone wild.

Humanity is the hamster on the wheel feeding its own endless creation of war.

It feels like no coincidence that the "Cracking the Existence Codes" collaboration with Ester Ciurana (WATCH IT HERE) was scheduled for this month.

And that we would be speaking of the Existence Templates and their potent, all permeating influence on our reality.

It was a concept i was given to understand at the beginning of 2020 but the time has never been so right to bring forward a clearing that would help humanity become free of its most repetitive and futile stories.

And that is exactly why we need to see them. 

In order to collectively choose to be free of them.

If you have felt deeply affected by the Gaza story, or perhaps some other event, situation or personal condition that is activating feelings of hopelessness and futility I highly recommend you learn more about  the Existence Templates.


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