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Thursday, December 07 2023

Hello Bright Spark of ALL THAT IS,

As you've opened this email I have a very special message for you.

Whatever you are doing with your life, while important, is never going to be AS important as your Existence here on the planet right now!

You may have noticed that I have been on a wild tear about the Existence Templates lately.

Did you catch the replay of our Youtube live with Ester Ciurana yet.

There's a major reason why at this point in the Evolutionary Shift we are being guided to clear these extremely heavy, personal and collective imprints.

And Surrender to the Heart!

If you need to catch up on this concept read my explanation about what these highly restrictive imprints are.

Because, just in time for Christmas (LOL), many of us are about to go through a Virgin Rebirth!!

What the heck do you mean by that?

In a recent session the Circle of Light shared a fascinating perspective on the emergence of the Christ Consciousness on the planet as expressed through the story/myth/archetype of the Virgin birth of Jesus through Mary.

They said that the idea of it being a Virgin birth was not about Mary's sexual history but that consciousness was incarnating clean of the genetic, hereditary and generational imprints that had defined Human Existence up to that point.

It was not tainted by the "sin" of humanity, meaning it wasn't imprinted by all the collective cellular memory of survival struggle, suffering, disease, and all the gnarliness of the human story thus far.

So the figure/s holding the new Christ Consciousness energy could come into incarnation CLEAN of these imprints.

(There were many who held this energy at that time btw)

And they would be so STRONG in the new frequencies of unconditional love that instead of being defined by the collective human experience, they would DEFINE the next stage of Human Existence.

If you've read our book The Circle of Light and the Philosopher you will know that the defining shift that happened with the Birth of the Christ Consciouness was that prior to that the feeling/experience of love was ONLY a biological bonding emotion driven by survival

I.E You felt love only for your tribe and who you breed with for survival.

There was no love like that we feel for friends, pets and humanity in general etc. 

The Christ Consciousness brought Universal love to the experience of Humanity.

Love just to be loving with no agenda of need and survival advantage.

And right now this Paradigm Shift is calling for a new kind of mass "Virgin Rebirth".

Except instead of many of us being born as babies and starting from fresh, we are going through the Rebirth while still incarnated.

I want you to take a moment to enter a space of imagination with me.

Imagine you are sitting at that point before incarnation and you are developing a life plan for yourself.

Your life's Blueprint.

But in this plan you have decided to incarnate with an imprint that is as close to Source as you can possibly be.

An incarnation without the massive Veil of Forgetfulness and Ilusion of Separation coming over you.

An incarnation that is defined by always knowing you are:

  • An infinite and powerful being
  • Already fully worthy and deserving of a life of joy and happiness with no need to "prove yourself" or "earn it'
  • Completely resonating in love, receiving it, sharing it, reciprocating it because you are it
  • In an unstoppable and unlimited flow of abundance because you are always infinitely connected to Source
  • In a continual state of rejuvenation and adaptation because you are source consciousness that can not be destroyed

And a whole bunch of other fabulous qualities that are our true nature as pure consciousness.

But this new incarnation is not happening through the usual process of you dying, returning to Source and your consciousness developing a new life blueprint BEFORE your birth

This incarnation is happening through dissolving the massive imprints you received through the birth/incarnation process itself.

Like a De-incarnation!

A Death and return to Source and then Reincarnating ALL WHILE STAYING IN THE BODY!

And this includes the generational biological imprints you received from your parents and their conditioning and programming. 

In my last email I shared why we were going through a Global trigger-fest as part of this process.

And in the context of all of this it's interesting to see so much strife (the worst of humanity) centered in one of the powerful birth places of the Christ Consciouness.

In our we work say "The Illusion always gets stronger before it falls".

I believe this is the Threshold Resistance before a massive shift.

The painful agonizing Death throes of the old self and the intense contractions before the Rebirth. 


We can't see/predict what this new life looks like until we experience it.

Because it is a world BEYOND the old dying framework of the Mind.

The only way we can generate this "Virgin Rebirth", is through by-passing the Blueprint that has been embedded in there.

And getting out of the way.


Which holds AND activates the Blueprint of our New Consciousness New Incarnation.

(This the Heart Blueprint I also go on and on about)

The new personal and collective energy that will DEFINE THE NEW HUMAN EXISTENCE.

And this is why YOU are so important.

Because the World needs you in your Heart right now.

And you've just received a massive insight into what is happening on the planet.

That most people in the world are not aware of.

I've posted a full in-depth reading of the December's Reading for the Collective on Instagram.

In it I explain more how you are 'Pregnant with your New You" and why it's so important to support this process in every way. Including biologically.

Get ready for the New You in a New World.

It’s always a joy to share the energy of the Circle of Light
Georgia and the Circle of Light

X: @circleevolution
Instagram: @circleevolution and @comingoutofcosmiccloset



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Receive my free report which reveals the Number 1 reason why your bad ass, spiritually evolved self is STILL stuck on that INFURIATING, FRUSTRATING problem.


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*We will never sell or share your information.