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Wednesday, July 21 2010

I just wanted to start by saying I have been so blessed to work with THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT. Their constant input of wisdom and uplifting energy has helped me tremendously as I faced my own personal, creative and entrepreneurial challenges.

As you may or may not know in 1997 I moved to America on the advice of a few people I met travelling in Europe who thought I was funny and should try being a stand up comedian. With not much more than $500 I arrived on these shores with the idea of conquering Hollywood and becoming a super star of all things funny. Well it was quite an adventure and there were definitely times when "I wish I knew then what I know now."

I have always been a person with BIG dreams, BIG goals and BIG desires and interestingly enough, what I have discovered, is that thinking BIG can be both a blessing and a curse.

To put this simply thinking BIG does two things at once:

- It summonses enormous amounts of ENERGY to fulfill the dream, goal or desire


- It simultaneously activates all the RESISTANCE to achieving said dream, goal or desire

So what happens when ENERGY meets RESISTANCE?

Well just imagine a car travelling at 200 miles an hour (ENERGY) hitting a reinforced concrete wall (RESISTANCE). POW right? Or should I say OW OW OOOOOWWWWW!

So, believe you me, having had a great deal of PERSONAL RESISTANCE, I experienced more than my fair share of OOOOWWWWW moments in the form of frustration, disappointment, pain and confusion as to why, for all my energy, talent and efforts I was not achieving anything close to my goals. There was plenty of shaking of fists towards the heavens and cursing of the powers that be, that's for sure!!! Makes me laugh to think about it now.

Now the good thing about this is that is forced me to go deeper into why I was "failing" and this further opened up my spiritual path, and that opening led to my connection with THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT and that connection led me to the understanding of why my PERSONAL RESISTANCE had bamboozled my best efforts. AH HA!!

But even better I learned how I could quickly and easily turn that RESISTANCE back into PURE ENERGY to accomplish my dreams!!! AH HA! AH HA! AH HA!!!

Now I feel soooooo lucky to have had a lot of RESISTANCE because I understand now that that RESISTANCE is just ENERGY in reserve, waiting to be FREED in order to accomplish all those BIG dreams, BIG goals and BIG desires and I am 100% passionate about helping others discover this too.

That is why we, THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT and myself, have created an amazing new technique that does this with such efficiency I am bursting with ENERGY (and no RESISTANCE) to share it with you.

Introducing RAAR - Resistance Activation and Release


Let me start by saying that having RESISTANCE does not make you a bad person. It just makes you a person living on earth.

In fact resistance is what actually creates our reality here.

"Huh?" you say.

Basically, anything that exists in a specific form "resists" being the undifferentiated energy that is Source Energy. You've probably heard the saying "All is one", well resistance is what creates the illusion of separation that creates individual experience rather than the experience of total unity. If you want to understand more about this check out our new book - THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT AND THE PHILOSOPHER, ANOTHER MAGNIFICENT DAY - Keys to Unlocking Your Soul's Potential, but don't worry, there is no need to understand it for the technique to work.

So PERSONAL RESISTANCE generally comprises of

- Old frozen emotional energy (sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness etc.)
- Old belief structures that are out of alignment with our goals and desires (I'm not good enough, I don't deserve this, I'm not allowed to have this)
- Old value structures that are out of alignment with our goals and desires, often from past-lives (Having money/sex/fun is sinful and against God's will, it's "good" to be poor/humble/suffering)

Now very often this RESISTANCE can be deeply unconscious, especially if it is coming from past life or early childhood experience, and that's what can make it a challenge to work through.

Some of it is embedded so deeply into the unconscious psyche you wouldn't even recognize these thought patterns, values and emotions compared to how you think of yourself consciously. Thats why "working on yourself" from a purely conscious level (therapy, coaching, positive thinking) can't always get to the places where true transformation takes place.

Your DREAMS and GOALS realized

With RAAR we rapidly penetrate the layers of RESISTANCE (or veils of separation between you and what you want) transforming the ENERGY locked in the RESISTANCE back into PURE POTENTIAL - ATTRACTIVE CREATIVE ENERGY that can realign with the TRUTH of who you really are - UNLIMITED CREATIVITY, ABUNDANCE and LOVE.

No matter how big or small your goals are, all you need to know is what you DON'T WANT and what you DO WANT to uncover resistance and you will be guided effortlessly through the layers. By the end of the session you will truly feel AT ONE with what you want - the optimal place for manifestation to take place. You will begin to see the magic that happens when you live from an UNLIMITED SOUL CENTERED place rather than a RESTRICTED MIND-BASED place.

RAAR is perfect for people in highly competitive fields such as athletes, artists, perfomers, musicians, entrepreneurs, people undertaking a challenging project, life dream or task and also for people who have struggled with chronic problems or blockages.

Whether you are seeking LOVE, PROSPERITY, SUCCESS or BETTER HEALTH and WELLBEING the technique behind RAAR can successfully be applied to any area AND will improve your overall experience of life

To read more about how RAAR can help you visit here

I'm happy to explain the principles of RAAR - RESISTANCE ACTIVATION AND RELEASE and how it might help you personally. Please set up a free 20 minute consultation about RAAR here.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Peace and Blessings,

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