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Wednesday, September 07 2011

Deep Things Made Simple 

What's up with Luving the Bad Boys?

Want to get to spiritual, personal and relationship enlightenment quickly?

The information received from THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT and what I have learned from my many years of study, working with hundreds of clients and a whole lot of navel gazing has taught me a lot about a lot of things spiritual, psychological, energetic AND practical.

Since most people don't have time to to do all that navel gazing I've decided to break down all this "Deep Stuff" into some easy to understand, fun videos that will get down to the nitty gritty of how this effects you in the areas you care about - and what you can do to change your personal paradigm. I call them


This is the first one -

"What's up with Luving the Bad Boys?"

So let's talk about that personal paradigm that can cause a lot of pain in relationship life. It's the intense attraction to the "wrong" type of guy (or gal)... It could be the Bad One or the Emotionally Unavailable One, the Passive Agressive One, the Commitment Phobe etc, etc, etc. You get the picture.

As much as someone might be consciously working on changing their relationship choices there is a HUGE amount of unconscious energy that fuels the ATTRACTION PARADIGM. So try as you might it can be VERY challenging to overcome that powerful pull to the person you "want". In fact up to 88% of our thoughts and actions are fueled by the unconscious. That doesn't give our "sensible" 12% conscious self much of a fighting chance when it comes to attraction.

In our RELATIONSHIP JOY CONFERENCE CALLS, held the first week of every month, we realign the energy held in the unconscious (memory, thought patterns, emotional energy and coping mechanisms) so your personal paradigm shifts from "ego love" (with all its issues, confusion, games and heartache) to "soul love" with all its yummy connectiveness. From that point of attraction you can draw, and be drawn to, someone who is also ready to connect on a soul level. Read all about it here -

And the beauty part is, a relationship you are currently in can also shift when you shift. It can get better, taking it from struggle, heartache and resistance to understanding, communication and real soul chemistry.

Or it can become easier to let go of so the space is created for that beautiful relationship to come in.

So check out this fun video that will enlighten you about what is really going on with "Luving the BAD BOYS".

And even if you love the "Good Boys" (or girls) you will learn a lot about ATTRACTION

And most importantly, do something to love yourself a bit more today!

Peace and Blessings,

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