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Monday, December 12 2011

Q. Who exactly are THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT

A. Similar to the energy Abraham brought forth by Esther Hicks, THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT are a non-physical collective here to help humanity achieve a shift in consciousness. They comprise of Master teachers, archangels, healing energies and guides. When I work with you, your own personal guides become part of the collective. If you are interested in learning more about them you can read my book The Circle of Light and the Philosopher - Another Magnificent Day - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential 

Q. How do I know there aren't any negative energies in THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT?

A. It has always been my intention to work 100% in the light. I have never in any way, shape or form, summonsed or invited lower level or dense energies to work with me. A huge part of my work, to hold the space for THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT, is to clear myself of all blockages and negativity so I can be a clear and open channel for the highest vibration to come through. I have been doing this work for over 7 years now and the more I clear myself the greater my capacity is to hold higher and higher vibrations. Additionally, it is clear from the feeling of the energy, both within myself and reported back to my by the hundreds of people who have experienced their light, wisdom and love that this is a very high and positive energy.

Q. This sounds weird. I'm having a hard time believing that this could be possible or real. How can I tell it is?

A. It is natural for the mind to feel very challenged by an experience that falls outside of the perception of the 5 physical senses. The idea that we can connect to, communicate with and even channel energies in a non-physical form can bring up a lot of resistance in the mind. This can be experienced as judgement, disbelief, doubt, "That girl be crazy" etc etc.

Trust me, I had to go through this a lot myself when this first started happening, including whether I was making it all up, was crazy or self deluded. Fortunately the very visceral, physical feeling of their energy when I'm channeling, as well as confirmations from friends and later clients, served as "proof" that something more expanded than me was going on. It's been an interesting and exciting process.

If you feel really challenged by it you could also think of it as me entering a state where I can access a wiser, more unconditionally loving part of myself and teaching from that place. Don't worry if you are having these thoughts. You can simultaneously honor the part of you that doubts, while allowing yourself to experience the session. You always have the power to hang up or disconnect and to decide whether it is the right thing or not to pursue at this time.

Q. I've been on a conference call before and there was a lot of silence. What's up with that?

A. During one of these sessions the words spoken are only about 10% or what is really going on. The Circle are also running energy and doing realignments to shift your vibrational field into alignment with your intentions. Because of the resistance of the mind (eg. see above) sometimes the Circle likes to work in a "Beyond Mind" state and this may entail a lot of silence, or even you falling asleep, or going into a deep meditation.

Whatever happens is perfect so don't resist it. Don't "try to stay awake" to hear the words. Instead, trust they are going into the place they are most needed to bring a realignment. And if your mind gets chattery, that's okay too. Try and just observe the thoughts rather than buying into them or trying to stop them. The higher vibration of energy will often push to the surface anything that is in resistance to it, including beliefs or old emotions.

Q. Will I have to speak?

A. No. Once the Circle of Light comes they will guide you through a combination of a teaching and a meditation that will be created based on the energy of the people in the group. I can't tell you exactly what will happen as every session like this is different but 99% sure it won't be interactive.

Q. Can energy really go through the phone like that?

A. As a channel I act as a gateway for their energy but, although they always recognize your free will in regards to participating, their energy is not restricted by physical space. In fact most of my session work is done with clients over the phone. It doesn't matter where you are.

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