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Sunday, December 18 2011

No matter how evolved we become family gatherings can certainly stir up a whole bunch of that "memory" and turn into, what I affectionately call, a "trigger-fest"! Cue the sound of cartoon 6-shooters. Pow pow!

Sometimes, no matter how determined we are to stay cool, that one uncle, cousin, parent, or sibling can push our buttons like a heat seeking missile, and lo and behold the "face flames", "chin quivers" or "tension headaches" are upon us faster than you can say ho, ho, ho!

Or perhaps it's some deep worries about not being able to live up to family expectations because of time, budget, or other committments etc etc. For whatever reasons this can be a really sensitive time.

In my tip of the day you'll learn a great tool that can actually turn these trigger-fests into an opportunity to unlock some of your own potential. By using one of our special "emotional alchemy" techniques you can get out of the destructive unconscous reaction cycles and turn that anger, sadness, frustration or loneliness back into some pure, creative soul-energy!! Woot woot.

Check it out here and change family holiday dynamics forever

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