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Saturday, March 16 2013

Understand how "The Presence" works.....

So in my last blog I introduced you to this new concept/possibility that was made available with the 12/21/12 Gateway.

We call it "The Presence."

The Presence is kind of like an upgraded aura that allows you to experience a new multi-dimensional potentiality.

What this means is that you are no longer limited to the basic programs you brought into this life to play with.

Before we are born, we make certain choices about predispositions we will explore such as talents, interests or issues to resolve.

Think of these as "the programs" that run our story.

In the past we were limited to operating within the confines of those "programs" and so our "story" was restricted to certain flavors of experience.

Our egos were designed to "block out" any of our souls potentiality that extended beyond those choices.

But for the past few years we have been building a new light body that can now hold a much greater amount of our soul's potentiality and we have been dissolving the heavy veils of the ego mind so we can experience much, much more.

You are a multi-dimensional being.***

What this means is that who you experience yourself to be in this life is like a drop in the ocean compared to the massive entity your soul really is. 

Within this giant soul construct is the collective wisdom, knowledge, memory of all your lifetime experiences.

That includes past, future and concurrent parallels lives. It also includes all your consciousness focused in different dimensions and other planetary experiences.

Yes! You've had lifetimes other than as a human!!

All of this consciousness exists as vibration and it all exists simultaneously.

Now what this means is that somewhere, out there, in that massive soul entity, there is already an aspect of your consciousness that knows how to do, be, or create what you want.

Somewhere out there you have already mastered what it is that you wish to attain now.

Whether it be a thing, a feeling, or an experience such as a loving relationship or a successful career.

And now, for the first time, you are able to just invite that energy in, to participate in your current life experience now.

So instead of trying to fix or work your current programs to get where you want, you can just upload new programs that can already do it.

In my last email I compared this as going from struggling to write a screenplay using Word, to simply uploading Final Draft, a program specifically created to make screen writing effortless.

Why is this happening? It just sounds all too easy!!

This is now a possibility because basically the game of life has changed.

We are moving from a Paradigm of "problem solving and resolving, striving for survival" to "creating and generating."

So much of our creative experience here has been bound by the most dense aspect of our human consciousness which is the Primitive Mind.

This is the part of us that is hard wired to survive.

Which along with it comes all the heavy vibrations of the Primitive emotions, reactions and responses such as rage, terror, jealousy, shame, fear of abandonment and deep grief.

Consciously or unconsciously we have been creating a very dense experience with this Primitive zeigeist as a driving force.

Look at all the war, destruction, lack consciousness that drives the "uglier" aspects of the human experience.

But with the 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 gateways we have opened the doorway to a new experience.

One where our individual and collective focus is not driven by survival but by the fun and play of exploring consciousness through creativity and expansion.

As consciousness we don't need to explore the "how do I pay my bills?" or "will I ever feel good enough for true love?" stories any more.

We've had enough of that game....More than enough!!!!

Now we have turned a major corner and are moving to

With the power of love and abundance in my life already a given, what can I create joyously from here?

What great new beauty can I bring to the planet, to the human experience, to the expression of life itself?

And to create this innovatively we all need new programs. 

Programs that can more efficiently create what we want so we can then explore something new that generates off that creation.

And this is the purpose of "The Presence".

It is, in a sense, our expanded new operating system that can handle these much more exciting, high functioning, high vibration programs.

This is "YOU Version 2.0"

Stay tuned. Your Presence had brought you to these pages for a very good reason.

Are you ready to Awaken fully into your "Presence"?

Peace and Blessings,

PS. *** I am giving you the crib notes on multi-dimensionality but if you would like to explore or understand this concept in depth I recommend you read our book "The Circle of Light and the Philosopher - Another Magnificent Day - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential" available from Amazon

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