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Wednesday, January 22 2014

So dear ones, we are delighted to be coming forward, as

            you are truly moving into an extraordinary new energetic phase.

We must congratulate you over and over, for the work that you have been doing to bring yourselves into an opening, an awakening, a preparation and a readiness for an acceleration that is happening,            

                                             on both a personal and planetary level.

 You truly are trailblazers, dear ones. 

Having the courage to stand at the leading edge, not always understanding where this path is taking you,

            for it is unchartered territory in the map of human consciousness.

But each one of you, powerful soul consciousness’,coming into this lifetime to open the doorway, to open the gates, to open the portals, to allow the high frequencies of your true selves to flood into this earth plane,

                         and alter the reality of human consciousness.

Each one of you, we know, is quite modest in the understanding of yourselves.

 Although you may have had ambitions, dreams and desires, and lofty goals, passions, creative urgings, you truly, truly have not understood this grander purpose for your existence, as you have often walked pathways blinded by deep veils of illusion that kept your lives in most contracted states.

But your courage in the heart, the mind, the body and the soul kept you moving forward, ever seeking, ever asking, ever opening, to discover the truths of your real potentiality, never satisfied with that which you understood to be a restriction on your grander selves. 

As we observe you we see what you have been accomplishing in terms of dissolving the veils, 

                          and you have made profound progress.

Even if you are not, as yet, fully living in the experience of the breakthrough that you seek from this illusion,

                we assure you, you are not far off.

                It IS extraordinary what you are accomplishing.

Some of you who are of a more energetically sensitive nature, which just means that at this time you are able to interpret the experience of the high vibrational frequencies that you have been inviting, and therefore awakening into, into a signal where you can viscerally feel that energy, will be more aware of the extraordinary amounts of high frequencies that are beginning to fully merge into your physical consciousnesses.

For those of you who are not so energy sensitive, please understand that this is simply a matter of the brain not yet being able to interpret these signals. Just in the same way you cannot hear the kind of frequencies dogs can hear, it does not mean it is not happening for you, it just means your brain is taking longer to mark out the neural pathways that can give you a visceral experience of what you have been achieving and attaining energetically.

We want to give you a heads up that over the next three to four weeks there is going to be a rapid, rapid acceleration of these energies.

Now the very good news is that for so many of you, who have been working through the aspects of your consciousness that are still in resistant states, unlike in the past where there have been rapid increases in energy, the ride will not be so bumpy because of the enormous amounts of purification work you have been doing on your personal and planetary templates.

What this means is many of you it will feel like

                                                                      all engines a-go-go.

For some of you, while you have been going through enormous amounts of transmutation of energy, you may not have felt particularly focused, or ambitious, or certain of what your life direction is, and that’s okay. This has been part of the process.

Because, as you are alchemizing more of your denser energy into these higher frequencies, you are actually going through

                      a process of revelation of what your true self is really desiring, 

and there has been a dampening on some of that, sort of, ambitious, or yang, or driving energy, so as to not project you too far down pathways that you were later to discover held less interest for your soul consciousness than they have in the past. 

So if you have been feeling a little listless, or disorganized, or unmotivated, you are, in fact,

                                                                               right on track!

But what you will notice with this acceleration of energy in this next 3 to 4 weeks, there will be a much more potent sense of focus in your daily action and in your life.

And you will find, again because you have been doing so much to dissolve the egoic resistance that often keeps you in polarized, confused or disoriented states,

you’ll find action begins to work through you, often times before the process of thinking about it. 

Because your energy alignments will be in such

deep knowing of your soul consciousnesses desire,

                  you will simply be IN it, 

rather than thinking about it, or planning about it. It is simply

                                      unfolding through you.

So do not feel you need to force yourselves.

Do not feel you need to make willful choices.

And if you are still in confusion regarding your pathway, it is simply the state of confusion that needs to be “be’ed” with, be in non resistance to,

       as the state of confusion IS the egoic resistance,

                           not the actual subject matter of confusion.

 So, just continue to BE with what IS, in nonresistance.

And observe when your mind is racing and clutching for things to latch on to. Just love and accept that. 

                        There is nothing to force.

                                 There is nothing to push. 

  All you have to do is allow.

 When you are in a state of real allowance, your natural stream of consciousness will work through you, in such a way that it will feel completely dynamic and effortless simultaneously.

And this may be very different from your old operating system, which has been oriented towards striving for survival, pushing.

And we continue to encourage you to practice, frequently throughout the day, that physical action of releasing internal resistance, scanning through the body and finding any place where you are unconsciously clutching, or bracing or resisting.

And external resistance, and by that we mean where you are unconsciously clutching or bracing against what is around you.

                        Because this is maintaining the egoic line,

the line of separation, of your personal identity from your expanded self.

Relaxing the brain, 

     you can literally just see your brain deflate. 

If you are prone to frowning, clutching around the eyes, tensing, relax all around there. Imagine your scalp relaxing, whatever little question is buzzing away in there, just relax it. 

So much gorgeous, magnificent, divine and delightful stuff is lining up for you.

All you have to do is relax and let it in. 

You have been used to, really, a lot of struggle. A lot of uncertainty. A lot of doubt, and a lot of unreliable outcomes, disappointments, misalignmemts - this is not the way of the future, this is the Old Paradigm. 

Drop all negative expectations based on past experience. Drop all 

  “Well it happened this way in the past, it’s going to happen again”

from your thinking. And if you are having difficulties dropping it, love and accept the part of you that cannot drop it. That’s all you have to do.

Love and acceptance always provides the softening. 

The softening of the egoic tension. The softening of the polarity model that the ego mind operates through. This is the old way. 

Deepen your joyful, creative visualizations and imaginations of your future bliss, prosperity, happiness, wellbeing, abundance, creative success, creative joy, love filled, play filled, success filled, gorgeousness laden lives. Disappointments, that have been seeded in the deep resistance of many potent planetary templates you have been carrying, is all dissolving away.

Surrender into your beautiful visualizations without any judgment on how extravagant, how magnificent, how idealistic, how romanticized or seemingly out of reach they are. 

Give yourselves the deepest pleasure immersing yourselves in these beautiful imaginations. 

Your courage of the heart has brought you to this place. You have learnt many lessons through the experience of resistance. And in these lessons you have grown in wisdom but, at times, you have deeply grown in doubt also.

      The purpose of this was simply for you to understand what resistance is, so you could become masters, and not slaves of it!

We will repeat that. 

Many of you have had lives where extreme resistance has brought you great spiritual wisdom and understanding, but has also seeded your life experience in doubt and disappointment. 

The only reason your lives have been laden with resistance                                     

was so you could truly understand its nature,

     in order for you to come into absolute mastery of it

         and not, as the illusion may have been telling you, a slave. 

You are free to create with all the majesty of absolute God Consciousness. 

                                                                      This is who you are. 

Let there be a deep decision within you all now, to fully release the Paradigm of disappointment that may have plagued your joyous creative experience for a long time. 

The usefulness of disappointment is complete. 

Disappointments have also brought you into a heart centered consciousness, deeper levels compassion and understanding, sensitivity and empathy, that have made you the open-hearted spirits through which the new creative paradigm of this planet is being birthed.  

                     You are trailblazers, dear ones. 

As leaders, in understanding and mastering the concept of resistance, such that

you are actively engaged in new creation of planetary templates, and new planetary paradigms. This means you are ahead of the curve.

And many that are around you, that will follow you, are stepping into the creative vortex you are beginning by being on the vanguard of understanding God Consciousness creation. 

When those are around you, and those who are somewhat “behind” you, in understanding and awareness, begin to realize that they are too, Consciousness creating reality with this potency, they too will step fully in to the creative joy of the new planetary paradigm. 

But you are, dear ones, leaders of this. Whether it is through your actions that are perceivable by others, your accomplishments that are perceived by others, or simply the vibrations you are emanating at, you are entraining people continuously to come into this awakened state. To emulate, through action, word, deed and energy, that which you are in increasing embodiment of. 

You may be aware of the areas where you are still experiencing resistance. It could be on a physical level, it could be on a mental level, could be on an emotional level. Just take a moment now to focus on where you are perceiving resistance in your life experience. 

And, as you focus on that resistance, you may feel it on some level, whether you feel it as physical pressure in your body, or thoughts  begin to stir up or there is emotion around it, just fully relax around it. 

Remembering that resistance is resistance, it doesn’t matter what the subject it, it is simply the place where resistance to your true and powerful unified consciousness is being revealed. 

So take a moment to focus on it and then sort of relax around it. 

And just be with whatever you notice arising. We are increasing the energy now. This energy stream is very powerful and pure source resonating on the 15th Dimension. That is having the capacity to fully delete personal and planetary programming that is resistance based, on whatever level it is. So take a moment to focus on whatever your resistance is just imagine those files simply being deleted.

Very good indeed dear ones,

Take the time to enjoy the most delightful visions of that which you wish to experience, both personally and planetarily.

Allow yourselves to feel the richness and the joy that this brings you. Set the tempo of your new creation.

                          Focus on what feels good. 

We adore you so very much, until we are meeting in this way or some other way, we love you very much and for now we say goodbye. Goodbye! (kiss kiss)

#January 13, 2014

Thanks to Mandy Kahn for transcribing and creating this format for capturing the expression and energy of The Circle of Light's words.

If you would like to listen to the original recording you can find it under Favourites in the Prosperity section of our Downloadable Recordings library.

You can also hear an edited version (without all the meditative silences and complimentary New York sirens) in the Short Versions.

These recordings hold the activating vibrations that elevate your consciousness to the states they are speaking of.

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