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Thursday, March 13 2014

Hi there,

First of all I want to thank all those who wrote and shared to me of their challenging stories in relationship to their sense of beauty. 

Having been through, and understanding this struggle myself, I feel a deep compassion for those who shared.

It reiterated to me the importance of creating a program that specifically addresses this issue.

Restoring our sense of power, which can easily be undermined by the shadow of beauty consciousness, is VITAL, more so now than ever.

As I mentioned in my last message, very often the fact that we struggle with this issue is pushed into the shadow of our consciousness, where it simmers away, eventually manifesting in all kinds of toxic behavior, act outs or self harming inner talk.

Even, in my ongoing work with clients, I find there is a great deal of embarrassment in bringing up the subject, as it may not seem "spiritual", "deep" or "worthy" enough.

No one wants to be seen as "superficial" or "shallow" by even mentioning that they don't feel attractive, "hot" or desirable, or that they have a troubled relationship to their sense of beauty.

Additionally, the idea that our looks are "set in stone" and therefore we are powerless to "change anything", stops us from even "going there."

But the very charge on the subject makes this a great place to focus for truly unfolding the power of our soul consciousness...which is beauty in its essence.

So journeying into our shadowy relationship with our sense of physical beauty is truly a journey of meaning.

It IS both a meaningful experience, and a fascinating discovery and unraveling of the "psychological meaning" we attribute to beauty.

As I read your emails regarding what "not having" beauty meant to you, it became clearer and clearer that it's insidious, negative psychological meaning infected every area of life.

Freedom to create and express, freedom to succeed in career and work, worthiness of love and of a quality partner, and fundamental physical well being, were all areas that have been crushed due to the "meaning of beauty".

Beauty, or "lack of" beauty in ourselves, or others, can be very triggering, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Starting to bring the light of our awareness to our reactions to beauty/non-beauty is the first step on this journey.

Just putting a band-aid of "positivity", or avoiding and denying the subject is often not enough, and misses the opportunity for huge expansion in our sense of selves.

Here are some ways to discover what your psychological relationship to beauty is -

1. Start to notice your self-talk and/or visceral emotional reactions when around someone you perceive as beautiful.

Are you able to stay in appreciation? Or do negative responses and reactions also occur simultaneously.

eg. Wow, she's really beautiful -
- I could never look like that
- I bet she's a bitch
- my boyfriend would rather be with her than me
- her life is obviously easier

What judgments, assumptions or guesses about their life do you make, often without thinking about it?

Do you actually physically tense up when around it?

2. Conversely, note your reactions when you see someone who is subjectively not beautiful to you. Check for the same reactions and responses as above.

3. Are there certain physical features or characteristics that you find particularly triggering in yourself or others? 

If so, ask yourself what does having that characteristic "mean" to you, and how does that meaning make you feel.

eg. Having (fill in the blank) means I'm not attractive to my husband, which makes me feel lonely and sad.
Having (fill in the blank) means I can't get a better job, which makes me feel powerless and scared.

It is very, very important when doing this work that you DO NOT judge yourself for having these reactions and responses, because they are often inner child aspects, or parts of our survival consciousness, that are in need of integration, (love and acceptance), not further isolation through polarity consciousness.

This is the power of this exercise, and ultimately the source of how we can reclaim the energy of beauty.

In so do we can shift the paradigm of our life back into true beauty, not only in ourselves but in the world at large.

An authentically happy relationship to beauty also eliminates such toxic behavior as shaming, discriminating against and belittling others.

And collectively this make the world a more beautiful place.

I would love to hear back from you about what you discover through this process.

In my next message I will be giving you an exceptionally powerful exercise to reclaim and integrate the energy of these projections.

Just wait to see how gorgeous you feel after that!! And how your quantum reality starts to respond to you when you already "feel" that way.

Peace and Blessings,

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