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Thursday, March 20 2014

Beauty Integration Project

So in my last message I taught you a really powerful energy integration exercise that you can use to "Become One" with your personal concept of beauty.

This involves looking at an image and reclaiming your power by pulling the energy of your projections back into yourself using my special "Love and Acceptance" mantras.

Today I am going to breakdown the sequence of mantras so you can learn more about "Integrating Your Different Selves".

These selves can often be in conflict and therefore in resistance to you fully embodying your Whole Soul Power.

In the last exercise I used the image of Brangelina, but actually you can use any image for beauty integration such as the one above of raw Rose Quartz.

"Beautiful" is what I see in Rose Quartz, on so many levels, so I am going to use "Beautiful" as the quality for integration using the Love and Acceptance mantras.

Here they are - 

I love and accept the part of me that doesn't believe I am beautiful.
This integrates the aspect of us that holds our resistant belief structures. Belief structures that maintain the "Veils of Illusion", and keep us in a contracted understanding of ourselves, instead of allowing us to be who we truly are.

I love and accept the part of me wants to be beautiful.
This integrates our Inner Child aspects, and the parts that don't feel enough as they are. These parts often have a deep need and longing to be loved and accepted, and believe the desired quality will bring them that. They often carry reservoirs of pain and hurt so jumping in and loving and accepting them, "as they are", is super powerfully healing. Then those stressed out little "kids" can finally relax.

I love and accept the part of me that is afraid to be beautiful.
This is the aspect of our ego consciousness that is afraid of the "unknown" and would prefer to stay in the "painful known". It resists change even when that change could be beneficial. By loving and accepting it we can soften it's fears and allow a New Paradigm of experience to unfold.

I love and accept the part of me that is afraid to not be beautiful.
This integrates our Primitive Mind aspect who believes "acceptance by the tribe" is key to physical survival. It is deeply afraid of not having the qualities that would make it desirable to "the tribe" and can have an enormous amount of attachment (wired into the nervous system) to having and keeping such qualities. It is the most contracted aspect of the ego. As with above, loving and accepting it can soften its fears.

I love and accept the part of me that already is beautiful.
This is a very special multi-dimensional integration. Somewhere "out there" in our enormous soul construct we are already experiencing, and embodying energetically, the desired quality. It could be in another lifetime, or it could be ourselves in this lifetime, at another moment in time. By integrating this part we are "downloading" all the vibrational signatures that aspect of us already has into our "Now" experience.

When we "Love and accept" all parts, instead of trying to "pick a side" we move into Whole Soul Power.


I've started a really fun project through my new Instagram profile to explore Beauty and it's meaning though photography.


Or Like Circle Evolution on Facebook.

Each day I am posting an image which, for me, contains "beauty" and what it evokes. There will be #suggestions of what qualities you might like to integrate using the love and acceptance mantras, or find your own and post them in the comments.

Just looking at the images will help you absorb the vibrations of beauty in them.

I'll also be doing fun, weekly giveaways like "Name the location" for a free reading.

The more we see and appreciate the world as a beautiful place, the more it becomes.

The more we feel beautiful, the more we are.

Join me on Instagram and let's awaken the power of beauty on the planet.

And post your own #100DaysofBeautiful image with #circleevolution so I can check you out too!!

Stay gorgeous!

Peace and Blessings,

PS. Please forward on this information to anyone you feel may benefit.

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If you are ready to heal your Wounded Beauty Consciousness please learn more about my "Awaken Total Beauty" Program here.

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