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Wednesday, February 13 2013

Having a chronic physical condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, or cancer can be one of the most draining, limiting and challenging aspects of a persons experience.

But I believe, when a person has the courage to go into a deeper understanding of the causes of chronic conditions, a great spiritual pathway can open before them and miraculous change can occur in may areas of their lives.

In my experience chronic conditions have an energetic complexity because their seed causes lie not only in the physical body, but multi-dimensionally in the mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

In order to clear this effectively all levels need to be addressed simultaneously.

You can't just work on the physical level without unearthing what unconscious emotional reservoirs and mental belief structures are anchoring the condition in place.

When a condition manifests in the physical body it is largely because its seed aspect (a part of you that is in pain) has been ignored on the emotional, mental and energetic levels.

By going to a physical level that part can be sure to get your attention. It's far easier to dismiss a nagging thought, or suppress an emotion than it is to block out a searing back pain.

The physical body is the last bastion for your unconscious aspects to say "WAKE UP! I'M IN PAIN HERE!"

One way to discover what the often unconscious underlying energy is behind a physical condition is to ask yourself

"How does it make me feel to have ___________?"

Perhaps it makes you feel ashamed, dis-empowered, angry or sad.

These are the feelings that hold the "charge" that's keeping the condition in place.

Often this blocks the effectiveness of physical/Western/alternative treatments OR prevents you from finding/choosing the right one.

This leads to more feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety.

MORE charge around the experience as you spend hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars seeking a "cure".

That is why, when I work with clients, it is very important to release the emotional charge around having the condition itself.

I consistently find their other treatments AND the energy work we do becomes more effective when this happens.

Many people, upon a diagnosis, want to stay positive, and not "go there" but in doing that they maybe holding the charge in place that is holding the condition in place.

By getting in touch with the emotional core and releasing resistance to it, (allowing yourself to acknowledge and feel it without judgment), you unlock the energy that is bound up in the old egoic emotions.

Now it can begin to converted into free flowing "authentically positive" energy. The type of energy that heals! The type of energy that rejuvenates!

In my downloadable recordings library I have many hours of information about the importance of releasing resistance and powerful guided meditations for healing specific body parts and physical conditions.

These recordings are created during our BODY WELLBEING AND REJUVENATION conference calls, our ongoing energy support for all areas of life.

In my next message I will talk about the multi-dimensional (past/future life) energy that can be contributing to chronic physical conditions.

Peace and Blessings,

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