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Sunday, February 17 2013

In my last two messages I looked at the emotional causes and the multi-dimensional causes of chronic physical conditions. In this message we will be looking at the part planetary healing takes in chronic physical conditions.

As many of you know we have been going through a major shift in consciousness here on earth.

If you are familiar with my work with THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT you know that we speak a lot about releasing the old programming from the Primitive Mind.

That is the part of us that is wired to survive and uses the same mechanisms we used when we lived in the caves.

AND THE SAME EMOTIONS TO FUEL US - such as fear, rage, jealousy, fear of abandonment, guilt and shame.

Very often a Chronic Physical Condition can trigger our deep unconscious reservoirs of these emotions.

For example, the financial impact of an ongoing chronic illness can be great.

Intense fear can arise as people deal with the pressure of how to survive financially if an illness is debilitating, or pay for ongoing treatments.

But it's this fear that is part of the "charge" around an illness that needs to be released so the body can open up to its innate healing ability.

Fear, whether it is focused on surviving the illness, potential financial ruin, or loss of love/quality of life, is a major "energy reservoir".

It doesn't matter what part of the story the mind is focused on, the energy is still fear.

And it's essential to transmute its energy from the crippling, frozen state back into the free flowing, healing, creative state.


Because fear is actually a MASSIVE amount of energy "in potential".

Have you ever shaken with fear? That's the energy right there moving your body.

When a client stops resisting and suppressing that energy, it becomes available to create a new experience ie. heal the body, rejuvenate cellularly, align with the right solutions/treatments.

Additionally, all the energy it takes to resist and suppress the fear now becomes available for a "better" use. That's A LOT of energy.

This is where a chronic illness is part of your gift to planetary healing.

At this time in consciousness evolution we are transmuting the energy bound up in the old primitive survival emotions.

As we collectively transmute this energy within us, it now becomes available to take on a new form planetarily.

The energy to heal, both ourselves and the planet. The energy to think creatively, innovate and problem solve. To discover solutions to global issues.

The energy to unlock gifts, abilities and knowingness that will transform ourselves, and our world from a polarity driven, separation, survival based experience, to an interconnected, abundant and prosperous state. 

Can you imagine this planet, with all the energy that is engaged in the extreme polarity of the Primitive Mind consciousness, experiences such as war, wealth disparity and global environmental imbalance, being redistributed towards innovation and creative thinking?

Even if you think of the literal energy, the money and intelligence, being consumed by military action, the creation of weapons, training of troops and in the explosions of warfare itself, you will see that there is an enormous resource of energy right there.

Now imagine all that energy turned towards creative solutions and innovations, and you will see that "Heaven on earth" is much closer than we think.

That is why it is essential for all conscious, awakened people to process and transmute the Primitive Mind store houses we hold in our bodies.

As people on the leading edge of conscious creation, our processing of this energy helps the planet reach a tipping point in vibrational frequency. 

This occurs when the amount of collective energy resonating in the new paradigm of consciousness begins to "overwhelm" the amount of collective energy held in the old consciousness.

Then energetic entrainment occurs, with the mass of higher frequencies raising the collective consciousness.

As a person with a chronic condition, you hold a very special package of energy that is "in potential".

And with the new supportive energies since the 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 portals opened it is becoming easier to shift physical conditions than ever before.

Our work has been to develop the fastest ways to unlock this energy from these "in potential" states and make it available for you, and the planet, right now! We call it energy alchemy.

RAAR (Resistance Activation and Release), seed point memory clearings, deep cellular activations, clearing genetic and hereditary programs, are all part of our arsenal of tools.

Last year I created the extremely successful Chronic Physical Conditions Package, available for a small, select group ready to commit to their process.

If you are struggling with a chronic physical condition the time is NOW to heal yourself and the planet. This is what you incarnated for and I assure you that when the "hard worK" of processing planetary energy is done, there is a whole new beautiful experience awaiting you.


Peace and Blessings,


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