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Monday, March 23 2015

A lot of people are a little bit confused about why I am all about hula hooping these days.

So I'm going to tell you exactly why I think it's one of the most powerful healing modalities out there.

If you've been on this journey with me for a while you'll know that one of the specialties of my work with The Circle of Light, is helping people with chronic conditions.

Chronic physical conditions such as arthritis, IBS, cancer, fibromyalgia and back pain.

Chronic life conditions such as financial chaos, work crisis, or deep heartbreak.

Or chronic mental and emotional states such as anxiety, depression, isolation and grief.

My other specialty is helping people start from these tough places and getting them to where they want to be, happy, healthy, living fully in the power of their awakened souls, having the courage to take chances and BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!

I truly love this work and so do my clients.

Read some testimonials here.

Sometimes this takes a single session, sometimes it takes a bit longer, but without a doubt THE BIGGEST FACTOR that affects this change is whether their nervous system is entrained to support them in their life, or impede them.

Our nervous systems are connected to, what I call, the Primitive Mind Zeitgeist (or our inner "Ooga Booga).

The Primitive Mind zeitgeist is our survival programming, how we are wired to survive behaviourly, and a collection of strong force emotional energies, that are activated when our survival feels threatened, (fear, rage, jealousy etc)

Our nervous systems are wired up until the age of 7, and are the most deeply unconscious aspect of our programming.

This is the programming that no amount of conscious activities like positive thinking, visualization, therapy or affirmations can reach, because it exists in the part of our being that is programmed to OVERRIDE our conscious self, when it feels survival is threatened.

If you've ever had a flash of road rage you'll know what I mean.

Who is THAT person? Not nice little ole me.

Our conscious mind only has about 12% of the control over our being. 88% of our behavior (words, action, choices, life rhythm) is actually controlled by our unconscious mind, including how our bodies function.

Now if your unconscious mind is wired in alignment with your conscious desires, that's great. But if not this creates a systemic conflict.

It's this systemic conflict between the conscious mind and the inner "Ooga Booga" that I have found to be the seed cause of what ails us both personally and planetarily, and what holds us back from REALLY going after the things we want in life.

These days we are not fighting off sabre tooth tigers in the caves. Our survival mechanism is more implicitly wired into things such as our work, relationship and life choices.

Sometimes, for example, being "nice and positive" is not a natural state, but in fact a suppressive function of the survival system which says to you,

"If you speak you're truth and people don't like it, they won't love you any more, and YOU WILL BE REJECTED BY THE TRIBE, and you will STARVE AND DIE."

This is how the unconscious survival system secretly and subliminally controls all our behavior and choices, and ultimately can actually do much more harm than good.

Remember, it was developed by your inner 7 year old whose primary focus was to stay loved, and therefore fed by your family.

You were programmed to FIT IN OR DIE by what your family, and the bigger family of social peers, community, city, country or world SAYS is right for you EVEN if it doesn't feel right to you any more.

Or, even worse, is actually making you sick, unhappy, endangered or depressed.

Classic examples of this are staying that job that doesn't make you happy because "It's the right thing to do."

Or a relationship that makes you miserable because you're "too scared to leave."

Who is that voice?

It's classic Ooga Booga.

You are, after all, a unique and precious individual, with unique gifts and talents to bring to the world.

And this is what your higher consciousness knows about you.

And what the world wants and needs.

So, while the Primitive Mind wants you to keep everything the same, in its "known zone", the Soul continuously pushes you to change and come into the remembrance of its truth.

That you are, in fact, infinite creative energy, infinite love, infinite abundance, infinite joy and limitless potential.

So how do you get from one end of the spectrum to another.....


In my work over the last 10 years with my clients, for all the above reasons, I found the nervous system to be THE most resistant to change aspect of our consciousness.

Being stuck in self sabotaging patterns, or having chronic conditions, can be one of the most disheartening aspects of the healing path.

How do you reason with something that is wired into the body?

You definitely can't do it by just thinking about it, meditating on it, "being positive", or choosing differently.


Several years ago I had a true breakthrough with the programming of the nervous system when I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

After exploring sooooooooooo many different modalities myself, hypnotherapy, 
energy healing, shamanism, crystals, traditional therapy, etc etc. I finally found a something that worked on the nervous system. I began to use it personally to great effect.

Then, three and a half years ago, I discovered hooping.

It made me feel AMAZING! So happy! So light! So FREE!

Like most hoopers, I discovered that once I started hooping, my life began to rapidly transform. I experienced multiple shifts in areas of my life that had been MOST resistant to change. Significantly money issues that had plagued me my whole life.

Money = Survival

It was when I took my formal training for EFT that I discovered WHY hooping had such a profound effect. Because it worked on the same body centric principles that EFT does.

The tapping of the hoop on the body was able to unlock the blocked emotional energy stored, and locked down by the nervous system, and process it through.

I'd finally found a super fun, inner child fulfilling, healthy and joyful way to overcome the programming of the resistant nervous system.

And now I want to share it with EVERYONE!!!!

Combined with the special integrative practices developed through my work with The Circle of Light, hooping is a powerhouse transformative modality.

Not to mention awesome for weight loss, balance, coordination and posture.

And, it's the Holy Grail of opening the contracted nervous system to allow more and more and more of the healing, creative, rejuvenating, love filled energy of your soul conscious to flow through.

It's how we can overcome the self sabotaging, sickness inducing, unsupportive patterns and behaviours that have controlled our lives and stripped them of joy, prosperity, inspiration and love, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Whatever your greatest internal and externals hurdles have been in life I believe healing can happen in the hoop.

But, like many incredibly useful tools for transformation, I notice people can be very resistant to trying hooping, much in the same way 20 years ago meditating and yoga was for "weirdos".

Look how that has changed today.

Its because, once again, the survival based Primitive Mind, that wants to keep everything the same, will come up with any excuse to resist the things that can actually bring about fundamental shifts.

That "it's for weirdos" suspicious attitude is one of the classic act outs of the Primitive Mind. It's a shame mechanism it often uses. 

"If I am different from everyone else, I will be rejected by the tribe AND I WILL DIE!!!"

This is where we, as conscious adults, can begin to make choices that SUPPORT our conscious dreams, visions and desire for positive change.

We short circuit the contracted thinking tricks of the Primitive Mind (like suspicion, avoidance, denial and excuses) and open up to the possibility of radical, beautiful change, by taking chances and trying something new.

If you are intrigued to learn more about Hoop Alchemy, and why its SO POWERFUL,check out this page on my website.

And if you're already a hooper and you've gotten stuck in your practice, or still have money issues, check out this video on "Threshhold Resistance". Everything will be A LOT clearer after that.

Are you ready to live an Awakened life?

The kind of life that exists once the contraction of the nervous system is released so true expansion can occur?

No matter how conscious, "spiritual", positive or growth oriented we are, true Mastery over our experience comes when the nervous system is Mastered.

See you in the Circle!


PS. Please feel free to forward this message on to anyone you feel might benefit from the experience.

PPS. My free report The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting from Your Limitless Core Power has extensive information on how to Release Resistance and start creating the life you want.

You can get it by clicking here.

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