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Tuesday, September 01 2015

Greetings from the sky!

So you might remember back in May, I had discovered the joy of skydiving after holding my Awaken Mastery - Integration, Manifestation, Movement, Magic Retreat in Hawai'i.

Well....being fascinated with all things nervous system, I couldn't think of a better way of putting mine to the test, and discovering even more ways to transcend it's limiting programming, than going to skydiving school.

If you've been reading my messages a while you'll know that I go on, and on and on, about how our "survival system", the Primitive Mind, and it's unintegrated strong force emotions (fear, anger, shame, fear of abandonment, jealousy, and hatred), is THE major cause of everything that ails us personally and planetarily.

This comes from my 10 years experience working with people with chronic physical conditions, trauma, anxiety, heartbreak, self harming and self sabotaging behavior.

And if you are thinking to yourself "Hey I don't have any of those serious problems", you may also be under the influence of a restrictive nervous system if you've experienced

- depression
- weight issues
- career blockage and disappointment
- money issues
- confusion about life direction and purpose
- boredom, apathy, joylessness
- creativity blocks
- low self esteem
- fear of failure
- being stuck in a rut, trapped or imprisoned in your life

The conflict between our conscious mind (what we believe we want for ourselves), and our Primitive Mind (what it thinks it needs to do to survive) "acts out" in ways both catastrophic and insidious.

I consistently see it draining peoples lives of joy, health, prosperity, love, creativity, connection, motivation, and adventure.

And keeping them in the place of victim, boredom, illness, isolation, money struggles, lovelessness and suffering.

Which is why I have been determined to discover every technique, and secret I can, to help my clients both understand, and transcend, the contracted state of being in this conflict.

So off to skydiving school I went.....And BOY, did it put me to the test.

These 4 statements sum up some major principles I've discovered about transcending the nervous system over the years.

- When great love arises, everything in resistance will arise simultaneously, especially in the nervous system.

- The nervous system driven body/mind will say or do anything to keep us from crossing important thresholds on the way to our goals.

- In order to master the nervous system, and achieve goals outside the nervous systems "known zone", you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings.

- Those who master the nervous system master life.

After I failed the first level of skydiving training 3 times I was told by the instructor, 

"You might be one of the people in the world who just can't skydive. Your brain simply can't do it."

Whether my instructor was right or not about limitations my body/mind had, as you can see by the photo above I was able to overcome them, AND the incredible fear that I might be a "deathwish timebomb" just waiting to go off.

In my next series of messages I'm going to explain to you how the above principles work, and the tools I used to transcend the nervous system so I could jump out that plane in a state of total 100% blissed out, fearless, joy.

Because that's how I want you to live your life too!

Stay tuned, this will be a fun ride.

Peace and Blessings,



PS. My free report The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting from Your Limitless Core Power has extensive information on how to transcending the nervous system and start creating the life you want.

You can get it by clicking here.

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