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Thursday, September 03 2015

"You may be one of the people who just can't skydive. Your brain just can't do it, and if you fail one more time there isn't a coach anywhere that will take you on as a student."

Hi there,

These were the words that were spoken to me after I failed my first level of skydiving training for the 3rd time.

The first level of training is where an instructor jumps out the door, holding on to you the whole time, until you pull the ripcord and go into canopy flight.

And if you don't pull the ripcord at the correct altitude they pull it for you.

On my first attempt we had a wild whipping ride, tossing and turning through the air. It was NUTS!

While I did pull the ripcord, I was not stable at the time = FAIL

On my second, and third attempts I was so focused on stabilizing my body position, and the manouvers I was supposed to complete, I lost "altitude awareness" and the instructor had to pull the ripcord for me.


I was "diagnosed" with a serious PULL ISSUE and my skydiving days looked over before they had even started.

Too much of a liability, and a danger to myself, and others.


Have you ever discovered, or pursued a GREAT LOVE, a person, a creative passion, or an incredible opportunity that FILLED YOU WITH EXCITEMENT....

And then everything went to hell in a handbasket?

This might have happened - 

Internally - fears, doubts, insecurities, anxiety, or illness arise uncontrollably


Externally - obstacles, issues, complications, financial struggles, "failures" or injury happen


From Others - lovers breakup, coworkers and creative partners clash, friends and family members disapprove, the landlord boots you out.

As uncomfortable as this is, this is the "natural process" I call Threshold Resistance.

It's when the Ego "kicks back" against the awakening soul force that wants to push you past the limitations of the programming set in your Body/Mind.

(Body being what is happening physically eg. your physical body, physical environment, AND other people.

Mind being what is happening mentally and emotionally.)

It's classic Mind Vs Soul.

The soul wants you to expand, the mind wants you to contract and keep everything the same (even if its making you unhappy or even ill).

When this happens many people give up, falsely believing that "It just wasn't meant to be", not realizing that a massive opportunity for growth, expansion and transformation is actually presenting itself.

When I came into skydiving I immediately fell in love. 

The incredible experience, the breath taking views, the fun of the dropzone AND the phenomenal people.

A more hilarious, generous, supportive, inspiring, and character filled crowd you couldn't meet.

And I reveled in the "mateship" (that's Australian for friendship and comraderie) between the men and the women.

I was a long way passed the cut throat, disempowering and abusive energy I had experienced in the stand up comedy world (Bill Cosby was no surprise to me).

And even though I had failed my first levels of jumping in my own parachute, I was still feeling pretty awesome that I had actually jumped out of a plane 3 times in one AND landed the thing without killling myself.

It felt AMAZING!

So when those words came out of my instructors mouth it was like a train had run me down.


In my body I had a major nervous system reaction. Where before watching the skydiving videos filled me with joy and excitement, now my body filled with abject terror. I couldn't sleep, I felt wired and weird.

My mind was racing with the thought I might be a "death wish time bomb" waiting to happen, the subconscious causes of my "Pull Issues" potentially too deep to get to.

And then there was the physical block that no one in skydiving would take me on as a student if I failed again.

Having built a life and a business teaching others to overcome all limitation mental and physical, I woke up in the middle of the night filled with panic and confusion about whether I should continue the training.

Was this the one thing that was just absolutely too dangerous, and too irresponsible to try and overcome?

I'd overcome the fear of rejection, humilation and failure doing stand up, and the fear of poverty and destitution by being a creativity driven solopreneur my whole life.

But here the stakes around overcoming fear and failure were WAY WAY WAY higher.

Although I had been collecting a very powerful set of tools to deal with the nervous system, I didn't even know if it was right that I try and use them.

I was in a major conflict.

Should I listen to the part of me that felt so excited, inspired and motivated to pursue skydiving, or should I listen to this coach, the "expert in the field", PLUS the terror in my body, that was saying STOP NOW!

Many people experience this type of complete confict about life direction.

And a conflicted state is where "The Lies of the Mind" can have a field day.

They will say anything to keep you away from a breakthrough and a lot of the time they "make sense".

"It's too risky", "you don't have the money to do this," "is this really something you plan on doing for the rest of your life."

Whether it's anxiety about leaving a safe, but soul crushing job, or starting a new creative venture, or some other complete life change, if you're feeling this kind of struggle, you're going to love my next message, where I explain the power of "The Goal" in a way that you've probably never heard before.

Stay tuned!!

Peace and Blessings,

PS. My free report The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting from Your Limitless Core Power has extensive information on how to Release Resistance and start creating the life you want.

You can get it by clicking here.

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