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Saturday, November 21 2015

Are you aware of the powerful effect of RESISTANCE in your life?

Since I became the channel for The Circle of Light in June 2004, a massive amount of insight has been given to humanity, through their broader perspective.

This is to help us understand

a) how RESISTANCE is used to create everything in our reality, "good" and "bad",


b) HOW WE CAN RE-ARCHITECT RESISTANCE to create a happier, freer, more prosperous, love-filled, healthy life.

In our Number 1 Best Selling book,  "The Circle of Light and The Philosopher - Another Magnificent Day - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential", the Circle goes in-depth on the essential knowledge of gaining mastery over your creative experience, so you can experience more success and joy in every area of life.

Here is a quote from the book that begins to explain the nature of resistance -

'Who you really are is that infinite Source energy. That is your true “identity”.

When you remember that you are God, if you want to put it that way, or pure Source, that is your identity.

And, it is from that energy source, that there are choices made to bring in resistance that creates the individuals that you experience yourself to be.

But within that individual structure you’ve created a lot of resistance that actually brings you suffering and difficulty as well.

And, it is all part of the game of life, you wanted to do that, it was a choice.


But when we talk about remembering your true identity, it is remembering that you are infinite power, infinite creative ability.

You are infinite Source.

And so the ego mind is afraid of losing its control, by allowing more of the soul consciousness to flow through you—because, of course, it is the ego mind that needs that resistance to create identity.

That is why people have a very difficult time changing. 

Because that is THE EGO'S JOB, to maintain the focus that keeps you as this character...


But it also means it hangs on to the aspects of consciousness that keep [you] suffering in whatever way [you] may be suffering...

And this resistance to change is like the ego hanging on for dear life to this form because it is in a state of forgetfulness.

It doesn’t realize, it doesn’t remember that there is something so much bigger and greater awaiting it, if it would just let go a little bit.

But it had to have the strength, the tenacity with which the ego hangs on, in order to create this reality.'

If you want more understanding of this life changing concept, AND get the secrets that quickly dissolve the resistance which creates suffering and hardship in your liferead our Number 1, Best Selling book, "The Circle of Light and The Philosopher - Another Magnificent Day - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential"

Available through instant downloadKindle or hardcopy.

Once you master the concept of resistance, you master life.

And it's much easier, and simpler than you think!!!

After over 10 years of successfully helping people overcome their limitations in every area of life, (read my testimonials here) I can honestly say EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get started is contained in this book.

It is so powerful in its revelations, of how we create our reality through resistance, and what you can do to Master life through transcending the limitations of the ego, you will never experience life the same after reading it.

I have intentionally kept the price of this book low, to make the valuable and life changing information in it accessible to EVERYONE!

Because when more individual's release the resistance that creates suffering in their lives, it releases suffering from the experience of the world at large.

And that makes this planet a more beautiful and wonderful place.

If you are unwilling to spend the small amount of money it costs to purchase this book, it's time to ask yourself this question -

"What part of me prefers to tenaciously resist change INSTEAD of opening up to the greater possibiities awaiting me?"

or this one

"What part of me prefers to buy into the illusion of poverty or lack, than take a small, simple step to transcend it forever?"

Limitation or Liberation? The choice is yours. 

Instant download through my website - $5.99
Kindle - $7.99
Hardcopy - $13.95

Peace and Blessings,

PS. My free report The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting from Your Limitless Core Power has extensive information on how to Release Resistance and start creating the life you want.

You can get it by clicking here.

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