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Friday, February 09 2018

Ok, so in this message I am going to try and breakdown why the current "Master Consciousness Template" Integrations are so very significant.

And why this is all SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!

When I started channeling the Circle of Light in 2004, I had no idea what was ahead of me, or for the people I would be sharing them with.

Or the world at large.

I knew that the Circle had come forth to support humanities upliftment, but what that looked like, as a goal, or the steps that it would take us, were completely hidden from me.

Part of that was to do with me just being unable to conceive of, or understand, what was happening, with my limited belief structures about reality, wired into my brain's neural pathways.

Part of that was the collective progression of the planet.

Over the course of the years, since my event in 2004, we've passed through some major energetic gateways, that opened up new potentialities.

Significantly this happened in 2012, when we shifted collectively, from our creative reality being dominated by a "singular identity, contracted, linear time/space, cause and effect reality".

What that means is, prior to 2012, generally, our creative experience was limited to what we could individually, action-based "do", based on the limited potential of our personal identity.

E.g. I can only do, create or manifest, what is possible for the person I was born, (personality, "gifts", genetics), or what I have learned through the course of my life, (singular identity) and through the actions I take, (cause and effect), in the framework of linear time and space, (contracted reality).

And, this contracted reality was also limited to what our 5 physical senses could perceive. i.e. "reality" is what I can taste, touch, smell, see and hear.

Of course, throughout time there have been Masters, (hey Buddha, hey JC, hey St Germaine etc), who could transcend these limitations, but the number of these people incarnated, were like drops in the ocean, compared to the millions of people living in the collective limitation.

Since 2012 we have been developing a new framework for reality.

What we call, the New Consciousness 5D Grid.

(Click on this link to learn more about the 5D Grid here.)

In this framework of reality we have a much greater awareness that we are connected to, and are, in fact, everything (All Consciousness).

And, our power to create, and manifest, is no longer limited to "what we are born with, and can learn, and do, in linear time and space", but our power to harness the energy of the whole, of everything, of the All Consciousness.

We recognize that the limitation put upon us, by our egoic identity, (the person we were born as, and what that person has learned throughout life), is actually an "illusion".

We've discovered, we actually have access to far more powerful resources of wisdom, energy, and creative power, when we access our "multi-dimensional consciousness" (everything we have ever learned and mastered, throughout all lifetimes, throughout all space time/dimensions, throughout all of creation and beyond etc).

Okay so there is just sooooooooooooooooo much more that could be said about those last three paragraphs alone, but I want to skip getting more in-depth on that, so I can get to the awesome news of the hour!!

(I literally have 100's of hours of Circle of Light recordings about all this stuff in the Activation Gateway, our downloadable recordings library of all their teachings from the conference calls, if you want to know where I am getting all this from.)


Since energy can neither be destroyed or created, much of the volatility of our personal lives, and the planet, over the last few years, has been a reflection of the breaking down of the old 3D framework, and the simultaneous construction of the new 5D framework.

We've had to "harvest, purify and re-architect", the 3D Grid energy to build the new 5D Grid. 

Again, you can learn a lot more about the 5D Grid here

Individually, and collectively, the planet has been going a bit mad, as all the old gunk, of the old framework, has been coming up.

Because, we have to "see it", (make it conscious), in order to harvest it and purify it.

If you've had an issue, or issues, that have been really challenging, or highly charged, likely "working on that issue", has been your piece of the puzzle of planetary purification.

(I've written about that extensively here in my series on Awakening Masters)

Even the whole "FAKE NEWS" meme, and cognitive dissonance, about what "reality" is, is a metaphor for the struggle of our ego's to make sense of being in the middle of a "shift in collective consensual reality".

(Want to understand more about that - then check this out.)

Is it my reality that is real? Or is it your reality that is real? 

Basically we all believe "my reality is the real one", and "your reality is false".

But, if my reality is real and GOOD, then your reality MUST be false and BAD.

Good and bad, right and wrong, true and false!!

Polarity, polarity, polarity!!

Guess what?

The Ego-Mind, that is trying to keep everything the same, (not move onto the New 5D Grid with all it's awesome potentiality), is HAPPY to keep us DISTRACTED with all this sort of, polarity-based, Mind-based, righteous, madness.

This is one of the Mind's "Major Toys!" 

Okay, so now you need to understand what the "Toys of the Mind" are.

In order to play the "Game of Life" here on earth, our powerful Master Creator Self, had to block out most of who we really are, in order to experience ourselves in that old "Contracted, linear, polarity driven, singular identity" personality.

And it did this by creating the "Toys of the Mind", which, in a nutshell, is ANY thought, memory, experience, situation, worry, concern, belief structure, blah, blah, blah, that is keeping you out being in the "knowingness", that you are, in fact, a powerful, Master Creator!!

And EXPERIENCING yourself as a Master Creator!!

And experiencing the MANIFESTATION of a Master Creator!!

Anything that says "I can't be, do or have this" because of "something, or someone", (external "enemy" like boss, system, government, dark forces), or "something about me" (internal "enemy" like physical issue, emotional or mental problem, or program) is a TOY OF THE MIND!

Now, I understand, that these things can feel VERY REAL, but they are still TOYS OF THE MIND!

And what's more, and this is the REALLY significant part of this message,

(And why you ABSOLUTELY MUST listen to the free recording "Integration of Mastery Consciousness")

Is that the capacity of our Mind to keep us distracted with it's TOYS, is reinforced by an energetic framework we put in place when we incarnated.

And the removal, and replacement, of that framework is what is now available, to be able to seat fully, and therefore create POWERFULLY, in our Master Consciousness Creator self.

Let me repeat that another way, because it's vital you understand this.

When you incarnated, you incarnated with a design, and energetic framework, that would support you in staying COMPLETELY DISTRACTED with the Mind's Toys (all the issues, problems, crappy storylines, and conflicts you face).

Think of this energetic framework as being like a shield, that blocks you from being in the awareness of who you really are.

It would keep you distracted by it, both in your experienced quantum reality, and in your mental state of Mind, and therefore disempowered from being seated in the KNOWINGNESS that you are a "Master Consciousness Creator".

When you are in your KNOWINGNESS of yourself as a "Master Consciousness Creator, you experience life through that framework.

You manifest without limitation.

When you are distracted, and held in the thinking of the limited, contracted, egoic-identity, and all its compelling TOYS, you experience all its limitations, issues and problems, struggles and suffering, mentally and viscerally.


Collectively, the energetic frameworks, that have supported all the crappy storylines, on this planet (war, poverty, disempowerment, manipulation, enslavement etc etc) are being replaced, with the move to the 5D Grid.

And now PERSONALLY, (because it can be supported by the 5D Grid), we are now replacing OUR energetic frameworks.

Now we have moved onto the 5D Grid, it's time to DROP THAT OLD "TOY PLAYING" IDENTITY.

And download and integrate the New Master Consciousness Template.

Which is basically "restoring us" back the the TRUTH, of who we really are, beyond the elaborate "illusion" we created for ourselves.

So, if you are ready to hit RESTORE! RESTORE! RESTORE, please make sure you 


Although, on the one hand, this transition is very simple, for the Mind it can be a BIG CHALLENGE to let go of the control its been in, and surrender those distracting Toys, its been obsessing on FOREVER!

But life is going to be soooooooooooooooooo much better once you Integrate your Master Templates!!

We've understood for quite a while now, that our thoughts and emotions (vibration) can control the reality we create, but the difference with this new information, is the understanding, that these energetic frameworks control the kinds of thoughts and emotions we can even have, in the first place!

This is like removing the ultimate lid on our consciousness!!

Can you see now why I am so excited?

I hope so!

So please make sure you take advantage of this free recording, that will initiate this shift for you!

Peace and Joy,

Georgia and The Circle of Light




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