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Sunday, May 06 2018



How was yours?

Pictured above is my grade one school photograph. Taken from the period of my childhood I hold most dearly in my heart.

A time of my life I know shaped my world view of connection to people all over the planet, and of the importance of travel to expand our minds, and hearts, to lives different from our own.

The story of humanity is a story of childhood programming. 

From our family, to our schools, to our culture, from a very early age we are imprinted with beliefs, values, perceptions, and behavioral norms.

This becomes our "known zone". What we personally and collectively operate from, often unconsciously.

The totality of the human experience, then becomes shaped by this.

In an ideal world, this shaping of our personal and collective consciousness, would provide a balanced, and harmonic experience.

But, in the story of humanity, thus far, this shaping of our consciousness has had a huge amount of painful, dysfunctional and traumatic influence.

Deep within our cellular consciousness, we hold this hereditary memory.

In my experience, most everyone has something from their childhood that has deeply affected the vision of their life.

And these "filters on reality", can continue to distort the interpretation of life, and how we respond to everyone, and everything in it.

From our personal relationships, to our relationship to work, creativity and community, and into the bigger archetypal relationships we have in our world view, and our relationship collectively to the planet itself, the "Childhood Wound" can really rob us of a life of connectivity, safety, love, health and abundance.

When we feel "triggered", it's a good indication this wound has been hit.

And when we isolate off from life, to avoid being triggered, this wound is owning us, and our reality.
Additionally, when trauma is collective, such as in a war torn country, or a place afflicted by disease, starvation or oppression, this wounded consciousness seeps deep into the psyche of everything, and can play out over and over, in cycles of human dysfunction that never seem to heal.

The "chain of pain" continues, and the hopelessness of the "impossibility of change" can become defeating.

So many of us are working hard to become personally free of the limitations our childhood programs placed upon us.

As a child who also experienced a mother who had a severe mental illness, and was often in physical separation from my father, I know what a "life's work" it can be to disentangle from a hard "set up".

To overcome what often feels inescapable.


Collectively, we have been so soaked in childhood pain and trauma, in all it's manifestation, from the suburbs, to the sweatshop, to the war zone, we believe, WE AGREE UPON (consciously or unconsciously), that this is just "a part of life".

But what if it wasn't?

What if, as a collective, we decided to "remove the creative choice", of childhood trauma.

We are here, at this point in time, as the playwrights of humanity's story, and we can choose COLLECTIVELY, to energetically write new stories.

Stories that are NOT seeded in this deep framework of childhood trauma, dysfunction and deprivation of love and safety.

In this free Circle of Light energetic healing, meditation and teaching, we step into our "Master Consciousness", the part of our consciousness that is "writing the story of reality" on a much bigger level, to clear the planetary template of "the Childhood Wound".

If you have been affected by a wound in childhood, or you feel deeply affected when you see the "Wound of Childhood" in the world around you - 

In a person you love
In a place you work, socialize or create in
In news stories, locally and globally

Join us in clearing this deep planetary template of the "Wound of Childhood".

When you listen to this, you participate in clearing this from your personal consciousness, and the collective consciousness.

Clearing the programs that create storylines such as physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse, bullying, enslavement, poverty, intolerance, starvation, disease and dysfunction

Join us in rewriting the collective story of humanity to become a world "we don't know", that is free of all of this.

Enhance and amplify the experience by playing one of these selected Binaural Beats or Healing Tones.

Make a selection from the menu in the top left hand corner and play simultaneously.

This free recording was created in our Wednesday Night Planetary Healing Master Group- a gathering of high level frequencies, with the intention of clearing "the big stories" of the planet, so we can all personally experience a new reality.

If there is a "big story" you would like us to work on in this group, please feel free to add it to our list here.

This is what we are here to do.

Join us, in possibly one of the most powerful Circle of Light recordings ever.

Peace and Joy,

Georgia and The Circle of Light

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