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Wednesday, April 23 2008

Dear ones, as you move through your day to day experience it is often wonderful to note how very far you have come even when you think you have not. If you were to compare your capabilities, your skills, your volume of wisdom accrued, with that of yourself as a child it would seem clear to you that you have made advancement.

When you feel like you are stuck in an area of your life it is useful to remember this comparison because it evokes within you the understanding and acceptance of yourself as a continuing evolving being, one who never is in stasis, one who, in every moment is completely different from in moments past. In this way you can move through the illusion of a static reality and step into the slipstream of energy as it continues to be manipulated by your consciousness in every moment. Certainly you might recognize some elements of yourself as you consider yourself as a child, your eyes are probably the same color, you might even still have the same name but when you start to look at all the details of yourself you will see that real change has happened. It's doubtful for example you have the same taste in food as you did when you were three years old. While the idea of eating candied apples all day at that time might have seemed ideal, now it simply doesn't have the same attraction, you might not even like candied apples now at all.

And so we are saying this to demonstrate that everything in life is a certain form of taste, is it not? You have your taste in shoes, in cars, in jobs, in men, in music and all these things continue to change and evolve. So when you are feeling like you are caught in a rut or a pattern, shift that understanding to something as light weight as a taste, "I had a taste for living on the edge, and now I have aqcuired the taste for steady streams of income," "I had a taste for experiences where I found myself independent and separated from others, now I have a taste for union and coming together in deep loving relationships." As you begin to identify your evolving tastes you will begin to be attracted to experiences that can fulfill that appetite.

Energetically, feeling like you are trapped or caught in a pattern is as ridiculous as saying, "I once had a taste for Indian food and now I can only ever eat in Indian restaurants or get Indian to-go or buy Indian frozen dinners." You know that in this reality you have the power to walk into any type of restaurant and order any type of food at any time. So release your notions of patterns and identify your experience with changing tastes. Just as when you have a taste for something you are motivated to go to the restaurant that can most easily accomodate your taste. You would not go to an Indian restaurant if you have a taste for Sushi, and so your inner being is guiding you, (just as your instincts would guide you into a Japanese Restaurant so you could fulfil your taste for Sushi) to go to the places, have the experiences, talk to the people, think the thoughts, have the feelings that are lining up with your tastes right now.

Bring lightness to your desires by thinking of them as tastes. Taste does not have the same energy of need. Need speaks of lack without it while "taste" hints of the pleasure that comes of it. If you shift this paradigm within you when you speak, when you think, when feel around a subject you will see things begin to flow as easily to you as Indian delivered to the door.



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