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Wednesday, April 23 2008

During our one of our CIRCLE EVOLUTION ENERGY NETWORK MEDITATIONS I received this wonderful outline for the EVOLUTION of a PROJECT, GOAL or DESIRE and since so many of you send me intention emails regarding new ventures and projects I thought this would be a wonderful thing to share.


Using the metaphor of a farmer and understanding the creative powers of each of the chakras this simple breakdown can help us see the scope of our goals and what is needed to bring them into FRUITION.


By considering our projects within this paradigm we can see where our strengths and weaknesses are.  A meditation on the relevant "weak" chakra or simply placing consciousness in it will open doorways to understanding of why there is blockage and bring healing attention to it, shifting and moving the energy. What a great thing to consider before our next REMOTE SESSION or to bring to a ONE-ON-ONE SESSION.


So take a look at the following list and see where you might need a little "juice boost".


Peace and Blessings,

Georgia and the CIRCLE OF LIGHT




CHAKRA 1 - The root chakra holds the wisdom that the abundant earth holds all that is needed primally to create whatever it is that is desired in life.  In the metaphor of the farmer it is the promise or potential of the earth itself, the land. 


Strong - Certainty in successful outcomes; trust; self belief; deservedness; worthiness; confidence; knowingness.


Weak - Fear of failure; terror; instability; uncertainty; insecurity.


CHAKRA 2 - Holds the energy of the creative forces within.  In the metaphor of the farmer it is the fertility of the land.  The way in which creative energy enhances the potential of the land, extending its possibilities from "dormant potential" into "active potential" by placing creative intention upon it.


Strong - Inspiration; creative thinking, dreaming, imagining; connectedness to desire; passion; enthusiasm; richness of vision.


Weak - Inability to see potential; stagnation of ideas and creative energy; despair; dryness; decay; misanthropy; desolation; boredom.


CHAKRA 3 - Holds the energy of the will to create and the physical, mental and externalized action to bring the land into service or usefulness.  In the metaphor of the farmer this would be the action of tilling the field, strategizing the farming, taking action to plant the seeds and having the discipline or deep intention to follow through with action.


Strong - Inspired action; dedication; strategizing; focus; transforming catalytic energy into sustained effort; going for it.


Weak - All talk, no action; apathy; frustration; blocked movement; paralyzed or frozen energy; inability to "get started"; overwhelmed by the task; laziness; distraction; discarding good ideas before putting them into action.


CHAKRA 4 - Holds the energy of the heartfelt nurturing of the project.  In the metaphor of the farmer this would be the daily care and love of the crops as they blossom through the tender stages into strong and vigorous plants.  Conscious awareness of needs as uncontrollable elements such as frost, drought, bugs challenge the growth and survival of the crop.  The daily care that brings the crop into abundant physical manifestation.


Strong - Loving attention; taking care of the little things that build a strong foundation for growth; consistent, gentle loving action; dealing positively with challenges; holding strong on the vision of success; enjoyment and appreciation of the experience as it is happening; staying in the heart space while riding the ups and downs; sustaining integrity throughout the evolution of the project; being authentic in word and action and staying congruent with the souls desire; self love; patience.


Weak - Giving up too soon; being discouraged easily; losing oneself in the need for quick results; being neglectful; impatience; abandonment; self-punishment; disappointment.


CHAKRA 5 - Holds the energy of spreading the word about the project.  In the metaphor of the farmer this would be taking the crop to market to sell.  Expanding the scope of its existence outside of the interior self into the external world.  Speaking clearly it's worth and value so that it might be received by others.


Strong - Good marketing; courage to share with others; communicating well; teaching, sharing or showing others what you have done; expanding the framework that your work is seen in from personal to universal.


Weak - Hiding your strengths or achievements; stagnation; shyness; embarrassment at showing others what you are doing; not taking the next step required to expand.


CHAKRA 6 - Holds the energy of divine inspiration and vision.  In the metaphor of the farmer this would be the allowance of the success of the crop to expand beyond what was previously considered, allowing a broader framework of the farming structure to grow from a small family business to a larger cooperative concern.  The allowance of others, other people, other perspectives to infiltrate the original vision into something broader and ever evolving.


Strong - Being open to inspiration or good ideas from other sources; ability to integrate good ideas and discard less useful ones; broadening the scope of work to incorporate new inspiration and ideas; seeing a bigger picture; intuitively advancing further; being cooperative and collaborative; being able to change tact when the time is right; sustained belief in the universe providing positive solutions to problems in the form of other people, other ideas or inspired thinking.


Weak - Rigidity; over attachment to control; close mindedness; missing opportunities to expand through fear or distrust; non-progressive thinking; suspicion of others intentions; wanting to take all the glory instead of sharing with good collaborators; resisting change at appropriate times; not trusting instincts; losing faith.


CHAKRA 7 - Holds the energy of the integration of the wisdom gained through the journey with the entire soul.  In the metaphor of the farmer this would be the period of contemplation following success of the crop and expansion of the enterprise and the allowance of new understanding to be embodied in the mind, heart and soul.  With this integration might come continuing innovation in the work or fresh inspiration to start something new and therefore a return to the consciousness of the first chakra.  By accepting the notion of constant flow of energy from source the being stays out of stagnation, open and willing to change, grow and evolve.


Strong - Evolving constantly; growth; expansion; innovation; integration; progress; connection to source, inspiration.


Weak - Rigidity; getting stuck in a rut; afraid of change; losing sight of the lessons; stagnation; depression; disconnection; boredom; isolation.





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