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Thursday, October 24 2019

Can energy be sent through a text?

With the new potentialities of the 5D Grid,  I recently discovered that I could send an energy transmission via text.

I wanted to test out the premise, so I invited "energy-sensitive" members of my email list to participate in an experiment.

I asked them about their issue.

How long they have been struggling with it.

And had them rate it's seriousness/importance on a scale from 0-10, and the mental/emotional intensity of dealing with the issue from 0-10.

Here are some of the results I've received from my recent experiment with energy sensitive participants.

A. went from an 8/9 on an issue she's been struggling with for 3 years, to a 6/4 after 3 days, from a single text transmission. 

After some follow up A went to a 1-2/1-2

G. went from a 10 (after working on the issue for several months) to a 5/5, in 3 days after a single text transmission.

I have never met or worked with G. She got to a 2 when I followed up with her about 7 days later.

D. went from a 10/10 on an issue she's been struggling with since 2013 to a 7/5 after 3 days from a single text transmission.

I have also never worked, or met with D.

A. who has done a small amount of work with me in the past, went from a 10/7 to a 0/0 with emotional issues she's been struggling with for over a year after a single text transmission.

She also listened to an episode of my podcast Coming Out of the Cosmic Closet dealing with a pertinent topic to her issue.

(BTW. All episodes of the podcast carry special frequencies, that support healing and transformation. So if you haven't been listening, you are missing out on a free, and regular opportunity, to have your consciousness shifted.)


And, why can I do the things I talk about in "Coming Out of the Cosmic Closet "?

Energy is not as woo woo as it seems.

In fact it's quite logical in many ways.

It's about having a biological set up that can interpret both physical (that which is perceived by the physical senses), and non-physical information.

AND then be able to operate in both "realms".

The pineal gland is the multi-dimensional processor of the brain.

It takes frequencies that exist beyond the "traditional 3D" range, and interprets them into information that the brain can then give to me as a visceral, experienceable reality eg. the words, images, physical sensations I experience during a reading, and information I receive from the Circle of Light.

This ability is as much about training the brain, and neural pathways, to perceive, receive, interpret, and transmit, rather than just a "holy", "spiritual" or "godly" thing.

"Magic" is really mastery of energy on all levels, including the biological ability to perceive it, and therefore work with it.

I have a library of over 500 channeled recordings, many of which discuss this phenomena, and attune the brain to it. As with all levels of mastery "practice makes perfect".

Single exposure to higher frequencies DOES NOT give the brain the ability to interpret "higher frequency" information.

This is why most of the general public has not yet developed the ability to perceive beyond the physical senses, on a consistent level.

OR, be able to operate beyond the limitations of linear time and space (like sending energy through a text.)

As with learning any skill or language, the language of a multi-dimensional reality comes through exposure, and repetition.

And the skills of working with its "benefits" comes with hours of "Mastery" and conscious understanding.

So when I write an email, about being able to send texts infused with transformational energy, or some other claim that seems completely ridiculous to the linear Mind, just know that this also comes with 1000's of hours spent working, and mastering energy in the "Cosmic Office" with my team The Circle of Light.

(Essentially, the commitment to this practice is what people pay me for.)

But it's also something that is available to everyone who has the willingness, and passion to explore.

This is why I design my programs to offer multiple exposures to the higher frequencies of the Circle of Light.

Like the UNLIMITED EXPOSURE to the pineal gland, brain and neural pathway reprogramming recordings, in my downloadable library.

Because for you to experience a lasting, viscerally experienceable change to your reality, YOUR BIOLOGICAL ATTUNEMENT MUST ALSO HAPPEN.


Most of these test subjects initially experienced a stronger mental/emotional shift FIRST, with some reduction on the physical level, where relevant.

Bigger physical results were more apparent after follow up texts, and about 30 days later.

This is also how energy works.

A physical (in the experienced 3D Quantum Reality) or biological shift (in the body) will happen AFTER the emotional charge is released.

An energy infused text can provide an initial activation, but lasting change occurs when the consciousness of that activation has worked its was through multiple layers of the egoic body/mind.

It will become a new physical reality (in the body, in the external world) once the neural pathways have fully rewired to "create this new reality" consistently.

You can't experience this UNTIL YOUR BRAIN IS WIRED TO GIVE IT TO YOU.

Now if you don't believe me watch this Joe Dispenza video discussing the neurobiology of higher vibrational experience

FINALLY, I share the results of S.

He went from a 9/10 to a 5/2 on a very concerning physical issue (obviously).

In the 3 days since receiving the initial text transmission, S has also attended 2 conference calls, and received a one-on-one session with The Circle of Light (all of the components of the Enter the Circle Program).

PS. S is NOT a particularly energy sensitive person AND IT STILL WORKS.

Based on additional feedback given to me by my test subjects, I've created 3 wonderful ways you can access the transformational power of these "energy infused texts".

Including a low cost subscription program that will keep your energy levels constantly "topped up" with high vibrational frequencies AND give you full access to my

So you can maximize the potential of each text transmission.


Ask yourself, what is the VALUE TO YOU to have your 10/10 issues reduced to a 5/5 or 2/2 or 0/0?

Do you prefer to carry the mental weight of worrying, stressing, struggling and fighting with an issue, than to spend as low as $25 to release it from your life?

How much are you spending on coffee, painkillers, addictions, escapism, to deal with it instead (and yet it still doesn't go away)?

What are the other "expenses" of this issue that you experience, like loss of work days, productivity, or energy to make different choices, through mental, emotional, physical pain?

I make no "one-shot total miracle" healing promises, but, as you can see by these genuine text messages, I ensure that people see, and experience, MEASURABLE RESULTS, when working with us regularly.

We can start this journey or creating your new reality now!

Peace and Joy,

Georgia and The Circle of Light
(323) 243 6323

PS. Please read our 100% real testimonials if you want to learn more about the results my clients experience.



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