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Thursday, March 06 2014


In Hawaii Aloha is used as hello and goodbye. It is means affection, peace, compassion and mercy and is the heart of Hawaiian culture, the Aloha Way. It's spirit can be felt in the people and the land.

Last Friday I returned to New York from my profound journey into the beauties of Hawaii and so this email marks that transition.


If you read my previous emails you know that I was stunned by the abundance of natural beauty on the Big Island. It's generosity in every way was quite flooring.

Daily I was moved by the delightful birds, the powerful energy that emanates from the volcanic rocks, the incredible vistas and soul purifying waters of its many beaches, black sand, white sand, even GREEN sand!!

I saw double rainbows, an awe inspiring sunrise and a phenomenal sunset that ended with a whale breaching and then swimming slowly, 50 feet in front of me, across the view, as the sky turned from blood red to night.....Aaaaaand end scene!

It could not have been written better in a movie. But it was REAL!

There were tears, there were gasps of elation, there was gratitude, and there was the feeling of just being sooooo lucky to just "be" with such magnificence!

And finally, as if the Big Island was worried I hadn't been dazzled enough with the dolphins, whales and sea turtles it threw out this little fella above...A zebra...Just to keep me on my toes!!!

To see beauty expressed so generously, surprisingly and Divinely felt like, not only like a gift, but also like a directive.

"Take in this beauty and travel with it. Fertilize every place you go with its vibration. Live in beauty."

I spent a lot of time contemplating beauty.

There is no doubt of its uplifting vibration when we are in it in nature. Yet at the same time, we so often struggle with the concept of beauty when it comes to ourselves.

Are we beautiful enough? What is the "value" of beauty? How does our physical beauty affect our sense of worth?

Can we balance the concepts of inner and outer beauty?

Is spending time beautifying ourselves a "waste" of time, or an act of self love? Is it driven by insecurity or a reflection of feeling beautiful?

What is the "importance" of beautifying ourselves, our environment, and our world, when we could be (SHOULD BE) putting our resources into practical, charitable, intellectual or scientific pursuits? 

Where is the balance?

Having spent so many years in the entertainment industry, where physical beauty has an actual marketable price tag, this becomes even more challenging. I will be the first to admit I have struggled with this concept profoundly.

The adoration of celebrities shows a natural, and deep longing, to merge with the energy of beauty, the power of beauty, but so often brings up the shame and toxicity of not feeling it in ourselves.

As with everything, beauty has psychological "meaning". Meaning that can uplift us or potential harm us.

Deep feelings of worthlessness and self hatred, anorexia, bulimia, plastic surgery addiction, body dysmorphia, and even other compulsive "healthy" behaviors can be driven by the shadow of beauty.

Our sense that we will never be beautiful enough to deserve love haunts us, and so keeps it apart from us.

And the fear of "losing our beauty" can be terrifying, especially when the structure of our lives has been built around having, and maintaining it.

What is your relationship to beauty?

Inspired by my re-connection with Pure Beauty I am currently creating a program to address, and heal, our wounded relationship to beauty.

I would love to hear your feedback.

What have you struggled with in your journey with beauty? Where would you like help coming into balance with beauty?

Please feel free to drop me a line if this subject moves you.

We don't always like to admit we have such a challenging relationship to beauty, because it can seem superficial or "shallow", but in our efforts to come into relationship with it profound, genuinely self loving, shifts can happen.


If you are ready to heal your Wounded Beauty Consciousness please learn more about my "Awaken Total Beauty" Program here.

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