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Thursday, March 13 2014

Reclaiming the Power of Our Projections!

Hi there,

So in my last message I gave you 3 steps to discover whether your relationship to beauty was healthy or toxic.

By bringing the light of our attention to our unconscious beliefs, attitudes, associations and judgments around beauty, we have the opportunity to dismantle the unsupportive psychological "meaning" we have attached to it.

Today I am going to share one of THE MOST powerful tools we have developed for "Becoming One" with the energy of beauty, so you can truly live and feel it in your life.

This technique harnesses the energy of our projections, and helps us explore the "meaning" of beauty in a way that we can take ownership of it, instead of letting it defeat us.

Plus it's fun!!

Here's how to do it.

STEP 1 - Find your beauty archetype.

I've chosen this image of Brangelina because, for many, they represent the ultimate, up on the pedestal, "Beautiful Couple."

In addition to their physical attributes (outer beauty), they are both recognized as being active in humanitarian causes (inner beauty).

In eons past the pantheons of Gods and Goddesses in Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse mythology, were ways "mere mortals" could engage in a projectional relationship with their archetypal "powers".

Rituals to summons and merge with their energy were created, and myths were passed on from generation to generation to explain the "play out" dynamics of such forces.

These days we have Us Magazine and TMZ.

Here we can track the rise and fall of these larger than life personalities (archetypes), without ever REALLY knowing who they are as people (therefore crushing the projection).

They are the mirrors of our collective unconscious, and our shadow dynamics can clearly be seen in our relationship to them.

Whether Brad and Angelina are your cup of tea or not, for many they have "charge". And, love them or hate them, charge is what you are looking for in order to work with projections.

If Brangelina doesn't do it for you, use an image of someone else, who you perceive as beautiful, but has charge for you (love, hate, jealousy, competition, adoration, disempowerment).

It could be a friend, "frenemy", idol, mentor, sibling, competitor. It doesn't matter. Experimenting with different people may reveal different "meanings".

STEP 2 - As you look at (or imagine) your archetype, pick one quality they appear to have that you don't feel you have, or have much of.

Why is he/she "better than you"?

Be honest with yourself about what you project, even if the quality seems silly or superficial eg. "She's the hottest woman in the whole wide world", "He's with the hottest babe in the whole wide world".

Remember, many of these projections come from our inner children, or our primitive (survival) aspects, not our "sophisticated" minds.

These aspects may have deep needs and desires we may not be in touch with. So it's important TO NOT JUDGE.

The purpose of this work is to INTEGRATE, not further ESTRANGE unconscious parts of ourselves.

STEP 3 - Once you identify the quality close your eyes and say the following round of mantras in your head.

I am going to use "elegance" as a quality, but replace it with yours.

I love and accept the part of me that doesn't believe I have elegance.

I love and accept the part of me that wants to have elegance.

I love and accept the part of me that is afraid to have elegance.

I love and accept the part of me that is afraid to not have elegance.

I love and accept the part of me that is already FULL of elegance.

If you have a hard time keeping your concentration, you can also write it down.

STEP 4 - Now imagine all the energy engaged in the concept (projection), coming off your archetype, and coming into you.

See it like streaks and balls of light coming off them, and coming into your heart, or any part of your body that might need energizing.

If you are energy sensitive you might literally feel that energy coming back into you (which it is). If you are not, you will have to take my word for it that it does.

STEP 5 - Get specific and discover "meaning"

Focus on a particular physical or "status giving" attribute and ask "What does that mean?"

eg. Tons of money "means" power and freedom.
Big breasts "mean" sexiness and femininity.

STEP 6 - Ramp up the scenario and discover where charge is hiding.

For example, you might ask yourself, "What would my boyfriend/lover/crush/husband see in her, that he wouldn't see in me?".

Or if you work in an industry where beauty has a marketable value such as entertainment, or fitness, you might ask "What would my employer/client base/casting director/fan base, see in him that they wouldn't see in me?"

STEP 7 - Wash, rinse, repeat.

Keep finding qualities and continuing to do the love and acceptance mantras until you find the archetype has lost "charge" and that you are now feeling equal with that person. Which, of course, you ARE!

More "who cares", instead of "Oh my God!"

This is actually an incredible confidence booster to do before an important meeting, date, interview, performance or audition.

You are literally pulling your energy, that is being "wasted" on unsupportive projections "out there", back inside of you. Where it belongs!!!

Because, this is YOUR ENERGY! You need it now, to empower, support and bring deep love into you!! Right now!

I guarantee you will feel radiant, gorgeous and beautiful, and your quantum reality will begin to reflect that energy right back at you!!

Let me know how you go with this exercise and if you have any questions.

In my next message I am going to explain what those different "mantras" achieve, and why it is so important to understand and reconnect with all our different "inner selves" if we truly want to radiate "Whole-Self Empowered Beauty".

Beauty that is eternal.

Until then, stay gorgeous!!

Peace and Blessings,
(323) 243 6323

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