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Friday, February 15 2013

Very often when people suffer from a Chronic Physical condition their mind will often wander to thoughts such as

"I must have done something terrible in a past life to deserve this."


"I must have a lot of bad karma."

In my one-on-one healing work, with The Circle of Light, we use the term "memory" as opposed to the concept of karma, which for some people has a punitive implication.

This keeps it in the egoic polarity consciousness of "right/wrong, good/bad," which is the antithesis of soul liberation.

Plus it's a gross simplification of the true nature of energy.

In our work, "memory" is a frozen energetic construct, created by an accumulation of "seed point memories" clustered around a theme, eg. self punishment, hatred, shame. 

A "seed point memory" is a moment in life that has an impact.

Impact means belief structures are created. For example a child is beaten by a parent = "I deserve punishment", "I am unlovable".

There is also emotional charge which may be felt or frozen (eg. rage, sadness, fear). In my last message I discussed how emotional energy can lock a condition in place.

Finally there are control mechanisms to keep the emotional charge and beliefs unconscious or unfelt in order to cope. These may result in behavioral patterns such as addictions, eating disorders, over thinking or chronic physical conditions.

These thematic seed point memories can be from any lifetime so "thematic memory" can be woven throughout many lifetimes.

It isn't necessarily an accumulation of negativity from one specific life or a series of "bad things we did that now deserve punishment in the form of an illness".

The real issue with "memory", is that it is frozen or blocked energy and on a physical level this is what starts manifesting as disease.

The more unconscious this memory is, which it generally is with past/future life material, the more it exists in the physical body and hence the complexity of chronic physical conditions.

But the beautiful part of healing a chronic physical condition is that it brings healing to all your past and future incarnations that carry this "memory".

In our book, The Circle of Light and the Philosopher - Another Magnificent Day - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential, the Circle explains about the concept of multi-dimensionality, that beyond the illusory construct of time we actually exist SIMULTANEOUSLY in all our future and past live's as well. 

"the beauty of that is that you have the power, right now, to shift and “heal” and to work with all your current past life and future life selves. So when you make a choice now, to heal on a multi-dimensional level, you are not just changing your life experience, you are actually shifting the experience of yourself in other lifetimes as well." 

The experience of facing a chronic physical condition, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and cancer can be daunting, frustrating and expensive.

One way to soften the journey is to understand that it was your choice coming in to this life time to bring healing and energetic resolution to many aspects of your multi-dimensional self. 

We incarnated at this point in time to be part of the opportunity to fully awaken.

This means to bring ALL aspects of our consciousness, from all lifetimes into this awakened state, not just the "good", "perfect", "spiritual" parts.

Working with a chronic physical condition can be a profound step in that full awakening.

It is an amazing and powerful journey that can uncover many beautiful gifts, talents, wisdom and abilities along the way.

For in the frozen energy lies more of "Who You Truly Are", just waiting to be unlocked.

Unlocked energy = physical energy, energy to heal, creative energy, creative thinking, the power to manifest and LOVE!

During our BODY WELL BEING AND REJUVENATION and SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION AND ASCENSION conference calls we regularly work with unblocking these deep thematic "memory" constructs and bringing more of your magnificent full potential into actualization here and now.

Stay tuned, in the next message we will look more in depth at your gift to planetary healing when you work with a chronic physical condition.

And please let me know if there is something you would like to understand more about healing a chronic physical condition. 

Peace and Blessings,
(323) 243 6323

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