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Thursday, March 02 2017

Most of the people drawn to Circle Evolution have been on their "spiritual path" for quite a while by the time they find myself and the Circle of Light.

Sometimes it can be an extremely frustrating.

"When am I just going to 'get there'?" 

"I've been working on myself for 2, 5, 12, 25, ____fill_in_the_blank______ years, why am I still struggling with this ________?!?!"

We've probably all felt that way at one point or another, especially when "the Illusion is strong", (as it's been quite a bit lately).

When the Mind is triggered, or activated, (illusion) it's more likely to fall into the suffering of "psychological time". The "drama" of everything that has happened in the past, and the worries about everything that might, or might not, happen in the future.

"What if I never 'get there', and all this 'spiritual work' will have been for nothing?" we lament.

In fact all this business of "journey and destination", can just be another way the Mind keeps us caught up in its resistance to the power of the present moment.

Because it's important to remember that we are existing in an unprecedented moment in the "history of existence".

We are living through a total shift in planetary consciousness, where, instead of blowing everything up and starting from scratch (hello Atlantis), we decided to rewrite the planetary templates of what has defined the limitations and possibilities of humanities experience on every level.

You must listen to our free Monday Night Awakening call to understand some of the major principles of "Harvesting Energy" for this massive Planetary recycling job, and how its going to create a New Reality.

Right now "your path" can be intimately connected to the path of the collective consciousness, and what feels like personal blockages and delays, can be more to do with what the "planet is ready for", than you getting something "right or wrong", and not progressing forward.

For this reason Awakening into your full awesome, soul-centered Mastery, is a lot like brushing your teeth.

Small regular actions are going to be be far more effective in keeping you "plaque free" (resistance free), and "fresh breathed" (high vibration), than one massive trip to the dentist every 10 years.

Doing meditations, or our core "Love and Acceptance" exercise (a key part of the Authentic Positivity System - get the free e-book here), on a daily basis is going to be cumulatively far more powerful than having a "one shot, silver bullet, spiritual Awakening" with a Master teacher, guru or higher consciousness (even the Circle of Light).

There are a number of reasons why smaller/regular alignments are "safer", and more powerful, than "one big silver bullet" experience, to bring you into an Awakened state!

And manifesting from your limitless core power.

Here are a few:

The classic "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" argument.  It's certainly possible to sit in the Presence of a fully "Enlightened" guru, or Master, and have a mass consciousness shift.

But without understanding, and being able to repeat yourself, what happened to create that shift, it's easy to back slide afterwards, into a kind of "energetic depression", much like a drug come down.

A "single shot exposure" to massive higher frequencies, does not a sustainable Awakening make. You can be "picked up" by a "Masters" energy, but once out of their field, and back in your reality, the drop is inevitable.

Regular exposure to higher frequencies, and learning the Tools of Self Mastery, means you're always sustaining your expansion, and never sliding back to the type of "Ground Zero", crisis point that may have kick started your Awakening process.

That's when things like physical issues, relationship heartbreak, money problems, work drama, mental conflict, emotional pain and total life chaos, start showing up again.

Believe it or not, these things are often the way the soul keeps you on track with continual growth.

Coming to a healer to get "fixed for a problem", and then stopping when you "get back to normal", while bringing relief, often means you miss the radical, but sustainable, positive shifts available when you achieve self-centered, forward, building energetic momentum.

That's when the fun really starts!

It's what I believe really attracts people, on a soul-level, to work with The Circle of Light, not the initial presenting challenge.

Those challenges are just what the Mind needs to finally justify "spending the time and money" on a "self help" program.

- It prevents "shock to the Ego". When you are challenging the programming of the Egoic Mind, it's gentler to entrain it to work with you, (remember it is still essentially part of your soul consciousness), rather than to "blast it into space" in one power shot.

A massive "release of all resistance", can just be too much energy to process in one go, and the reality, "before and after", too jarringly different for the mind to process.

That kind of drastic shift can activate all those intense survival emotions, and can leave you feeling crazy, emotionally charged, and volatile.

Slow and steady is sustainable and "safe feeling" to the Mind. The Mind can experience its "death" (dissolving) as a reinvention and reincarnation, rather than a "bloody invasion from a marauding tribe". AAARGH!

The brain itself needs time to physically adapt to new frequencies. Everything we experience comes through our physical senses, and how our brain interprets the frequencies of "reality", such as sound, light, temperature, etc into a visceral experience.

When you start "raising your vibration", you are bringing in "higher" frequencies of stimulus, frequencies your physical brain may not YET be wired to interpret into a visceral experience.

When a baby learns language, it takes repetition for the brain to form the neural pathways to turn a sound into a word, and associate that word with a meaning.

And then put that word into a sentence that is congruent and clear.

And then put that sentence into a conversation that is congruent and clear.

It's important to let go of expectations that you are going to go from a "pre-verbal baby", to someone who speaks five languages fluently over night, manifestation wise.

(Listen to Mondays recording for more insight on this)

If you have a "single shot" high energy experience, you might feel fabulous energetically for a period of time, BUT you haven't received enough exposure to the new higher frequencies for your brain to actually turn those higher frequencies into an "experience that is continuous and sustainable".

It's like winning a small jack pot once, rather than manifesting, never ending, continuous abundance.

Especially if you are looking for a radical shift, like developing your own multi-dimensional skills and abilities (tapping into your intuition, healing abilities, ESP, etc), when you've never believed you had a "gift" before.

Just as in playing the piano "practice makes perfect", in the world of manifestation "repetition creates reality."

Consistent exposure to higher frequencies gives your brain time to learn how to turn those frequencies into a new, higher vibrational, reality. One that becomes your new, and sustainable, way of life.

This is why I've spent so much time developing affordable programs, which give you regular, gentle reminders to stay on track, so you keep on "brushing and gargling" your way into better, and more joyful, life experiences.

Our Monday Night Awakening and Wednesday Night Master Group conference calls and all our specialty programs are designed exactly for this purpose.

A "regular format" gives you regular exposure to "the latest" high frequencies, information and Tools, and keeps you "up to date" with the bigger energetic picture.

It doesn't matter HOW amazing the software for the original Apple Macintosh computer was in 1984, it's totally obsolete now. You wouldn't even think to put it on the latest Macbook Pro.

Tools, teachings, and most importantly, FREQUENCIES are rapidly evolving to fit the energetic climate of the planet. Regular attunements keep you "updated", continuously fine-tuning your experience with the current evolutionary shift on the planet.

Receiving the right information, at the right time, is more important that getting it all at once, when most of it won't even make sense with the current energetic conditions.

There are things that I channel and receive now, that would have been waaaaaaay too "disturbing"  or confusing, to my "old contracted Mind" if I had received it all, during my initial "silver bullet" Awakening.

It's regularly connecting and channeling them that allows me to receive, and interpret the information they give us, often only at the "right on, right now" time for it to be received.


You'll be "brought up to speed" on why this process of Awakening is happening, and why the planet needs you to take small, daily steps to be part of ITS "Awakening".

Peace and Blessings,
Georgia and The Circle of Light

PS. My free report The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting from Your Limitless Core Power has extensive information on small daily steps you can take to Awaken fully, and start creating the life you want.

You can get it by clicking here.

PPS. If someone has forwarded you this message, and you would like to receive my emails directly please join my mailing list here. There is no cost to receive this information and many benefits in connecting.

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