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Monday, January 01 2018

Hi there,

As I mentioned in my last blog, in this quick series I am going to be outlining why the "Path to Mastery" is best served by a regular practice OVER single-shot "Spiritual Experiences".

So ready? Drumroll.......Here Goes:

SENSIBLE REASON 1 - The classic "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" argument.  

It's certainly possible to sit in the Presence of a fully "Enlightened" guru, or Master, and have a mass consciousness shift.

But without understanding, and being able to repeat yourself, what happened to create that shift, it's easy to back slide afterwards, into a kind of "energetic depression", much like a drug come down.

A "single shot exposure" to massive higher frequencies, does not a sustainable Awakening make.

You can be "picked up" by a "Masters" energy, but once out of their field, and back in your reality, the drop is inevitable.

Regular exposure to higher frequencies, and learning the Tools of Self Mastery, means you're always sustaining your expansion, and never sliding back to the type of "Ground Zero", crisis point that may have kick started your Awakening process.

That's when things like physical issues, relationship heartbreak, money problems, work drama, mental conflict, emotional pain and total life chaos, start showing up again.

Believe it or not, these things are often the way the soul keeps you on track with CONTINUAL GROWTH.

Coming to a healer to get "fixed for a problem", and then stopping when you "get back to normal", while bringing relief, often means you miss the radical, but sustainable, positive shifts available when you achieve self-centered, forward, building energetic momentum.

That's when the fun really starts!

It's what I believe really attracts people, on a soul-level, to work with The Circle of Light, not the initial presenting challenge.

Those challenges are just what the Mind needs to finally justify "spending the time and money" on a "self help" program.

If your back hurts enough, or your heart is broken enough, or your job is crushing you enough, you'll EVENTUALLY do something about it.

You might even do a ton of "external" things first, like getting back surgery, dating frantically, or binging on a new job applications.

But, when these external actions are not effective, it's a good indicator your soul is saying:

"Go inner my friend. Inner"

And KEEP GOING IN until what is within, that is contracting your expansion out, is dissolved.

It's remarkable how quickly people "heal" when they truly understand AND ACCEPT, the bigger purpose of their challenges.

Not just "fixing it", but EMBRACING the magnificence of who they really are IN TOTAL through that process.

And discovering what they are here to do, and manifest, on both a personal AND planetary level.

Making a commitment to a "morning practice" of our core Love and Acceptance exercise (or one of the other Power Tools found in the Authentic Positivity System) is a wonderful way to come into integration with the WHOLE YOU!

Or, being part of our Monday Night Awakening Community, where you're practicing regularly the Tools to uplift your entire reality.


In my next message I'm going to outline why you don't want to go "cray-cray" on the way to "Enlightenment"!

It's my joy and honor to support you on your journey of Soul Awakening,
Georgia and the Circle of Light
Twitter: @circleevolution
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