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Friday, January 05 2018

Hi there!

Glad you are with me on this series of why smaller, regular practices are more powerful than "single shot" "Spiritual experiences" for your Awakening process.

And this might be the MOST important reason for your mental health and wellbeing.

VITAL REASON NUMBER 2 - It prevents "Shock to the Ego". 

When you are challenging the programming of the Egoic Mind, it's much gentler to entrain it to work with you, (remember it is still essentially part of your soul consciousness), rather than to "blast it into space" in one power shot.

A massive "release of all resistance", can just be too much energy to process in one go, and the reality, "before and after", too jarringly different for the Mind to handle.

That kind of drastic shift can activate all those intense survival emotions, and can leave you feeling crazy, emotionally charged, and volatile, as the Mind experiences such a shift as a THREAT to its "known zone".

This is a far cry from the inner peace people are often seeking through "spirituality".

Slow and steady is sustainable, and "safe feeling", to the Mind. The Mind can experience its "death" (dissolving) as a reinvention and reincarnation, rather than a "bloody invasion from a marauding tribe". AAARGH!

Without supportive follow up practices, that will actually help you process the resistant energy that emerges through an "ego crack", you can be left feeling, well, just CRACKED.

Particularly when people look for shortcuts like taking DMT, or ayahuasca, without any kind of meditation, or processing practice to support them in the days, weeks or months after such a powerful activation.

It's easy to get lost in the "ego madness" that can ensue.

And that can be a major turn off for pursuing a practice that can ultimately bring about enormous benefits, mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, AND in your experienced, quantum reality.

Receiving genuine, and regular mentorship, from someone who has the bigger picture of the path in front of you, and can guide you through the challenges that arise when the Ego Mind is dissolving, can mean the difference between a safe passage to the shores of an Awakened and Empowered Soul, or a wild ride in the hellish ocean of the unhinged ego.

(This is the journey we've been supporting people through our Monday Night Awakening program, for years)

Truthfully, the Mind is not "the enemy", it's made out to be.

In its highest form it is a wonderful "Tool of Execution". 

You need the Mind to "get things done", like doing shopping, and buying plane tickets to take a trip.

You will be surprised at how supportive it is to your process of Awakening, once it understands that this "new way" is actually far more beneficial, and efficient to you, than the old programs and patterns.

So make your Mind your ally on this journey, and save yourself from the cray-cray that happens when you try to fire it unceremoniously, and without warning.

It will efficiently keep you on track with your supportive practices, like listening to uplifting, high vibration packed recordings, meditating, and soothing its worries with daily Love and Acceptance.

(You can access over 500 Circle of Light recordings, for only $12.99 a month, through our Activation Gateway, here)

In my next message, you'll understand why expectations of INSTANT ENLIGHTENMENT, and total multi-dimensional wonderment,  are unrealistic while you still have human biology.

Stay tuned!!

It's my joy and honor to support you on your journey of Soul Awakening,
Georgia and the Circle of Light
Twitter: @circleevolution
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