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Wednesday, January 10 2018

Hi there,

Hope you have been enjoying this series on why, just like brushing your teeth, regular practices are far more important on the pathway to becoming a Master Creator than single shot "miracle" transformations.

This one should help you get rid of some of those unreasonable expectations of "where you should be" right now, and also, how to speed up the process of experiencing your expanded creative power.

PHYSICAL REASON NUMBER 3 - The brain itself needs time to physically adapt to new frequencies. 

Everything we experience comes through our physical senses, and how our brain interprets the frequencies of "reality", such as sound, light, temperature, etc, into a visceral experience.

When you start raising your vibration you are bringing in higher frequencies of stimulus, frequencies your physical brain may not YET be wired to interpret into a visceral experience.

(I talk a ton about this in my Moving On to the 5D Grid Boot Camp. This valuable program will really help you with any threshold resistance like "Ascension symptoms" you might be experiencing on your Awakening journey.)

When a baby learns language, it takes repetition for the brain to form the neural pathways to turn a sound into a word, and associate that word with a meaning.

Then put that word into a sentence, that is congruent and clear.

And THEN put that sentence into a conversation that is congruent, clear and meaningful.

It's important to let go of expectations that you are going to go from a "pre-verbal baby", to someone who speaks five languages fluently over night, "spiritually", or manifestation wise.

If you have a "single shot" high energy experience, you might feel fabulous energetically for a period of time, BUT you haven't received enough exposure to the new higher frequencies for your brain to actually turn those higher frequencies into an experience that is continuous and sustainable.

It's like winning a small jack pot once, rather than manifesting, never ending, continuous abundance.

Especially if you are looking for a radical shift.

Like developing your own multi-dimensional skills and abilities (tapping into your intuition, healing abilities, ESP, etc), when you've never believed you had a "gift" before.

(Again Moving On to the 5D Grid Boot Camp, is great for that)

Just like when playing the piano "practice makes perfect", in the world of manifestation repetition creates reality.

Consistent exposure to higher frequencies gives your brain time to learn how to turn those frequencies into a new higher vibrational reality.

One that becomes your new and sustainable way of life.

No matter how clearly or loudly you say it, you don't say a word once to a baby and expect the baby to understand its meaning, context, associations AND form full sentences with it.

So why would you expect a single contact with a "Higher Consciousness" (even your own) make you suddenly, instantly, experience life in a "magical", multi-dimensional way.

Or go from financial struggles to a total experience of abundance overnight.

Or heartbreak to being married to your number 1 soulmate.

Or experiencing chronic illness to living in total wellbeing.

In short, you need consistent exposure to higher frequencies, so your brain can learn them, and then consistently give you the visceral higher experience.

Prosperity, Love, Health, Joy, Enhanced Creativity and Energetic ("Spiritual") Abilities.

This is why, in addition to the free material I share, I've spent so much time developing affordable programs, which give you regular, gentle reminders to stay on track.

So you keep on "brushing and gargling" your way into better and more joyful life experiences.

Our Circle of Light Monday Night Awakening conference calls are designed exactly for this purpose.

You receive a solid one hour energy healing, realignment and activation a week, for an average of less than $20 per session. 

Additionally, you get instant access to our massive Activation Gateway downloadable recording library which contains teachings, healings and energy realignments on every subject imaginable, so you can access The Circle of Light's wisdom and higher frequencies on a daily basis.

Giving YOU the power to ENTRAIN YOUR BRAIN to create the joyful, healthy, abundant, love-filled life experience you want to experience.


Doing these weekly calls since 2008 has given us a HUGE fundamental understanding of how energy really works and what is really happening with this Shift in Consciousness.

Plus, we use cutting edge techniques for processing energy that are in alignment with what is possible in the framework of current collective energy.

In my next message learn why, just like a computer, staying "Updated" is vital to your expansion.

Stay tuned in!!

It's my joy and honor to support you on your journey of Soul Awakening,
Georgia and the Circle of Light
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