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Tuesday, May 22 2018

Did you have the chance to listen to the special Circle of Light recording I posted, dissolving the planetary template of the "Childhood Wound"?

If not you can listen to it here!

It's such a valuable recording, because our childhood experiences shape SO MUCH of our personal adult experience. 

And, the sum of our collective adult experiences, shapes so much of the human experience, in total.

The culture of what it IS to be human.

Furthermore, since childhood events occur at an age when we may not retain any conscious memory of them, and we don't have much understanding of how to master our perception of reality, the influence of these early events can become a deep part of our unconscious behavior, and the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, projections and emotions that drive it.

In other words, our lives are often ruled unconsciously by our inner "kids".

(I've written a lot about this in my e-book - The Authentic Positivity System - 5 Steps to Overcome Any Obstacle and Start Manifesting From Your Limitless Core Power. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.)

In the case of major childhood dysfunction, or trauma, big wounds can really "twist" the perception, and experience, of reality, well into adult life, enshrouding the person in a wound-based life.

The person continues to recreate events and experiences that reflect the trauma.

OR they feel like they are being traumatized by anything that resembles elements of the traumatic events.

An unanswered text from a romantic interest can trigger all the pain of childhood abandonment.

A "strange look" from a passerby can trigger the threat of being abused.

A misplaced word, joke or tease, can trigger deep feelings of shame, worthlessness, or unlovability.

A simple mistake at work can feel like an insurmountable catastrophe is approaching.

A pain in the body can lead to anxious obsessing over potential poverty inducing, devastating illnesses, and solitary, angst ridden deaths.

Along with "real life" manifestations of broken relationships, conflicts, calamities, and illnesses, these kind of triggering sensitivities indicate the charge of an unhealed wound.


Since we roll through childhood with very little understanding of how the events of our lives affect our psychological zeigeist, we have little resources to "heal our wounds" as kids.

Instead, in order to survive the often overwhelming experiences of childhood dysfunctions and trauma, we come up with coping mechanisms.

The primary difference between coping and healing, is that a coping mechanism is designed to CONTROL THE CHARGE of a wound, as opposed to DISPERSING THE CHARGE, which is what happens with healing.

Coping mechanisms work AROUND the memories, and emotions, of a wound, while healing tends to GO INTO its core to release it.

Coping mechanisms tend to have us "doing the best we can with what we've got", i.e. operating the best we can, while still UNDER THE INFLUENCE of the wound.

We might be able to operate, temporarily, in a more functional fashion with a coping mechanism, but the wound can still be consciously, or unconsciously, controlling our perception, and experience, of reality.

It continuously affects our being; our thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, perceptions, choices and behavior.

What we can create, and manifest, in our lives.

How we experience our bodies.

What we pass down to our children.

Even our sense of "spirituality" and metaphysics can be distorted by the wound.

Healing helps us MOVE BEYOND the wound. It is no longer influential in any way.

Our internal (thoughts, feelings), and external (life, job, relationships) realities are undistorted by the torqued "filters of the wound".

We are mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically FREE of the wound AND of the, often compulsive, nature of the coping mechanisms itself.

Because our coping mechanisms can cover a vast array of human behaviors  BOTH "good" and "bad", it can be a challenge to perceive where the controlling nature of the coping mechanism is actually limiting our experience, as much, if not more, than the original wound itself.

When a childhood bullying experience at school (wound) causes a person to isolate off from social interaction in adulthood (coping mechanism), the wound, AND the coping mechanism, is "owning" that persons experience.

And the "safety" of the coping mechanism, could be robbing that person of years of joy-filled, supportive and rewarding relationships with others.

Or even financial, and career, success.

In my next message I'm going to go over some of the most common "good" and "bad" coping mechanisms I see.

It will help you disentangle what is the genuine you, and what is the behavior of a coping mechanism CONTROLLING you AND your reality.

You can read it right here.

Peace and Joy,

Georgia and The Circle of Light

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