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Saturday, July 07 2018

I hope you've been finding this series on Coping VS Healing helpful.

And it's bringing some compassionate awareness to behaviors, habits and patterns that might be negatively influencing your life experience.

In my last message I shared how coping mechanisms can be deeply wired into our survival consciousness. 

Which is why it can be so hard to let go of them, even if they are actually bringing you harm, or creating further conflict in your life.

(If you missed that message I recommend you reading it here.)

So what does a system, driven by a deep survival, protective mechanism, need to let go of a coping mechanism, and move to a deeper state of healing. 


Here are the 3 essential factors I've found when working with people to deconstruct defensive coping mechanisms, and do the deep healing work required to move BEYOND THE WOUND

When moving from one "operating system" to another, there can be a period of time when things get a little sqwanky. 

I describe this as being presented a tapestry with one picture on it, that we need to undo and reweave to create a new picture. 

The old picture contains, the story of the wound, as well as a structure of coping mechanisms, you've built up around it to keep it's energy "contained", and the "symptoms", stories, and outcomes of functioning from that place (lost jobs, broken relationships, ill health, financial challenges, addictions, depression, etc etc).

The new picture is the chosen story of your life, free of that entire zeitgeist, with a whole bunch of lovely new elements there's now room for, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and time wise.

There's a period of time, as we are deconstructing the interwoven threads of consciousness that make up that old picture, that it gets a little messy and disorderly, even though it is an essential part of the process.

Having someone that truly understands this process, and can hold you in a very safe feeling container, is vital to keeping your survival system calm enough to go through the unweave/reweave process, even though a part of you may not exactly feel in total control.

A safe crucible for this process contains:

Knowledge and Wisdom base for this process: Including Tools that WORK, and have been crafted from a deep understanding of the way emotional energy moves, and the "Psychological Body/Mind" functions.

Like how it tries to AVOID change, and keep things the same, even when that's causing further suffering and damage.

(You can learn all about the difference between the "Psychological Bod/Mind and Body/Mind as a Tool through my Authentic Positivity System Bootcamp)

Reliability, Commitment and Consistency: Since the Survival Mind often wants to "opt-out" right as the "real work" of unweaving and reweaving is about to happen, creating an agreement of commitment between my clients and myself, is a major way we create a safe container.

In this way agitation around the process itself can be addressed through regular sessions over a period of time. When my clients commit to me, I make just as strong a commitment back to them, not only to show up for sessions, but to answer questions through our group facebook pages that arise between sessions.

Even when it can feel "unsafe" to a part of you to move forward, we work to build a bigger feeling of safety, through soothing the Mind's agitation, and creating regular connection to the broader perspective of the Circle of Light

There is no shortage of opportunity to touch base and feel connected through weekly sessions, conference calls, and access to our library.

As shifting as things may feel, you are never "out there" on your own, through the process. 

You are held!

Unconditional Love: Because deep wounds are so often dealt to our vulnerable inner children (the "kids"), or during a traumatic event, creating a field of unconditional love is absolutely essential.

Guilt, shame, embarrassment, self-judgment, may all be factors in why touching the energy of a deep wound can seem tooooooo painful to go there. 

Even if coping mechanisms are creating more pain and turmoil.

But in a field of unconditional love, non-judgment and deep acceptance, these misplaced "protective" feelings can be worked through, and moved on from, with ease, and grace.

One of the major advantages of working with the Circle of Light is that along with their wisdom, their "beyond human" frequency of unconditional love, makes opening up to them so much easier.

And the Tools they use, seated in self love and acceptance, can neutralize the charge of difficult emotions, that have been carried for years, within minutes. 

Loving up those dearest inner kids, who have just been doing the best they can to get by, is where we see the most profound healings happen, mentally, emotionally, physically, and throughout the quantum reality of life.

It's just such an incredible joy for me to share this work with my brave clients, and watch that transformation, and all the joy that lies


If you feel ready to be lovingly support through a transformational process learn more about our BEYOND THE WOUND healing program designed for this right here

Peace and Joy,

Georgia and The Circle of Light

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